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Brage Ødegaard
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First Year
Brage Ødegaard

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PostSubject: Brage Ødegaard [Student]   Brage Ødegaard [Student] EmptyMon Nov 09, 2015 2:35 pm

Brage Ødegaard [Student] 2m7urmw

Brage Ødegaard [Student] 011700_pw-red-band-society-
Brage Ødegaard
Brage Ødegaard [Student] 19s5f8

Full Name: Brage Holm Ødegaard
Gender: Male
Birthday: 06.12.2022
Age: 11
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Fjærland, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian

Brage Ødegaard [Student] 9qbsdu

Family: Brage's mother, Vibeke Holm, was born in a pureblooded family and grew up with the exact same belief as them; that muggleborns and muggles were below her. However, she never developed a necessity for purging the world of them. She just figured herself more sanitary and necessary than them. She did have a couple of muggle friends growing up, something her parents (Brage's grandparents) didn't object to. They didn't see the danger in conversation and learning the smallest things from those beneath their daughter. She attended Durmstrang and was one of the finest students, only beaten by one man.

Brage's father, Tord Ødegaard, was also born in a pureblooded family with stricter rules. Not so much in the muggle department, they didn't much associate with or about muggles. But manners and grandeur were two words very often used to describe the Ødegaards. They are highly respected in society, because they show respect to society, and always makes a pleasant and nice impression on people. But Tord and his siblings did not have a good impression of their parents, as they were incessant on making them ever more strung up and amiable, making them exactly the opposite. However, they became brilliant at faking nice to people. And when Tord started at Durmstrang, choosing the book over the sword, he only found a few people he could relax around. He did really well in school, the best of his year. Much to the grief of a woman.

Tord and Vibeke met the first year of Durmstrang, being in the same year, but opposite house. Despite Vibeke being in Folkvang, her wits were more than stunning, and she and Tord constantly fought for first place. Which caused quite a bit of rivalry between them. From the first year and until their fourth year, there was such a competitive tension between them that people stayed far away from them whenever they were in hearing distance of one another. However, from the fifth year and out, their competitiveness turned into a much friendly, almost flirtatious one. And in their sixth year, Vibeke managed to get Tord to lay off his amiability and niceties towards everyone, even her, and tell her what was really going on.

They started a friendship that would last a lifetime, and as the years passed by, their loyalty towards one another was undisputed and solid to the point of diamonds. When they left school, they started working at the Ministry, both of them, and would eat lunch every day, until the day when Vibeke was told that they were leaving the country, wanting her to come with them. Frightened that he would lose her, Tord mustered up his courage, and asked her to stay, if not as a friend, then as his girlfriend. Their love is not an infatuation driven by passion or falling in love with each other, it is based on loyalty and mutual respect, and they have more fun together than most would.

They had three children, Gard (18), Brage (11) and Johan (6).

Bloodline History: The Holm family is a fairly unknown family, even to pureblood fanatics. The bloodline was a small lineage that mostly diminished as they married into other pureblooded families, Vibeke the only one left that still has the name, though it will most likely die with her, as the boys have taken the name 'Ødegaard'.
The Ødegaard family is a great deal more known in Norway, but this mostly because one of the family members was a famous football player a little less than a decade back. The family is an old line that descends back to the Viking era, one of the ascendants being a chief for a big branch of mean Vikings. The family has stayed pure to the name, a marriage always having children until they had sons, keeping the name alive. They are well respected in society, and one of the wealthiest families in Scandinavia.

History: Brage was born to a family of three, his parents and older brother, Gard. His family were strict, but not neigh on as strict as his paternal grandparents. He did learn to behave properly in the presence of others, but in a much more humble and kind way. He also learned from his mother that muggles were to be treated the same, even though they weren't the same. At the age of five, Johan, his kid brother was born, and Brage took on a very protective role, while Gard at 12 was busy being the cool one who didn't hang out with his family, and also getting ready to receive his Durmstrang invitation. Gard had shown signs of magic at the age of 5, and Brage had not, which was reason enough for worry in his family. It annoyed him, but instead of displaying his annoyance, he spent loads of time with his baby brother and reading big, dusty books.

When Gard started his fifth year at Durmstrang, in Folkvang, Brage was eight, and young Johan was 3, Brage was getting more and more anxious about the fact that he had yet to display magical abilities. His parents were also worried, and gave him cross looks, as if it was all his fault. So he decided he'd need something more active to do than reading books and taking care of Johan. Living in such a small place as Fjærland, the few other families of pureblooded descent made it impossible for them to not know about his lack of proving magic. People were wondering if maybe Brage was a squib, and the other families started keeping their own sons and daughters around his age away from him, as if he was a disease.

