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 Experimenting (Open)

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Frederick Zaschke
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Sixth Year
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Experimenting (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Experimenting (Open)   Experimenting (Open) EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 7:44 am

"Baconface, you arrogant cat." Freddie spat at the strange looking cat. Aileen, his mother, had still not had the decency of providing her only son with a friendly, lovable cat. Freddie was stuck with a condescending, hairless thing. Worst of all, it didn't even look like Baconface was getting old. The creature was as healthy as could be. Not that Freddie wanted the cat to die, he just wanted him to get a flu or something so he could send Baconface back to Aileen. She liked him, not him. Freddie sat with his back against one of the tall stones that formed a circle. He suspected it was a science thing, a sort of solar clock, but he wasn't sure. The naked cat walked on the tip of his paws, as if he didn't want to touch the earthy ground. Frederick frowned at him. "I should have known you would be this boring."

Freddie always carried a lunch bag with strawberries, because he knew they were Baconface's favorite thing to eat, and when he wanted the cat to stop following him around all he had to do was give him the bag with the fruit. This as one of the few times when Freddie wasn't actually annoyed by the cat. Freddie actually loved Baconface, but he wasn't about to go make it public. He took out the bag of strawberries from his bookbag and held out the red fruits in his hand for Baconface to snack on. "I wonder if I can make you grow hair." he said, raising an eyebrow.  Freddie was sure there could be a spell for it. Taking out his wand from his robe pocket, Freddie began to say gibberish. Nothing happened, of course. His father surely had a book on these kinds of spells. He would ask him as soon as he went home for summer.

The great thing about his father is that he knew a lot about many things. Freddie loved that, because he could go up to his dad and ask him what the gravity on Mars was and he would know. Or he could ask what certain ingredients did when mixed together and his father would make him do an experiment, which was Freddie's favorite part. Baconface nudged Freddie's hand, letting him know he wanted more. A small smile played on his lips as he watched the cat go crazy over something as simple as strawberries. Baconface probably had already figured out ause the meaning of life and what's beyond black holes and all that good stuff, which explained why the little guy was relaxed beyond Freddie's ability to understand.

"Incendio." Freddie whispered as soon as Baconface was a safe distance away. A sparkling flame sprouted from the end of his wand and as Freddie waved it, he watched the flame dance. He wasn't a pyromaniac, but he liked the way fire flowed. His favorite element was probably earth, because he was a nature junkie. Freddie liked the the forests and the mountains and everything. He continued to play with the flame as Baconface snacked on his fruit, that is until the cat finished and rudely demanded more. Freddie had been too concentrated on his entertainment that the sound of Baconface's hissing made him jump out of skin. He was so easily scared that the simple sound made his hand shake as he jumped and the flame was sent into a patch of grass in front of him, catching fire rapidly. Freddie glared at the cat and quickly stood up to put out the small fire. It wasn't anything big, just a few centimeters of fiery grass. Pointin his wand, Freddie casted the water spell and the danger was immediately put out. He put his wand away and rested his hands on his head. "You know, I'm just glad lessons are over for the day." he tl,old his cat, who was now walking in between Freddie's legs, trying to get a look of the burnt grass.
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Experimenting (Open)
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