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 Evelyn's Characters

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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PostSubject: Evelyn's Characters   Evelyn's Characters EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 8:07 pm


Evelyn's Characters Large

Aoife O'Donnell
Fourth-year Gryffindor.
"I am, first and foremost, a sheep."

One of the weirdest people your character will ever meet, Aoife is an overexcitable Irish sheep who will probably never grow up. She makes both friends and enemies easily. She hates people who are conceited and too big for their boots, but she can be very like that herself. Recently she has been very upset over the whole Haoifen thing, but this year she plans on going back to normal and being her usual bright, happy self.

She will interact very differently depending on the person and how they act towards her. Friends? Not too hard to win her over. Enemies? Just as easy. Romance? She will spit on you if you even try.

O'Donnell family
Gryffindor house
Gryffindor quidditch team

thread possibilities

  • somewhere in London/Ireland/Diagon Alley during holidays
  • anywhere in Hogwarts during term - she often roams the castle
  • Hogsmeade - Aoife works in Florean's

Evelyn's Characters Tumblr_mce8foFj7x1r2labqo1_500

Lyra VanDerberg
Third-year Gryffindor.
"I'm always right."

Lyra is a muggleborn from the Netherlands who has a twin sister Lyn and two brothers, Hunter and Jack (who was recently murdered). She’s going into a spiraling depression now that her brother is dead and she believes it was her fault.

Now she won't really talk to anyone unless they approach her and force her into it or she meets them at work.

VanDerberg family
Gryffindor House

thread possibilities

  • London/Diagon Alley during summer
  • anywhere in Hogwarts during term - classes, somewhere random, whatever
  • Hogsmeade - she works and shops here a lot

Evelyn's Characters Giphy

Jeremy Rufford
Minister of Magic.
"Rufford, Mr Jeremy Rufford. Or Batman."

He’s a pretty nice bloke. He is addicted to coffee. Jeremy is fair, if not the most caring and kind person. Very childish in non-formal settings, whenever he acts civilised and posh and everything it’s an act. However, it’s a believable act which he fools most people with.

Ministry workers or any adults who are friendly enough towards him would make great friends. Jeremy wouldn’t really have enemies because of reputation and all, but there would definitely people he doesn’t like, whether it is because he holds a grudge about something or because he just doesn’t get on with them. I’ve given up on Thermy, so romance is great. Dunno about his sexuality, I’ll see what happens.

Ministry of Magic
English Wizard Community

thread possibilities

  • Ministry - where he spends most of his time, the most likely place
  • London - realistically, a shop or something

Evelyn's Characters Amanda-amanda-seyfried-24947296-500-200

Aisha Khan
"Quote here."

Aisha is a very fashionable, smart, professional auror lady. Personality wise, she usually keeps herself to herself and so doesn’t have many connections. Although she doesn’t mention it, she believes that she is better than most people. She can be quite chatty and sociable once you really get to know her and get through to her.

Her friends will have to be of quite a good social standing and probably fairly young, not too much older than her. Enemies will be people who her sarcasm offends and she wouldn’t mind insulting in public. Romance is whoever catches her heart!

Auror Department (MoM)

thread possibilities

  • London - she is most likely shopping
  • Ministry - she works there
  • Hogsmeade - it is possible but she wouldn't be there regularly

Evelyn's Characters Unicorn1


Basically, a super awesome, good-looking Mexican unicorn who lives in the Forbidden Forest. He is shy and won’t come out for most humans but has a soft spot for the COMC professor and Team Mustachio who have helped him in times of need.

Only friends will be other unicorns or humans who meet and help him when he has no other option. Mean animals and humans will be enemies. As for romance, if anyone is up for making a pretty female unicorn...

Team Mustachio

thread possibilities

  • Forbidden Forest - the only place he will be

Evelyn's Characters Tumblr_inline_mrb0gmtFtV1s72oeg

Damien Lewis
Evil Dude.
"Quote here."

An evil, harsh, uncaring guy with a soft spot for cupcakes and a tiny bit of a heart somewhere, deep, deep down.

“Friends” are Dark Ones or other appropriate adults, no ministry workers. Enemies are people who hate him for being a dark wizard, so plenty of possibilities there. Romance is unlikely unless, again, Dark Ones.

Dark Ones
Jennifer and Grace

thread possibilities

  • Knockturn Alley - spends a lot of time walking up and down the street
  • a natural landmark - somewhere not usually too busy where he might be chilling
  • somewhere far away - outside of the country, pick a random place

Evelyn's Characters Tumblr_mbaez2LNlD1rpb2f6

Cecelia Daniels
Unemployed Hogwarts Dropout
"Quote here."

Cece is a lazy, overdramatic and uncaring nature freak who steals from shops to survive. She's not totally bad at heart but she's not so likable.

She will meet a lot of people on her wandering through streets and random places. She's not the type to make a sworn bestfriendship but a couple of acquaintances would be welcome. Enemies are pointless to her but there will be plenty of people who she doesn't exactly like. And she'll always be up for some sort of fling.

Her father

thread possibilities

  • anywhere - she is a wanderer

Evelyn's Characters Tumblr_inline_mso263lzSr1qz4rgp

Derek Lawrence
First-year Ravenclaw.
"It must be TRUE LOVE."

Derek is a Hogsmeade-born, overenthusiastic, long-word-using love expert. He grew up in Madam Puddifoot's but is very excited to be at Hogwarts to make lots of friends and be awesome.

Derek will talk to anyone and everyone but if from first impressions he decides that he doesn't like someone, they don't have much of a chance of being his friend.

Puddifoot/Lawrence family
Ravenclaw House

thread possibilities

  • London/Diagon Alley/Hogsmeade during summer
  • anywhere in Hogwarts during term - classes, somewhere random, whatever

Evelyn's Characters 15783029624_916c081b46_o

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Evelyn's Characters
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