But at the morn of a sunny day in may, Brage went outside and a few of his previous friends saw him. They instantly started bullying him, but it didn't bother him. He never cared much for other people's opinion. However, when one of the muggle boys he'd spoken to sometimes walked over, and the other boys started bullying him, Brage got so mad that the whole group of kids were blow backwards. The kids ran off and Brage ran back home, forgetting about the muggle who'd seen it, anxious to tell his parents what had just happened. The rumour quickly spread around town as well, and people knew by the next day. Some came over to apologize on the way their children behaved, and the Ødegaard family -as humble and contrite as ever- pardoned them happily. According to them, the act had been the reason for Brage managing to get his magical powers out in the open. The muggle child's mind was of course cleared of the memory.

When the closing of Durmstrang happened, just the year before Gard was supposed to start his last year, Vibeke and Tord didn't see any other option but to move to Great Britain. They wound up on the country, Vibeke easily getting a job at the Ministry, while Tord was uncertain whether he wanted to reclaim his old profession, or if he wanted to do something new. Brage and Johan spent their time when Gard was gone for his NEWTs at Hogwarts (where he'd been sorted into Ravenclaw) running around their new house that wasn't as large as it had been in Fjærland, but the grounds stretched for 370 acres, and there was much to do. Brage spent all the time he could with Johan, because he only had that year left until he would be starting Hogwarts himself. He'd always looked forward to starting school, but this had been at Durmstrang; he had no relationship whatsoever to Hogwarts, and had no interest leaving his brother behind for the school.

Brage Ødegaard [Student] 1zecfhc

   Appearance: Brage stand on 6 inches and is of a slender build. His hair ranges from nice and in place to fluffy and out of place. He is mostly seen wearing the standard jeans and a tee, but can also be found wearing more formal clothes, depending on what he will be doing that day. He does not mind wearing suits, but can also be wearing the slackiest pants you can imagine. Not in public though. Never in public. He has an image to maintain. His eyes are a solid green, some find them beautiful and kind, others find them cold and venomous. Depends on his mood. When he smiles, his face either lights up in a very nice and kind and true manner, or it doesn't quite reach his eyes. Depends on the person he's smiling at. He is also currently wearing braces, though his parents have planned for him to have them magically changed the minute he gets to Hogwarts.


B stands for: Brave
Brage will always defend those he loves. He is a very brave person and also very selfless, as it will take a lot to insult him in a manner that would hurt him. His perception of himself is quite clear and he knows he is a very brave person. He would lay his life down to save most anyone, whether he'd know them or not. But he also values his own worth, and knows that his family needs him dearly.

R stands for: Respect
Brage demands respect from people, not in an outright way, and not in an intentional way, but respect is given to him by those who owns half a brain or more. In addition, respect is very often given from him to another person as well. A person would have to do something unseemly stupid for him to lose all respect of them. He gives people a second chance. Singular form. He might be respective and kind, but he is very strict and if people fail him twice, there won't be a third chance.

A stands for: Amiable
Like his paternal grandparents and father, he is a very amiable man and does not mind the social festivities. He loves his fellow students and does not have any problem showing this. He can easily strike up a conversation with a third year about how the tactics of the Karasjok Kites and the Holyhead Harpies would create the best team in the world.

G stands for: Giving
Despite always having to do more work than strictly necessary, Brage always takes time to talk to his family and people who wants to talk to him. He gives a lot of his time, and nearly never gets any rest. This, though a very kind quality, is not to his extent a good one. Due to always meaning to give people the best they can have, he neglects himself, and often finishes the day by being so exhausted that sleep doesn't even cut it for him. He knows this is something he needs to work on, but it is also only noticeable when he does retire for the night, as he feels happy when others are. But it is a superficial happiness that he needs to learn to distinct from real happiness.

E stands for: Efficient
Brage isn't someone who loves order, but he is very strict with himself when it comes to the work he needs to do, both when it comes to chores and school, even friends. He has a very strict set of rules when it comes to his own life, as in what he shares with others, and how much time he can afford to spend on them. He wants to spend more time with his family, but he doesn't have much time on his hands due to the problems he causes himself with his efficient nature, yet lack of order.

As for what Brage likes to do in his spare time, he enjoyes solitude to a certain extent, but he also does love to have his family and friends around. He enjoys a good game of Quidditch and does pay attention to his favorite team, even though they are fairly far behind. He also trains a lot of Quidditch in his spare time. Brage's boggart is Johan suffering. His patronus is an eagle, the animal he has always thought of as the most free and gracious animal in the world.
Brage Ødegaard [Student] Nbt8xd

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Hunter VanDerberg
Hunter VanDerberg

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PostSubject: Re: Brage Ødegaard [Student]   Brage Ødegaard [Student] EmptyMon Nov 09, 2015 5:28 pm


if suzzy was still an admin, she would post an awesome GIF. But she isn't so SHE CAN'T COMPLAIN Razz

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Brage Ødegaard [Student]
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