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 A Dangerous Hike (Brage)

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PostSubject: A Dangerous Hike (Brage)   Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:35 am

Elsa smiled as she looked at the mountains. This was one of the things that ELSA loved about Norway. She pulled her hair up into a pony tale and got out her journal to write yet another thing to add to her book of adventures. She began a scetch of the view, and got more comfortable on the rocks. She closed her scetch book, and opened up her journal again. She started yet another letter to her mother. Her mother who abandoned her at age 11 when she found out she was more like her father.

Elsa started telling her mother the site she was looking at, what she was feeling, and even what she smelled. Elsa put the book away when she was done with the letter and got out a camera to take pictures of everything she was seeing to put into her scrap book. She then got down off the rocks and decided to go closer to the edge. It was then she lost her balance and slipped.

She grabbed a hold of a rock and pulled herself up. She took giant breaths to calm herself down, and decided she was done for the day. But as she stood up, she turned around and somebody was standing there. She jumped a little bit, and caught herself before she could fall again. She asked, "Don't you know to not sneak up on people like that?"  Honestly... Who did this person think they where!?
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Brage Ødegaard
First Year
First Year
Brage Ødegaard

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Hike (Brage)   Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:00 am

Before Brage was to return to Durmstrang, he had decided to take a trip to his cottage in Fjærland. He'd been there for a few days, taking a few trips here and there. But there was one trip he was really looking forward to; a trip on the glacier. To anyone but a wizard or witch, it was suicide to walk on a glacier on ones own, and even for an ignorant witch or wizard. But to Brage, it was where he grew up. He knew all the precautions necessary, and even then, he still always had his wand in his hand, ready to use it if needs be.

He took his time climbing the glacier, figuring he had more than enough time, and when on the basic top of the arm that stretched from the leagues long glacier, he took a moment to enjoy the view. Brage was a very complimentary man, but he was never able to look at humans as beautiful. Beautiful was a word in his dictionary, that only defined nature. He smiled to himself before he noticed a shadow a bit further away. Another person. On ... her own, it seemed. Brage started walking in that direction when he saw her slip.

He instantly started running towards the woman, but she seemed to get back up quickly, and he slowed down, but did not stop walking. Not until she turned around and seemed to jump again. Bad idea to scare someone on a glacier. He should've made his presence known. "Pardo-" Brage stopped and titled his head to the side. "You're Durmstrang's Astronomy professor," he said as he recognized the woman. She'd just taken the job, and good was that. And if he was wrong, then none of the words he just said were weird. He'd just say something about the school being a bit far away, which was not at all a lie.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Hike (Brage)   Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:49 am

Elsa was a little taken aback, but relaxed a little bit when she recognized the man. The Highmaster of Durmstrang. Where she was to teach Astronomy this coming school term. And he recognized her, so she must of put on a good impression at the job interview. Elsa smiled and said, "Yes sir. I'm the new Astronomy Professor, like you said." Oh boy... was that a little too much? Was she over doing it? She didn't want to put on a bad second impression. What if he didn't like who she was outside of school? Should she act professional? This was her boss after all. She asked, "What are you doing up here on this fine glacier?" Was that weird to ask? She had no idea.

Elsa was just up here because she had thought that the scenery would be beautiful to write about and take pictures of for her book. She then rubbed her arm from where it was sore from where she fell. She then picked up her hand and felt a warm liquid on it. She was bleeding. Just great. It wasn't a lot, just a little scrape. She bent down and got out her wand to clean the wound. She did some bippity-bobbity-boo on it, and her wound was gone. She had studied some healing spells on her travels and now, her hard work had paid off.

Elsa smiled and said, "There. Nothing a little magic can't fix. She then looked herself over to make sure there wasn't any other major wounds. She said, "Sorry about that. I can be a bit clumsy." She certainly hoped this wouldn't affect her job later on, or her first impression with her boss. She sighed. The worst he could do was fire her right? She hoped he wouldn't though. She needed this stability in her life. And Durmstrang was just the place to be.
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Brage Ødegaard
First Year
First Year
Brage Ødegaard

Posts : 30
Join date : 2014-12-16

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor - Year 1

PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Hike (Brage)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:49 pm

Brage chuckled and shook his head. "Call me Brage. We're going to be working quite close after all," he said, now not thinking about her Astronomy position, but rather her Deputy Highmistress position. It was rare that professors that only just started made it to the Deputy High position, but Elsa Frost had surprised him. And their plans for the year wasn't going to be made before August, and now it was only mid-July. He was looking forward to going back to Durmstrang, and meeting the new professors. Not to mention meeting new students. It was going to be great.

What was he doing on the glacier? Brage didn't even know himself. Probably only reminiscing. "I grew up in these parts, and I usually take a trip back before I return to Durmstrang," he said, looking around at the scenery that was before him. As he looked back, he also noticed the red liquid on her arm. He watched as she healed herself, and smiled. "Indeed," he merely stated. At her mention of being clumsy, he made a subtle face. He didn't mind her being clumsy, that was just being human, and students loved to have a professor who seemed human, so it was only going to be a good thing in the classroom, and even in meetings with the other professors. However, on a glacier...

Brage looked at her and raised a questioning eyebrow. "Have you been on many glaciers alone before?" he asked curiously, hinting at her clumsiness. Because a dead professor was not something Brage would like, for more than one reason. After Brage became Highmaster, there were quite a few things that changed in his persona. Like the fact that he had adopted a very protective feel of his professors. The same with the students. Before, it had been the Infiltration students mostly, though he always felt protective of the others as well. But as a Highmaster, that protectiveness had heightened tenfolds. He knew the Infiltration students better, but they were now under the same category as the rest of the student body of Durmstrang.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Hike (Brage)   

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A Dangerous Hike (Brage)
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