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 Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)

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Chloe Gracen


Posts : 160
Join date : 2014-02-15
Location : Under the stars!

My Character
Activity: Astronomy Professor, Ravenclaw Head of House

PostSubject: Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)   Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:42 am

Chloe sat in the teacher's lounge. It was the last day that students where at the school, and she was planning her next adventure. She had thought about going home for the summer and visiting with her Aunt, but had decided against it. There were just so many places she hadn't seen yet! She'd been to China, and France, and America, and oh so many others, but she knew there were TONES more.

So, she had out her map with a highlighter and started marking off places she'd been. She then saw Fiji. Fiji...That was a funny name. She put all of her hair into a pony tail and started to think. Could she afford Fiji? She calculated her wages. She was making pretty decent pay, and she had applied for a second subject to teach at the school, so that would help A LOT.

She wondered when she started acting like an official adult? Now all of the sudden she was worried about bills and pay? She needed some fun in her life, and traveling was a way to do that. But going alone this time??? She had gone alone before, but this time would be different. Things with David where a bit rocky, so she would have time to think about that relationship, but at the same time, she so wanted somebody to go with her. She wished she'd spent more time talking to the other professor's instead of doing her lessons and making sure everything was perfect, down to the last chapter.

The only teacher she had met was Andre, the Charms and Arithmacy teacher, and boy was he an interesting character. She still couldn't believe that he floated to Hogsmead on a chair! A chair of all things! Wouldn't he be an interesting person to take to Fiji? She wished she had a girlfriend she could talk to about this stuff, but since she focused more on work, she didn't really have time for a social life. She sighed. She was still looking at her map, when she officially decided Fiji was her place to go. She circled it and said allowed on accident, "Fiji, here I come." Fiji better watch out.

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Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc


Posts : 62
Join date : 2013-12-30

My Character
Activity: Charms Professor

PostSubject: Re: Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)   Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:02 am

What an incredible year! Term was over in a day or so, and Andre couldn't believe how fast the time had gone! He'd had the privilege of teaching so many wonderful students, getting to know so many brilliant paintings and discovering so many amazing hidden treasures within the castle! Like that tapestry in the southern corridor by his office that Andre was certain had been created by an authentic sixteenth century pomegranate researcher - because certainly, no average person could depict a pomegranate with such authenticity!

Anyway, Andre had already said goodbye to all of the marvelous students. He was sad to see them go - especially Mademoiselle O'Donnell, who he had long since forgiven for mistreating her chair so terribly. It was obviously all that VanDerberg boy's fault. But the students weren't the only farewell that Andre had to go through - he hadn't said goodbye to any of the furniture yet!! That was probably because saying goodbye to the furniture was much more difficult than saying goodbye to the students, and it would be heartbreaking to leave his chair and desk for so long. Not that he couldn't stay at Hogwarts for the summer holidays, but Andre had been planning on travelling a bit.

Andre just couldn't take saying goodbye to his classroom or quarters furniture yet, so he figured he should start small. Maybe the staff room! Yes, he wasn't nearly as attached to those chairs. Brilliant! With a smile, Andre took off at a jog for the staff room. When he got there, he immediately pushed the door open and rushed inside. He hardly noticed that there was someone else there as he went straight to the chair that he typically sat in.

But then, he heard the word Fiji. "Why, zis is a brilliant word!!" Andre exclaimed instantly before spinning around to see who he'd walked past. Oh, it was Chloe, the astronomy professor! "Ah, I am sorry to interrupt Mademoiselle Gracen," Andre said, flourishing his beret. "But what is zis Fiji zat you speak of? A place? If it is indeed a place, I would very much like to go zere!" Andre hoped badly that it was a place. "Any place with a name like Fiji can 'old only good zings!"

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Chloe Gracen


Posts : 160
Join date : 2014-02-15
Location : Under the stars!

My Character
Activity: Astronomy Professor, Ravenclaw Head of House

PostSubject: Re: Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)   Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:51 pm

Well...This was rather odd. But Chloe had encountered the professor before when he flew into Hogsmeade on a CHAIR! So this was especially no surprise. I mean...Why not have a little company along? She would be alone so she wouldn't have anybody to enjoy the trip with.

And she needed friends. Boy did she need friends. So why not this furniture loving Professor? She said, "Yes, it is a place. And yes, Professor Leblanc, I would love it if you would accompany me on this fine adventure!" There, she hoped that would satisfy the guy. And besides, she needed a laugh or two.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)   

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Let's Go To Figi Cuz...Why Not? (Andre)
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