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 The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)

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PostSubject: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon May 19, 2014 10:11 pm

Chapter One:

One day in the little town of Daisywood, several people gathered to witness a special occasion. However, nothing seemed to be going as planned. Maisey had lost her purse on the train, that had everything on it. Including her money and ID. So how ever was she going to sneak into the bars later that night after the special occasion?

That was the one thing she feared the most. Along the way, she met her two best friends Evelyn and Nasim, who were going to join her at the bars. But she had to let them know of the disturbing news that she wouldn't be able to join them. On the streets a few minutes later, they ran into Evan. Who happened to be selling fake IDs. Perfect timing on Maisie's part.

She could now join her best friends Evelyn and Nasim at the bars after the special event. A few minutes later, they also ran into another good friend David. David laughed at the thought of Evan selling fake ID's. The fact that the kid would do something illegal was quiet humorous. So, now David, Evan, Evelyn and Nasim were also going to the special occasion together. But what was this special occasion? They each received a text by an anonymous person saying to meet them at a certain address. Maisie had contemplated even going as this situation sounded shady, but Nasim and Evelyn, being the good influences that they were, peer pressured her into going. Evan had been talking to Evelyn, who had convinced him to go, and David just went for the ride.

After walking down the next few blocks, they ran into Hunter and Niamh. The group smiled and waved. Maisie wondered if they were going to the same thing they were, and Hunter and Niamh nodded. Looking around, they realized that they didn't know where they were going. They realized that several people from their group were missing. They looked around and somebody had ran into Evan. They realized it was Erin. They smiled at Erin and invited her to come with them. As it turned out, she was going as well. They all looked around and heard the sounds of thunder. Nobody had brought an umbrella. They however, noticed that one person was missing out of the group. Her name was Jo.

Jo was the weird one and always took them on crazy adventures like this one. However, they didn't even know what this "Special Occasion" was. Evan kept guessing. He said, "Maybe she's going to murder us all...or...Give us all cake and ice cream?" Everybody in unison said, "SHUT UP EVAN." David looked at his phone and followed the GPS. He was now the leader in this situation. Hunter looked at the building numbers and said, "Look. In there. This is the place." They all looked around the room and saw darkness. Erin tried turning on the lights, but they were broken. Getting scared now, the group called out for Jo.

However, she was no where to be found. Hunter said, "All right, let's split up and go in groups. Evan and David, Maisie and Niamh, Nasim and Evelyn, Erin and Me. We will meet in this exact spot in fifteen minutes. If nobody finds Jo in that amount of time, we will leave." The group split up and about five minutes later, there was a loud scream. They ran in the room that the scream came from and saw Evelyn and Nasim. Jo's body was sprawled on the floor, dead as a door nail. The group was shocked. Jo was a good girl. Nobody hated her, and she was easy to get along with. Erin asked, "Wh-what do we do?" The group shrugged. Maisie took charge and said, "Let's call 911. We can get help, and they can solve who did this terrible crime. At that point, they all got a text. "You'll be next bitches..-J" Who was J? That was the mystery they were supposed to unfold. It could be anybody.

Chapter Two:

A murder. One of the things that sparked Detective Andrew's interests in the crime fighting business. Was that so morbid? Actually enjoying solving murders? He didn't share his special interest with anyone afraid of everybody's reactions. He had several teenagers locked in interrogation rooms. They all had the same story. They received a text stating to meet at a certain location from their mutual friend Jo, and they all arrived at the same time to find her dead. Jo didn't have any enemies, so they said, but somehow she still managed to end up dead.

Andrew had questioned the young blond Maisie first. She had admitted to loosing her ID and buying one from one of the young lads Evan. If he hadn't been so concerned about the murder of young Jo, those two would've been arrested immediately. But considering that his reputation was on the line, he had to find out who killed her. And putting away Evan and Maisie wouldn't be the best idea.

They might know more than they let on. Maisie seemed suspicious enough. Andrew often consulted with his partner in crime, Lucy. Everybody always thought that they should end up together, but when the secret went out that they were actually cousins, the rumors ceased. He went to the next room to talk to Evelyn who had found the body with the other girl Nasim.

All the stories were far to similar. They had the same exact detail, almost as if they had rehearsed it before hand. It was far to strange and Andrew had to get to the bottom of it. So far he had that they all met up at Rosebury Ave, and went to the location, Sparrow Street, to find the lights off, and then split up to find Jo, who was missing, and Nasim and Evelyn found her body dead. All similar stories. He had to get to the bottom of this. This was his number one priority now. They had Jo's parents in one of the interrogation rooms as well.

Apparently Jo had said that she was going down to stay at her great grandma's house. Her great grandma was deathly ill, and she wanted to spend a few days with her before her time came. Nobody had heard from her since she had left for Great Grandma's. The family just assumed that she had been down there. Great Grandma disapproved of all things electronic. So they just assumed that Great Grandma had taken away her cell phone.

