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 We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya)

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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

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We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) Empty
PostSubject: We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya)   We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 4:49 pm

Damien had been keeping himself busy recently. Not with Jen or Grace. That... thing hadn't lasted long. That was fine. He was fine. He was better alone, without the burden of having people to care about. It left him time to work more and to go out to do stuff like this. Long, relaxing hikes through forests out in the countryside, enjoying the fresh air and all that. It was tiring after hours and hours of walking, and he was hungry so when he saw an inn, The Broken Wand, he headed inside.

The place looked vaguely familiar - maybe he had been here when he was a child or even more recently? It was a nicer place than he had expected from the outside, very sophisticated. He took a seat at a table by the bar and glanced at the menu set in front of him. He could seriously eat everything on here, he was that hungry. After a mere moment of deliberation, he decided on a three course meal, trout being the main, and a lemonade. There was no rule to say he couldn’t order plenty more food after he had finished this. He watched the waitress walk away from the table and then turned to stare at that odd painting on the other side of the room.

He was broken out of his idle thoughts when he saw the door open and caught sight of a head of red hair. And he genuinely smiled when he saw it was Diagon Alley girl, what was it? Maya. At the moment, she was a loud, determined, slightly annoying child, but she definitely had the potential to be more than that. And Damien happened to know that the Dark Ones were recruiting. He waved at her, silently inviting her to come over. If he was serious about getting her to join them, he needed to… well, be serious.

Let's pretend it's the Easter holidays!
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Maya Winchester
Maya Winchester

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We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) Empty
PostSubject: Re: We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya)   We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 8:49 pm

Maya wandered the cobbled streets of whatever forsaken place she had ended up. It was the Easter holidays and her lovely parents had insisted she meet them outside the grounds of Hogwarts for some time to catch up. Which basically meant her parents wanted to lecture her non stop. Maya had to escape and in doing so had no idea where she stumbled upon. Maya figured there was a lot of better things she could have been doing for the holidays. Studying for one, she really was starting to fall behind and felt like she was becoming more like Kynan everyday. His laziness was beginning to rub off on her she figured.

Maya clutched her stomach as it let out an embarrassingly loud rumble.  She hadn't realised how long she rambled aimlessly for and began cursing the fact that her parents seemed to love being miles away from anything remotely civilized. How had she not noticed before that she had managed to aimlessly ramble right up to an inn. Weird was all Maya could think but since she had a serious hankering for some food she shrugged nonchalantly and pushed open the big creaking door while silently glad she had thought of bringing money with her before she had ran off on her parents.

She immediately rolled her eyes when her gaze rested on the arrogant man she recognised from her day out in Diagon Alley. Which of course he had nearly ruined Maya recalled. He had not been too friendly the last time they had met, she of course returned the rudeness in kind. Having said that Maya found him endearing and had found herself getting lost in his smouldering eyes on more than one occasion despite finding him to be a jerk. Also he had that bad boy rugged look about him, something told Maya he was a little more than a bad boy though and this played through Maya's mind as she watched him wave her over and she refused to ignore his order.

Maya strutted over trying to make herself feel tall and confident,  pronouncing her own arrogance. She hovered nervously across from him not knowing whether to sit or not. She was already questioning her sanity and wondered why she hadn't just left the inn as soon as she had recognised the man. She was becoming way too apt at running into shady figures anytime she wandered alone, at the thought of this she bit down nervously on her lip. "Is this all you do, hang out by yourself. Pfft, some life." She quipped quickly once she had realised she was acting awkward and quickly tried to make up for it.

We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) Maya_s11

We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya) Tumblr12
Credit to Aylee Walters for both!

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We Do Not Have Cookies (Maya)
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