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 Time (Anya)

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Humphrey Williams
Third Year
Third Year

Posts : 185
Join date : 2014-10-28
Age : 24
Location : USA

My Character
Activity: Ravenclaw - Year 2

PostSubject: Time (Anya)   Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:44 am

A young boy sat in a tower, with the gears of a clock and the toll of each hour ringing out clear as he wrote in a notebook. Aside from the sounds of the gears turning and the tick, tick, tick of the hands on the clock, the only sound in the clock tower was the scratching of a quill and the occasional sound of a bird flitting around in the rafters. Humphrey had gotten an idea for a story, and since it was a science fiction taking place in the future he decided to write it in the tower with the clock. Time was a funny thing, the times they were living in were futuristic to people from years past; and, he knew that in another hundred or two hundred years the time they were living now would seem distant and odd to the people of that day.

His story was about a fifteen year old who happens upon a diary of a man who died a century earlier. The diary turned out to be filled with predictions of what was to happen by somebody who had dreams of the future, and although some of the things in it had come true, others hadn't yet. Strangely, the man predicted a terrible world catastrophe to happen, a massive meteor that nearly wiped out Africa entirely and broke it up into smaller islands that dispersed before coming to rest once more. He knew that it hadn't happened yet, and because some of the other predictions were true he felt a responsibility to warn the United Nations about it so they could take measures to evacuate as many as they could. The trouble was, how could he convince them just on writings in an old diary he found in a dusty attic?

While he wrote, he was oblivious to nearly everything else around him. Unknown to him, somebody else had entered the clock tower and had taken notice of him. Little Humphrey was in for a bit of a surprise.
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PostSubject: Re: Time (Anya)   Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:08 am

Anya carried her vision journal everywhere. The only person in the entire world she had trusted enough to tell was CeCe. Because after she saw that unfortunate vision of CeCe breaking her nose, well, of course she had to tell her. And now, her visions weren't just happening in her dreams, but sometimes she would get little flashes of something. Last time it was of what the teacher was writing on the board. Almost every time she had a vision, and she had to go and write down the last two she had about the boards. Her powers were progressing and she was scared. She hadn't done enough research on it yet to know what to do, or how to handle it.

Anya always liked the clock tower. She liked the ticking hum of it, and it calmed her down. Clocks always did. She didn't know why. But when she went up, she realized her spot had already been claimed. She stopped in her tracks and noticed it was a first year boy. Anya really didn't know how to handle boys, or talking to them. They were like a whole nother species to her. Let's just say she was lucky she had CeCe for her help with this topic. But she looked around and stepped in silently. She said, "Sorry. I always go up here to write. Do you mind?" She noticed he was a Ravenclaw. She sat down not really wanting an answer, because she was going to do what she wanted anyways.

Today, Anya had just gotten out of class, so she just wore her uniform. She had thought about wearing pants, but liked the skirts better. But now, she hadn't predicted that she would go to the clock tower where it was out in the open like that, and now she was cold. She covered her legs with her cloak to warm up a little bit and said, "I'm Anya by the way. Anya Daniels." She got out her book and started filling the already 4 page filled journal up with more pages. In all honesty, Anya wished she could tear up the journal, but she knew she needed it to make since of what was happening to her.
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Humphrey Williams
Third Year
Third Year

Posts : 185
Join date : 2014-10-28
Age : 24
Location : USA

My Character
Activity: Ravenclaw - Year 2

PostSubject: Re: Time (Anya)   Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:16 am

The small girl's soft footsteps had gone unnoticed, but Humphrey's head instantly whipped up at the sound of a voice. He saw the girl, and thought she was probably a second year because she looked about the same age as him; but, if he had to guess slightly older. She was more than welcome to write though, after all he was doing the same thing. "Feel free to. I'm doing the same thing, ironically enough." he told her, holding up his notebook as proof before going back to his writing. If the girl wanted to talk she would, if not he would simply keep on writing. Having the ticking of the clock and the turning of the gears helped fill the silence so it didn't feel as awkward as encounters with people usually did for the boy. There was something about having white noise in the background that helped him stay calm for some reason.

When the girl spoke again, he looked back over at her. Only now did he notice she was wearing a skirt with part of the school uniform, and he thought that it looked rather nice. Some people simply wore their uniforms all the time, but he always liked to change out of his. That was why he was in blue jeans, a Doctor Who t-shirt, which was a show his mom liked to watch with him, and his favorite pair of green converse. "Humphrey Williams, it's nice to meet you Miss Daniels." he said, acknowledging her with a small dip of his head. Before he went back to his writing, Humphrey noticed the cloak wrapped around the girl's legs. It was only logical that she was most likely cold, and he realized his jacket was sitting unused next to him. He had dressed warmly with a thick sweater, and the jacket, he had found, was unneeded. "Would you like to borrow my jacket?" he asked, quietly, his voice barely audible. Humphrey was a bit shy around people, but he was trying to be a gentleman like his mom always told him to.


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PostSubject: Re: Time (Anya)   

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Time (Anya)
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