Speaking of which, they hadn't found one on her body. Lucy had learned from talking to Evelyn, who was closest to Jo out of everybody, that she had an IPhone. It should be easy to track the GPS on it. But the Phorensic Scientist couldn't get a signal on it. Weird. Ok. So... he had this much. Maisie lost her ID on the train, and met up with Evelyn and Nasim after the train ride. Maisie soon realized that she left her purse on the train (Detective Andrew sent Lucy on a man-hunt for it and they found it).

Nasim, and Evelyn met Maisie after she got of the train. Evelyn suggested buying a fake ID from their friend Evan, who made them. They met up with Evan who had gotten the same message about the "Special Occasion" that Maisie, Evelyn, and Nasim had gotten. The four soon met up with David, who had also gotten the same message, and later Hunter and Niamh, who also got the message, and also ran into Erin on their way whom they invited to the "Special Occasion" because Erin was also a friend of Jo's.

They realized that the only person from their group who wasn't there was Jo. Hunter GPSed the location they were supposed to meet her at, and when they got there, Hunter suggested splitting up into groups, Evelyn went with Nasim, Evan went with David, Erin went with Hunter, and Maisie went with Niamh. He smiled to himself. The Great Detective Andrew (as he liked to call himself) will figure out who murdered Jo. And they will pay for what they did.

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Thu May 22, 2014 8:10 pm

Chapter Three:

Everybody gathered in the church and some giggled at the decorations that were put up. Snowflakes were everywhere and posters of a rather drugged up snow man decorated the walls. This was however, not the time to be giggling. This was the time to mourn the life of Jo. A friend and daughter to those she was closest to. The group that found her body walked in and where greeted by her parents. Evelyn, having known the family well, went up and hugged them tightly. She was going to partake in singing Jo’s favorite song, “Let it Go.” From the movie that was also Jo’s favorite.
Jo’s mother said, “Hello. Thank you all for coming. We have spots reserved for everyone up front.”

Hunter asked, “Is it all right that I brought Susie, my girlfriend?”

Jo’s mother replied, “Of course it is. Thank you Susie for coming.”

Evelyn looped her arm through Susie’s and said, “Want to sing a song for her? Her other favorite was “Do you wanna build a snow man.”

Susie looked at Evelyn and nodded and said, “Sure.”

Hunter face palmed as he was aware of what was to come. He fiddled in his pockets to make sure he had brought his ear plugs. The other girls all patted Hunter’s shoulder as they too knew what was to come. Evelyn still didn’t feel right about singing a solo knowing that Maisie, Nasim, Erin, and Niamh were all really close with Jo. She asked, “Would you guys like to sing with me?”

The girls all nodded in delight, and went to take a seat in the reserved spots that Jo’s mother had for them. The ceremony started, and Jo's mother introduced the girls that were performing the song. They went up on the stage, and Hunter proceeded to put in his ear plugs. The girls continued their song, and when they were finished, the small audience applauded. The girls bowed and went to take a seat. Evelyn laughed at the ear plugs Hunter was wearing.

Hunter’s girlfriend, Susie was up next. The rest of the girls sat down, as she began her solo. Evelyn wiggled her eyebrows at Hunter who deliberately ignored her aware of the facial expressions she was shooting him. As soon as Susie started singing, a couple audience members flinched at the retched sound that came out of her mouth. The group looked over at Jo’s 90 year old great grandfather, who was practically almost deaf jump a little bit and awake from his nap that he had been taking.

Evan whispered to Hunter, “You guys tell me to shut up all the time, can we tell her now?” Hunter was clearly not paying attention due to the ear plugs. Evan said, “Fine ignore me then while I go as deaf as him.” He said pointing to the great grandfather.” As the ceremony ended, and Susie’s retched singing ceased, the group retreated to Jo’s favorite restaurant for a nice meal. Evelyn continued, “I can’t believe she’s gone…” The group nodded. At that moment, their phones vibrated, they received this text: She deserved what she got bitches. Who’s next?-J
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Thu May 22, 2014 9:05 pm

Chapter Four:

A couple months had passed, and the group reunited at the anniversary of Jo’s death at her favorite restaurant. They hadn’t received any more threatening texts, so nobody thought anything of it, or went to Detective Andrew or Lucy about them.

As they sat down at the four month anniversary, they noticed somebody was missing. The waitress, by the name of Vilde, who was their regular waitress came up and asked for their orders. Evan said, “We are waiting on one more. Give us just a few minutes please Vilde.” Vilde nodded retreating to the back. Evan asked, “Where is Maisie? She’s never been this late before…”

At that moment, a blond girl ran in and sat next at the table. The group freaked out, but then calmed down when it was just Maisie. Nasim said, “Jesus Maise. You scared us. Why are you late?” Maisie said, “Because, I was at my ultra sound appointment…”

Nasim, Evelyn, Erin, and Niamh all replied back, “No freaking way.” Maisie held up the photo and said, “That’s right. I’m preggers!”
Niamh asked, “Who’s the father?” Maisie replied, “My prince charming.” Evan waved Vilde over and then said, “We are ready now.” Vilde asked, “Will it be the usual’s then?” The group nodded still in shock over Maisie’s baby announcement.

