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 I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)

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Chloe Gracen

Chloe Gracen

Posts : 160
Join date : 2014-02-15
Location : Under the stars!

My Character
Activity: Astronomy Professor, Ravenclaw Head of House

PostSubject: I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)   Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:27 pm

Classes where over with, and Chloe decided to go down to the village and get some fresh air. The sun was just setting, so the sky was illuminated with oranges, purples, and reds. She breathed in the air, glad to get out of the musty old classroom. Night time was her favorite time of day. She got to see her favorite things in the whole entire world, stars. She didn't know why she was always interested in stars and Astronomy and the history of the constellations, but it was just something that kept her mind off of Hannah.

Her own mother suggested that she took on a hobby to keep her mind off of her best friends death. She sighed as she looked at the ground, suddenly very depressed. She never got the chance to mourn her death as she didn't go to the funeral. She didn't accept what Hannah did. She couldn't, so to drown her sorrows, she spent as much time as she could studying Astronomy, and traveling.

Traveling did come with a few downers. She didn't get to meet very many people and stay connected with them, less sleep as she was basically nocturnal, and she couldn't keep in touch with her family, as she was to distracted by the world around her (she was a blonde). So, when the Astronomy position was offered to her, Chloe took it to stay close to home, and hopefully finally mourn Hannah's death. As she was thinking, she didn't realize that somebody was right in front of her. She ran straight into him.
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Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc

Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc

Posts : 62
Join date : 2013-12-30

My Character
Activity: Charms Professor

PostSubject: Re: I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)   Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:45 pm

"Ah, what a beautiful night zis is!" Andre exclaimed to himself as he peered out of the window of his sleeping quarters. "'ow I would love to go for a walk, but zis is not a good idea tonight, because I would 'ave to leave ze brand new chair zat I have acquired all alone on its first night in ze castle!" Yes, he couldn't do that. His poor chair might get lonely! "It is too bad zat zere isn't a solution to zis problem..."

Andre flopped down a bit dejectedly into his new, beautiful pine chair - of course, he wasn't upset at the thought of spending a quiet evening in with his magnificent wooden chair. But how marvelous it would be to go enjoy the world. He was a five after all - he was made for adventure and change of scenery! But then, suddenly, a thought popped into Andre's head. "AHA! But of course! To every problem, zere is a solution!"

So, beaming at his own brilliance, Andre hopped up from his chair and pulled out his wand. Flourishing it at the chair, he cast a levitating charm and hopped happily on the balls of his feet as he watched it rise in the air. "We shall travel into ze town together!" he exclaimed, and quickly made his way from his quarters down to the grounds. Before he knew it, he and his chair were walking - and floating - through the town of Hogsmeade.

"You will see!" he said to his chair happily. "Zis is a marvelous place full of wonderful people! You will enjoy yourself 'ere - " But Andre had to cut his conversation short because at that moment, he collided rather violently with someone. Andre staggered, and gathered his balance again after a moment. He looked up to see that the person he'd run into was a young woman - one who worked at Hogwarts! "Mademoiselle!" he squeaked. "Je suis désolé!! Please, accept my apologies! 'ave I 'urt you? 'ere! Please, take a seat!" Quickly, Andre dropped his lovely chair to the ground and offered it to the young, blonde woman. Just in case he'd hit her hard enough that she needed to faint or something. "See, it is a good zing zat I brought you!" he said seriously to the chair as he waited for the woman to react.

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Chloe Gracen

Chloe Gracen

Posts : 160
Join date : 2014-02-15
Location : Under the stars!

My Character
Activity: Astronomy Professor, Ravenclaw Head of House

PostSubject: Re: I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:57 pm

Chloe was now face first on the ground... Ouch. That hurt. She looked up to apologize to whoever she ran into, but was surprised to see that it was a chair... OK... She had began to accept that anything can happen at Hogwarts. So, why not a man floating on a chair in the middle of Hogsmeade? She looked up to see who it was. A professor. That much she was sure of. She had seen him around quiet a few times.

He asked in his wonderful french accent if she had been hurt. Her ego maybe, but physically, she was fine. She said, "I'm fine. I swear." Nodding at the man. He then told her to take a seat on his chair. She said, "I'm OK. I promise. You are Professor Leblanc, correct? She had spent some time in Paris, so she hoped she pronounced his name correctly. She didn't want to offend the poor lad.

Was he talking to his chair now? The man was clearly nuts. She asked curiously as to not be rude, "Are you talking to your chair?" She had never met anybody who would let alone ride a chair through Hogsmeade and then later talk to it. This dude had some issues. But, alas, he was a Hogwarts Professor, so maybe he would make good company in the big lonely castle as she didn't have many friends.

She would certainly like seeing what he had in store for many days after this. Brushing off some left over dirt, she straightened up her hair, and said, "I'm Chloe Gracen, Astronomy Professor."
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PostSubject: Re: I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)   

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I Ran Into You (Out side of Hogs Head) (Andre)
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