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 Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya)

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Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya) Empty
PostSubject: Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya)   Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya) EmptyTue Mar 03, 2015 6:57 pm

True, now that Cece worked at Hogwarts, she could see Anya a lot more, but her schedule was busy nonetheless, and she often worked later than her sister's curfew. So even though they were closer all the time, time with Anya was still limited, and precious. Which was why this summer Cece planned to spend as much time with her sister as physically possible without the girl's mother starting to want to spend more time with her daughter. Today, she planned on taking her sister to one of the most beautiful places she knew. Since her sister was twelve, she didn't know whether she'd fully appreciate it, but at the same time, it didn't really matter - spending time with Anya was important; it wasn't important where they went. So she hadn't thought much more about it until the day, when she went to pick up Anya from her mother's house, having pre-arranged the whole thing a few days before.

Once they'd left the girl's house, she grinned widely. "I can apparate now," she said cheerfully. "Took a few classes at the Ministry." It had been surprisingly easy to earn her license now that she was turning her life around and all that. "And it's easiest to apparate to where we're going - just a warning before we go, though, it's an absolutely awful feeling the first time." But she didn't want to give Anya too much time to dwell on the subject, in case she decided she wasn't up for it, so Cece grabbed her arm and with a loud pop, disapparated, after a moment turning up in a large woodland area. The lake wasn't visible yet. It was just a little walk to the best spot to sit and picnic at. Coincidentally, she was carrying a small bag, which was far bigger on the inside than it appeared, containing various wonderful picnic foods.

"It's just through here," she said, nodding towards a gap in a few trees. She began walking, imagining Anya would follow. As they came to the trees, Cece couldn't help but pat one, smiling at it as though it was a human with feelings. One could never truly grow out of tree-loving habits. And she didn't need to. After a moment, the lake was in full view, and she smiled. "Tada!" Now they could eat. Because she was starving.
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Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya)   Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya) EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 4:51 am

Anya sat on her couch literally jumping up and down from excitement. Today she was to spend the ENTIRE day with her sister. Even though CeCe now worked at Hogwarts, arranging meetings was easier, but CeCe worked A LOT with Mr. Stark. Anya thought it was unfair that Mr. Stark got to see CeCe more than her. CeCe was HER sister, not Mr. Stark's. Anya waved to her mother when CeCe got there, and jumped off the porch and landed right next to CeCe. Before Anya could say anything, CeCe said something about Aparation... Anya had little knowledge of what it was, but CeCe said it was awful the first time around! Before Anya could object, Anya felt like she was being squished through a tube and could barley breath. She desperately wanted out And before she counted to ten, they were near a lake. Anya fell on the ground and was really light headed. She remained calm though, because they were now eating food.

Today Anya wore a purple top, her hair up in a high pony tail, with her bow she seemed to be wearing quiet a lot lately, and some tennis shoes. She adjusted her shirt, and fixed her bow, and followed CeCe through some trees, and thought it was weird that she patted one. Anya decided not to ask questions. After all, CeCe was her sister, and she wouldn't judge. CeCe didn't judge Anya for seeing things before it happened. So far, she hadn't seen anything for today, so she felt she didn't have to worry. Her visions had only been happening in her dreams. She told Juan everything, and even brought him with her in her bag to let CeCe read to see if she should be even more worried about what was happening. She hadn't done any research at all because she was afraid of what she would find out.

What if she were to find out that what she was only get's a certain amount of years to live? Or... worse. Well she couldn't think of anything worse, but it was just the thought that scared her. She didn't know what she would do if she were to only have a certain amount of years to live. Just the thought made her 12 year old head spin. She really shouldn't be worrying about this kind of thing. The only thing she should be worrying about is what she would be having for dinner later that day, or when she was going to get her third year school stuff! AND where she was going on her first Hogsemeade Visit! And if CeCe would go with her. Not if she had had some serious disease that could make her loose her life. And at that moment, she was sure she had worry marks stretched a crossed her face.
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Sisterly Bonding Time (Anya)
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