Maisie held up the photo to Vilde as she was writing down the orders already having them memorized. Vilde practically dropped her pen and said, “My God Maisie, congratulations!”

The group congratulated Maisie, and then all of their phones vibrated David looked at them all and nobody broke eye contact with each other. Niamh finally broke the circle and read the message, “Don’t forget, I’m still watching you.-J” Evan said, “Ok, we have to go to Detective Andrew about this. This is getting out of hand. This person is basically threatening to kill us. And Maisie, in your condition, don’t you want to protect yourself, and your future child?” Hunter replied, “Evan…dude. Calm yourself. It’s not a big deal.” Vilde came back with their food and congratulated Maisie once again on her pregnancy.

Maisie said, “If it’s a boy, I’m going to name it Chad…” The group looked at her at her randomness. She said, “But if it’s a girl, I think I’ll name it Jo.” They smiled at the name praying to God that her baby is a girl.

The group dispersed later that night, all going their separate ways alone. Nasim was walking along the path to her apartment. A black car drove by, and several people climbed out of it in black ski masks.

They rapped their arms around her and lifted her up into the air, and attempted to shove her into the van. But Nasim was smart. She kicked and screamed and got some people walking near bye’s attention.

They dropped her hard on the ground, and Vilde happened to be walking near bye and saw the entire thing. She ran over to Nasim and crouched down to her on the ground. Nasim was still in shock, so Vilde called the cops. Detective’s Andrew and Lucy showed up immediately and helped Vilde with Nasim.

The Detectives asked Nasim a bunch of questions, and Vilde what happened, but Nasim was still in shock over what happened. She had never been kidnapped before. And if Vilde hadn’t been there to help her, she’d be helpless right now. The damsel in distress from the princess movies she watched growing up.

She didn’t know if she should tell Detective’s Andrew and Lucy about the threatening text messages about them being targeted by possibly the same people who killed Jo. While sitting in the back of the police car, she received a message: You’re Next-J.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Tue May 27, 2014 2:43 am

Chapter 5:

Nasim’s attack was hard on everybody, and it made “J’s” threat a little bit more real. Ok, tones more real. They all sat at the local dinner now contemplating on whether or not to go to the police about the messages, since Nasim was smart and didn’t say anything to detective’s Andrew or Lucy. The only one not here yet again was Maisie. But Hunter had texted her, and said that she was at the baby doctor with her parents. She had even sent a picture to prove it so they wouldn’t worry about her or the baby.

Nasim was still really shaken up about what happened. The group noticed Hunter acting really protective over her. Everybody knew that Hunter kind of liked Nasim, but didn’t know If Nasim liked him back, as Nasim was the kind of person that kept her feelings to herself. Or she was scared of the shipping name that Evelyn would give them…Either way, nobody knew why they wouldn’t get together already! At that point, Maisie walked in and threw her baby pictures on the table.

This lightened up the mood a little bit. Why could something so wonderful be happening in a time of darkness? For whatever the reason, the group needed the distraction. Sure this “J” person was still there, but, at least they had a distraction to keep them going, and put them back into reality. Evelyn said, “We need to find out who this creep is.” The group nodded. She continued, “Jo didn’t have any enemies…so I don’t know who it could be. Anybody have any ideas?” Again they shook their heads.

Maisie looked down and said, “She came to see me that night.” Everybody looked up at her wondering why the hell she would be saying this now. Maisie continued, “She was scared. She said somebody was following her, and that she needed help. I offered to let her stay with me for the night, but she wouldn’t. She said she didn’t want to put me in danger as well.”

Erin asked, “And did you tell the cops this when they questioned us?” Maisie nodded and said, “Yes. I even looked outside to see if anybody was around, but nobody was.” Hunter looked up and said, “Weird, she came to see me to. I did tell the cops as that was probably important information.”

Evelyn asked, “What did she say when she came to see you?” Hunter replied, “That I must keep everybody strong for what was to happen next. I didn’t understand it at the time and thought she was talking from a fortune cookie, but…now I completely understand.”

They all nodded in silence once again thinking about what horrors went on in Jo’s life that night. At that moment, they jumped when a mysterious voice greeted them. But in fact, when they all came back to reality, the voice wasn’t at all mysterious. It was the voices of Detective’s Andrew and Lucy. They all eyed each other.

Detective Andrew said, “Hello. Nasim, we saw you in here, and wanted to check to see how you were doing?” Nasim faked a smile and said, “I’m ok.” Lucy replied, “Good, we are glad. We hope you get some rest, isn’t that right Andrew?”

Andrew nodded but looked like he was really disappointed and in deep thought. Evelyn caught on to this and gasped making everybody look at her weirdly. Detective Andrew asked, “Is something wrong…Miss. Smith?” Evelyn replied standing up quickly grabbing her bag and said, “Nope not at all.” She nervously bumped into a chair into the table behind her and said, “Um…I forgot I was supposed to…um…meet my mother for…Lunch.”

Everybody looked at her half eaten sand which that she had ordered, and back to her as she was already half way to the door. Now the group wondered, “What was her deal?”
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Fri May 30, 2014 5:45 pm

Chapter 6:

It didn’t make since. It just didn’t. Why would HE have anything against an innocent teenager? And then he went and attacked Nasim…The world was turning into a complicated mess, something that even she couldn’t comprehend.

She hoped she didn’t make it too obvious to HIM when she suddenly stood up and left. Just the look of disappointment on HIS face when Nasim confirmed that she was fine, was evidence enough for Evelyn.

She was going to find out what his deal was and bring him down if he was up to no good. But, by this point, she was positive he was. So, she decided to confide in the people she trusted most, Erin, Niamh, Vilde (who had confided in them saying she was receiving messages as well), Maisie, and of course, Nasim, so she could put in her opinion on his reaction. If it was just her jumping into conclusions and what not.

As she shared her theory, the others just sort of glanced at each other, not sure what to think. How could HE be J, or the killer, or BOTH? None of it made since to the others. But just a simple look made all the since in the world to Evelyn.

Nasim said, “His reaction could have nothing to do with Jo, or the messages! He was dating my sister maybe this is some sort of creepy revenge to get back at her for dumping him on their wedding day.”

Evelyn said, “Maybe, but just that look…It wasn’t a look that said, “I’m glad you’re ok Nasim.” It was more, “Damn….I was hoping you would’ve died Nasim.”

Maisie replied, “What’s the evidence besides the look? Jo never talked about him in the first place!” Evelyn said, “Not quiet. I was hesitant about reading it, but her parents gave me her diary, because she said in her will that she wanted me to have it.”

Maisie asked, “She had a will? It’s almost like she expected it to happen.” Evelyn glared at Maisie for a moment but then went back to the diary. She said, “She talks about an older man she was seeing. She doesn’t give any names, but that he was in power in the city, and she liked a man with power.” (SORRY ANDREW)

Evelyn continued at their silent reply, “She then talks about his job, and how he was so sucked into it to have any relationship of his own. And how she wanted more with him, but he didn’t. He wanted to break it off with her, as one, it was illegal as she was a minor, and two, she was being pushy. She goes into more colorful language after that, but…yeah.”

Maisie said, “So, you’re thinking Detective Andrew killed her? But….Why send us the messages?” Evelyn continued, “I read more. Apparently she was also scared of somebody who was sending her messages and how she couldn’t trust anybody…even us.”

Maisie said, “Typical… She dies and leaves all of her crap for us to deal with like always.” Niamh said, “Chill Maise.” Maisie said, “No! It’s typical Jo! Remember that guy she dated sophomore year? She broke up with him, leaving him all pissed, then went on vacation leaving us to deal with him.”

Evelyn said, “That wasn’t her fault…She had to go on vacation with her family Maisie. I think you’re pregnancy hormones are acting up.” Maisie replied, “Yeah, maybe…”

Erin asked, “Does it say anything else?” Evelyn shook her head and said, “Not much. Just that she was really creeped out by these messages, all signed by J.” There was a silence. At that moment, the doorbell rang causing all of them to gasp and jump.

Evelyn got up and opened the door to find, Hunter, his girlfriend (even though he and Nasim have some weird thing going on now), David, and Evan. Evelyn welcomed them in. Evan said, “You said you found something?” Evelyn said, “It’s more of a theory.

I was just explaining to the girls here about a possible J suspect.” They all gathered on the couch and Evelyn shared her theory, and explained what was in Jo’s diary.

The group tried to point the fingers in a different direction not towards Detective Andrew, but the more that Evelyn gave evidence that he could’ve killed Jo and was now after them was becoming thicker and thicker the more she read from the diary.

They had now set up a buddy system so that nobody would be alone, and everybody would be semi safe. They now couldn’t go to the police about the messages, or who they thought would hurt them, because well…it was the police. They were screwed.

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Fri May 30, 2014 5:46 pm

Chapter 7:

Two black cloaked figures met in an alley way. One was rather tall for its age. One could tell it was female by looking at her figure in the distance, and the other was male. It was raining, so the female carried an umbrella, while the male didn’t.

The female said, “They’re on to us! They have a theory and it’s pretty damn close to the right thing.” The male replied, “We have to steer them in the other direction. Maybe…pin it on one of them?” The female replied, “It is one of them you idiot! It’s me! All me!

And the closer they get to guessing it’s you, the closer they’ll get to finding out that I had
something to do with it to!” The man asked, “Send the one a message. She’ll get frightened and back off of her theory and leave it well alone.” The girl looked at him and smacked him on the back of the head. She said, “NO! We have to stop with the messages! It will look suspicious!”

He replied, “But the messages where your idea! You wanted to be with me so bad you wanted to kill Jo, so you did. You wanted to get revenge on them for the horrible way they treated you in GRADE SCHOOL, so you are! I’m risking my ass for you! If anybody finds out I’m seeing you, my career…no my LIFE will be over! My family will disown me, and Lucy will never speak to me again.”

The woman replied, “Sounds like you got more than what you asked for…Me!” The man rolled his eyes and said, “You’re lucky I love you so much, otherwise I wouldn’t be risking my career for you.” The woman shrugged and said, “Eh, just quit whining, and let’s get our revenge on them. They think they can run this town because Jo’s daddy is the mayor, well…There’s somebody new running this town now. So they better back off, or somebody will get hurt.” The man replied, “Oh, by the way, you need to talk to your buddies you hired to kill that Nasim chick.

They did a crappy job.” The girl rolled her eyes, “That’s because they went after the wrong girl! They were supposed to get the pregnant one. I forget her name…” He nodded knowing exactly which one they were talking about.

The woman replied, “I don’t like her big mouth. She starts things, and she’s smart. So she’ll figure us out sooner.” The man asked, “Did you talk to the other kid you got involved in this?” She nodded and said, “Yes, he’s on board. He’s spying on them so we can steer them in opposite directions when they come close.” The man nodded and went in a little closer and kissed her on the lips surprising her.

She tensed up, but then relaxed. He said, “We should probably go. We don’t want to be seen.” The girl pouted but nodded knowing that this was true. He kissed her on the lips one last time, and disappeared in the darkness. He left her in the alleyway with the rain falling off of her umbrella.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:04 pm

Chapter 8:

Evan had a lot to think about, his future, and his future child’s future, and Maisie’s future. He wasn’t sure about anything anymore. Sure, Jo had done some terrible things to him in the past that still haunted him, but wasn’t his baby more important than revenge? He thought so. So why exactly was he on the bad side?

Oh yes… Because SHE was blackmailing him for his fake IDs…He really needed to stop that as well. That was no way to raise a child. So, if he stopped selling and making the IDs, then she wouldn’t have anything to blackmail him with, so he had absolutely no reason to be on the bad team.

But what about Maisie? She bought one of his fake IDs…If SHE found out; would she use that against him to tell the cops? He didn’t know. He was going to come clean to Maisie about EVERYTHING. Who was haunting them with the threatening texts and blackmail, and who he thought who J was. Even he didn’t know. And he didn’t think that SHE knows either. SHE’s in just as much deep of shit as he is.
This J person knows everything…He got files of pictures from back when Jo was in seventh grade, and she was just making friends with the group she was friends with now.

That’s how far back J had been targeting them as well. J has something personal with the girls, and he partly joined the bad side to figure out who it was, and because he was forced to. He had several clues, and was going to tell Maisie his theories when he went to meet her to talk about their baby. Their baby. The thought sounded nice. He liked Maisie, practically loved her. And he would love this baby maybe twice as much as he loved Maisie. He wrote everything down that he was going to tell Maisie. As he looked at the paper, he nodded in approval.

It had everything. Literally everything. Who he thought J was, who he was working with to bring them down, and who killed Jo. Jo was a nice girl, who did absolutely nothing wrong to him. SHE had some deep shit with Jo.

But that was all going to end when he told Maisie, and then Maisie told the group. But, as he stood up to leave his apartment, he noticed the door knob opening. He jumped back so he would have room to go all ninja on the attacker, but in a flash the attacker, all dressed in black, pointed a gun at him. He could tell that the attacker was a guy.

In an automated voice the attacker said, “Go get a piece of paper, or I will kill you right now.” Not wanting to die at that moment, Evan went to get a piece of paper and pen knowing that he was going to write something. The attacker said, “Now. Write exactly what I say.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am no longer happy in this world, and I don’t want to live in it anymore. I am sorry to disappoint everyone, but this isn’t a life that I want to live in. To Maisie, I have always loved you.

Evan looked at the attacker. He said, “Now. Take this gun to your head, and shoot yourself with it.” Evan tried to object, but when he did, the attacker went ahead and shot him square in the face anyways. Evan Williams was now dead.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:05 pm

Chapter 9:

Detective Andrew stood over the boy’s body. Why did he do it? That wasn’t the plan…But the boy struggled and was objecting, and SHE gave him clear instructions. Look at him…Now HE was the one following orders. He went to the piece of paper that he was going to give the pregnant one, and tore it to shreds and ate it. Yes…he ate it. It was a little extreme, but SHE said to leave no trace of HER identity, or his. And his name was on it, as was HERS.

The boy was a smart one. Such a waste. He then planted the gun in the boys hand and placed the note casually on the counter to make it look like suicide.

It was most likely that he would be trying to solve the case, so it would be an open and close case. He looked at the boys mangled body one last time before leaving the building. He was supposed to meet HER when the job was complete. He called her and said, “It’s done. The boy’s dead.” SHE told him to meet her at the bar on 13th street for his next task. He then thought of something…What if the boy had put stuff in his phone? So…he took it.

He knew the boy was supposed to meet the pregnant one, so he texted her and said: “Sorry, can’t make it. Something came up. Love you.” That was good enough right? So he placed the phone next to the note after erasing everything on it that might look suspicious.

He then casually left the apartment, and went on his way to meet HER. When he got to the bar, she had him a beer ready. SHE asked, “Is it done?” He nodded and said, “Yes. The task is complete.” SHE nodded and said, “Good. Now, keep an eye on Maisie. She’ll be rather emotional over his passing and want to dig. I know her. So, watch her closely. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to the baby now would we?”

Detective Andrew shook his head and said, “No…What do I do until then?” SHE said, “Act like nothing has happened, keep your cool when you go to work on the boy’s case. Question them all. Pressure them into telling you about the messages without directly asking. One of them will cave, and they will be the next victim.” Detective Andrew said, “You promised nobody else would get hurt. The boy was necessary, but come on.”

SHE replied, “Andy sweetie, you promised you would listen to me. I’m telling you what I want. They ruined my childhood, and I want revenge. She almost made me kill myself. You wouldn’t want me to kill myself would you Andy?” Detective Andrew replied, “Don’t call me Andy, and no my sweet. I wouldn’t.” She fluttered her eyelashes and said, “Good. And I like Andy better than Andrew. Andrew sounds so old.”

He rolled his eyes finally giving in to her. She had complete control. Andrew replied, “Fine.” As they departed from the bar hand in hand, they parted at their cars, him kissing her on the lips as they left. As he drove home he couldn’t help but picture the dead boy’s face in his head.

This was definitely one of those nights that called for more than one beer. But one thing was for sure, even a six pack wouldn’t make him forget that he was sleeping with the devil.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:36 pm

Chapter 10:

The day started like any other day. Breakfast, a little bit of morning sickness, school… But during fifth period, as Maisie wondered why Evan still hadn’t texted or called her back, or didn’t even bother to show up for school that morning. It was the class she had with all of her friends: Hunter, Vilde, Nasim, Evelyn, Erin, David, and Niamh. It was her favorite class. And the teacher wasn’t too bad looking himself, Professor Chad Wilcox. He had perfectly groomed blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes that reminded her of the sky on a hot summer day. In fact, she wouldn’t even mind him being the baby daddy either.

But, it was just Evan. Who hadn’t even showed up for school today since she had just told him that he in fact was the baby daddy the day before. She could see the terrified look in his eyes when she told him. She felt a little bad about it, but he needed to know. And her current boyfriend Jay had dumped her when he found out she was pregers with another dudes baby. But, she liked Evan more anyways. There was a knock at the door. To her surprise it was Detective Andrew. Since he was investigating Jo’s case, he had Lucy interrogate her that night they found the body because she and Andrew go way back. They were childhood besties.

He said, “Sorry to interrupt. But I need to speak with a few of your students, Mr.…Wilcox is it?” Sexy Mr. Wilcox looked at Andrew and said, “Yes, that’s right. But we are in the middle of class. Can it wait until after?” Andrew looked at me in particular. He said, “I actually just need to speak with Maisie now. The rest can wait.” Wilcox nodded, and Maisie stood up and left the room, waddling on her way out.

Andrew said, “Maise. Something has happened. They found his body this morning.” Maisie asked, “Whose body?” Andrew looked down and said, “Evan Williams.” Maisie gasped a little bit and fell to her knees. Andrew caught her before she hit the floor to hard. They were 3 years apart, but he was still considered one of her closest friends.

Andrew said, “You told me he was the baby’s father?” Maisie nodded tears streaming down her face. Andrew said, “He left you a note. I had to read it in case there was evidence in it.” Maisie nodded. Maisie couldn’t even read the note. But she looked at it. She knew Evan’s handwriting.

And this did NOT look like Evans. His was barley readable, and this was perfectly ledge able. Something was up, and she was going to find out. And she thought that Andrew had something to do with it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:02 pm

Chapter 11:

Rumors of Evan’s death spread like wildfires. There were many interesting theories about it to:

1) He was abducted by REAL LIFE ALIENS (absurd)
2) He killed himself (What everybody was told by Detective Andrew)
3) He was murdered.

Each of these more absurd than the last, but only two of them were plausible. He was killed, or he was murdered. And the group of friends were coming to the conclusion that he was murdered by J him/herself, and they were going to figure out who it was, and who has been torturing them.

So, now they all sat at Vilde’s apartment, trying to come up with ideas on who could possibly murder two innocents without leaving a trace. Maisie was still distraught over the entire thing, and brought Jay with her for support who decided to forgive her for cheating with Evan, and went back with her for emotional support.

Nasim sat in Hunters lap on the couch, and the others sat in the living room. Vilde said, “Do we have any ideas on who would have something against Jo or Evan?” Maisie sniffed back some tears at the sound of his name. She said, “He was doing the ID thing. Maybe somebody th-that had a grudge against h-him for that…” She laid her head on Jay’s shoulder and burst into tears.

The group fell silent as they listened to Maisie cry. Vilde came over and handed them all hot chocolate that she was preparing, and each took it. Vilde said that they could stay the night. She was mainly worried about Maisie, but to give the girl some comfort, she let them all stay. But at that moment, everybody felt their phone vibrating. It said, “I told you one of you was next. Sleep tight bitches.-J.” This made Maisie cry even harder, and still, Jay was there to comfort her. Jay looked at all the guys in the room and knew that they had to do something to keep not only the girls safe, but them as well. Right now, everything was on the line. And they had to do everything possible to protect it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:33 pm

Chapter 12:

The days went on, and still there were many sleepless nights for the group. Maisie found out she was having a baby girl, but still wouldn’t tell anybody who the father was, though they suspected Evan, and Jay was a contestant as well.

It wasn’t until Maisie actually told Jay that he was the father that they all knew for sure. Maisie deserved happiness after what happened with Evan. So now that that was done and over with, everybody could kind of go back to their normal lives. Hunter had broken up with his girlfriend that he brought to the funeral, and had gotten together with Nasim.

But no matter how happy everybody was, they always knew that somebody was watching them, and that was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Maisie felt it every time she went to the doctor’s for a checkup for baby Jovie (whom she will nickname Jo), Nasim and Hunter felt it at every single one of their make-out sessions, Vilde felt it at work, and Detective Andrew felt it when on one of his cases.

The only problem with Detective Andrew was that he knew a little too much, and if he breathed one word of it, he would end up like Jo and Evan, and he knew that. As for the rest of the gang, they just felt it, and it frightened them to no end. They just knew that no matter where they were, or what they were doing, J was always there to darken their mood.

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:26 am

Chapter 13:
Evan's case was closed and declared a suicide by Detective Andrew. Nobody believed it. Not his parents, not his friends, and especially Maisie. She knew Evan like the back of her hand. And that was how she knew the detective was up to something. She re-read the note that Evan left her a thousand times, and it just didn't sound like Evan.
Evan would've left a clue in the note if he had been in trouble and somebody had forced him to write. So, as she sat in class that rainy day, observing the note for the thousandth time. She found something. Each sentence started at the beginning of the page, and spelled a word all the way down. That word was ANDREW. Maisie's eyes went wide and Evelyn noticed her face going pale.
Maisie circled the letters and passed the note to Evelyn. Evelyn had just about the same reaction as Maisie and so, Nasim and Hunter wanted to know what was going on. So, the note went around the classroom, and back to Maisie without their teacher even finding out what was going on (they had skill.)
They met after class. Hunter said, "We have to go to the police."
Maisie said, "HUNTER! HE is the police! We can't go to anybody! If J finds out that we know...We might end up like Evan. And I can't lose another friend."
Evelyn said, "What if we went to Detective Lucy? She'd know what to do."
Maisie continued, "My mom said they are related. She would confront him and then we'd be screwed."
Evelyn nodded and said, "Yep...we're screwed."
They're phones beeped at the same time. They looked at each other nervously and Nasim read, "So, you bitches are ready to end this? So am I. Meet me at 901 Sparrow St. Apt. 2B. at 10:30. Don't be late.-J"
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:46 pm

Chapter 14:

The group met at 9:30, an hour before they where supposed to meet J to go over some things in case things went really really wrong. They nominated David as the leader since he had been in the military and knew about combat missions and stuff.

They sat in a little cafe just outside the street they where supposed  to meet J. David had prepared a battle plan. He said, " ok. This is how we will enter, me and Hunter in the front, Nasim, you and Evelyn next, then Jay, and Maisie for obvious reasons. I had Vilde next to you for protection but she said she couldn't make it."

Maisie nodded as did the rest of the group. David continued, " Maisie, make sure you are behind somebody at all times. We don't want anybody happening to you or Jovie." Nasim asked, "where is Vilde? I just called her and her phone is off."

The group shrugged and David went on with the plan. He said, " Jay, you me and hunter will attack J first. Girls, you'll follow behind, and Maisie, stay as close to the door as possible if we need to get out." They nodded knowing the plan. Hunter was gripping Nasim's hand and said, "Nasim... I need to tell you something."

Evelyn looked over as Hunter was about to say something. She said, "Hunter...don't do anything stupid." Nasim asked, " what?" Hunter said, " Evelyn kissed me last night. And...I kissed her back." Nasim stood up and the group just sat there in shock. Evelyn said, "I said not to do anything stupid... And what does he do? Something stupid."

Nasim was pissed. She was beyond pissed! She was furious! So furious she took the chair she was sitting in and tossed it clear a crossed the other side of the room. Hunter replied, " I wanted to tell you before we go do this." People where staring now. Nasim replied," Hunter... If I die tonight, I would rather die knowing that you loved me as much as I loved you. Not that you CHEATED ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND! COME ON EVELYN REALLY? ARE YOU THAT JEALOUS OF ME?"


Nasim replied, "I did that? I didn't even know you liked him."

Evelyn calmly said, "yes. Since like freshmen year of high school. Maybe before."

Nasim said, "wow. I'm sorry I didn't know."

Evelyn replied, " it's alright I guess. Let's just promise to not let guys come between us again ok?"

Nasim nodded and looked at Hunter and said,"We're through."

Evelyn replied, " I'm not even sure why I liked you in the first place."

Maisie said, " ok.. So while all cards are being thrown on the table... Jay, Evan was Jovie's father. Not you. And I guess I'm just with you so I have help with the baby and I don't want this anymore."

David looked between the group. He replied, " well... This escalated quickly."
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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:15 pm

Chapter 15:

Everything was out in the open. Hunter had cheated and was now alone, and Evan was really the father of Maisie's baby, not Jay. But this was how SHE wanted it. At that moment, the lights shut off in the cafe and everybody stopped yelling.

A black hooded figure came into the shadows and laughed. They stood up and faced the masked figure who had tortured them since Jo's death. A man in a trench coat had came with her and had somebody by the arm. The group gasped at who it was. Maisie even said," No fucking way." J had took off her hood and revealed herself. Making then all have emotionless reactions. Maisie said to the man in the trench coat," why Andrew? Why would you betray us? Kill E-van, pretend to kill Jo? Are you really that stupid?" The group couldn't stop looking at a very much alive Jo in Defective Andrews grasp.

Maisie then continued," I mean.. Really Vilde? You two would stoop this low?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:40 pm

Chapter 16:

Vilde held up a gun. Everybody surrounded Maisie to protect her and Jovie. They just had to get Jo away from Andrew now and everyone would be safe. Hunter asked, "why Vilde? I thought... I'm not sure what I thought." Vilde said,"you know why. This bitch right here tortured me during middle school, and all throughout high school. And I was done with it. I wanted to show her what it felt like to be bullied. So, I slept with Andrew and used it as blackmail for sleeping with a minor and being a detective and told him to kidnap Jo and make it look like she was dead. The plan worked. It worked so well we got that kid who sold the fake IDs on our side. Until that slut (sorry Maisie, love you <3) said she was pregnant with a possibility that Evan could be the father. He wanted out to be the knight in shinning armor or what ever, so I had Andrew kill him and make it look like a suiscide. Which also worked out well! Any questions so far?"

At that moment, Maisie started crying, and a second later she said, " uh-oh." The group looked back and a puddle of water was at her feet. Her water had broke.

Vilde then took her gun and pointed it at Andrew and shot him causing Jo to scream. Vilde said, "you, check his pulse. Make sure he's dead." Jo did as she was told and Andrew was intact dead. Hunter asked, " what was that for?" Vilde replied, " I felt like it."

Maisie was on the floor now having contractions. Vilde said," Awww... What do we have here? Giving birth are we?" Maisie screamed in pain and Vilde laughed and said, " I bet you would like to go to the hospital and get drugs for the pain wouldn't you?" Jo ran over to Maisie's side and said, "Vilde! She did nothing! Call an ambulance! Please!" Vilde said, "on the contrary my dear Jo. She did do something. Every single one of you did something. I was tormented by all of you. And now, I'm going to repay you greatly."

Maisie screamed again. Vilde said, " oh shut up!" And shot Who she thought was Maisie, but Jay dove in front of the bullet and took it for her. Evelyn and Nasim gasped along with Erin and the boys.

Vilde said, " damn. Missed... Whose next?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:17 pm

Chapter 17:

The group stooped by Maisie, whose contractions where now getting closer together. Evelyn shouted, "She needs a hospital Vilde! NOW!" Vilde replied, "Does it look like I care Evelyn?"

Evelyn rolled her eyes at Vilde and looked over at Jay and Andrew's bodies. She asked, "What exactly is your objective here? Kill us all? The police will find you!" Vilde laughed evilly and replied, "Doubt it. It's like I don't even exist now. I have a completely new identity. Vilde can't exist anymore."

Maisie screamed again, and squeezed Jo and Evelyn's hands. She yelled, "IF YOU DON'T GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME I'LL KILL YOU!" Vilde laughed and said, "Not before I kill you're friends first and let you watch." Maisie replied, "OVER MY DEAD BODY!" Vilde grinned and said, "That can be arranged! But first, hey Hunter, Evelyn!"

Hunter and Evelyn both stood up. She shot both of them in the chest twice, killing them instantly. Evelyn's dead body fell over on top of Maisie. She had no choice but to push it off carelessly like she was throwing away a napkin. Now four where dead. Andrew, Jay, Hunter, and Evelyn. She was out of control.

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PostSubject: Re: The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)   Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:35 pm

Chapter 18:

With four now dead, Vilde felt like she had the power to kill the prime minister. With that, she had an epiphany. What if she could take over the world with just a few shots of a gun? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! So, with out even paying attention, she pointed her gun at the group, and shot randomly at the rest. She heard gasps and cries of help, but that didn't stop her.

Vilde LOVED power. It was when she didn't hear Maisie's cries of pain anymore was when she opened her eyes. She went over and saw a baby laying on the floor crying. She picked it up, took some scissors from the counter, and cut the umbilical cord. She looked around at the dead bodies, and back at the baby. She wanted to throw it on the ground, or flush it down the toilet, but she seemed to not have the heart to do such a thing for a poor innocent child that was born into this unfortunate situation.

So, she decided to raise it as her own. Yes, she, Vilde, murder of more than five people would raise a child. She looked at the tiny girls face, and decided on a name. She decided on Isabel. Named after Queen Isabella who according to her research, was a murderess. Like her. She decided that then and there, she would try to be a better person, and put the past behind her.

Well..She had to. Her past was now dead.

(Where i got the baby name info:)


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The Identity of J By: Jo (DO NOT REPLY)
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