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 Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)

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Posts : 230
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PostSubject: Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)   Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:58 am

Chapter One:

Vilde strolled down the park with baby Isabell thinking about her past.. there was nothing she could do about it and she vowed to never tell Isabell about it..After all...she did kill Isabell's mother..Vilde wondered what Maisie had orginally planned on naming Isabell.. But that didn't matter now. Her new main goal was to take over the world..That's right. The world. And Vilde knew exactly how to do it..

She just needed the right people to help her.. So, she strolled down the park and met with a hooded figure. She whispered, "You got the money?". The hooded figure nodded and handed her a brief case. Vilde looked at the face, and then gasped because she recognized it.. He was suposed to be dead.. She revealed the hooded figure and saw Evan Williams. The man Andrew was supposed to have killed, and the father of Maisie's baby. The baby she was now raising..

"That git." Vilde thought towards Andrew..

Evan replied, "I'm here to help you. I want to take over the world to! We can do it together!'.

Vilde thought for a moment. She did say that she wanted help. But was the boy worthy enough? He was going to betray her for the child and the mother..But, noting that they she was alone in this, she nodded and said, "Fine. you can help..
We are going to take over the world!"
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Posts : 230
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 24

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff Dropout

PostSubject: Re: Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:05 pm

Chapter 2:

After being "killed" Evan had a lot of thinking to do. He couldn't come out in the open, because then Andrew would know that he failed at his job. How he survived? He literally had no idea. Andrew somehow felt guilty for being the one chosen to kill him, so he didn't. He said he'd get a fake dead Evan, and leave a suicide note on the side.

Andrew told him to hide. Hide far away, change his name, change his last name, dye his hair...everything. Basically create a new identity for himself. It killed him inside when Vilde went in and shot everybody. Especially Maisie. Evan loved Maisie. She was bearing his child for goodness sakes. But when he saw Vilde take his child, he knew he had to come back to get the baby away from Vilde. Vilde was now dangerous.

So, he devised a plan. Since everybody was dead, including his Maisie, he would try to avenge their death and get Vilde to. But how? He had to go out of hiding to do it...He couldn't just out of the blue go and "kidnap" his own baby, what if he went to Detective Lucy? Yes...That would be brilliant. He was a witness to the murders, and knew EVERYTHING! He just had to keep on the low key, not let everyone know he was alive.

The hard part would be telling Lucy. Lucy was Andrew's cousin, and therefore was a little more sensitive to the case than anybody else. But she was the only detective left, so they had to let somebody solve it. He liked the idea of him going undercover to bring down the bad guy. Maybe after this was all over and he got his baby girl back, he could do that as a living.

That would be freaking sweet! *insert fangirl Evan here* That was a good plan. So, he found Vilde in the park, and offered to help her "take over the world." THIS GIRL WAS NUTS! But she had the baby. And he would do anything in his power to get her back. #protectiveevan

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Posts : 230
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 24

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff Dropout

PostSubject: Re: Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)   Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:40 pm

Chapter 3:

Professor Chad sat in his almost empty classroom. Since the massacre had been reported with the teenagers in his class, he hadn’t had the motivation to teach, or pretty much do anything. In his English class, only four people remained. It was a smaller class since it was a higher college based course, and not many seniors had tested into it.

Now there where only 4 students, and he didn't feel like teaching them much. He had flashbacks of the day that that Detective dude came in and told that pregnant Maisie that Evan Williams was dead. Such a bright kid with a bright future ahead of him. Professor Chad could almost picture him being the future president. Maisie would've been an excellent mom to her future child, Hunter maybe an engineer, or a doctor, which ever he would've been good at either, Erin...he knew she wanted to be a teacher like him as she told him several times.

David...the kid was quiet, and he missed his awkward stares, Nasim would've been good at what ever she wanted to do. And Vilde...Vilde would've been a good shop owner. She had told him she wanted to go into business and run her own shop. She liked to be the leader, so Professor Chad could really see this from her.

He really missed them all. Now all that was left was Darcy, Misha, an awkward Indian kid who knew little english named Norm, and Sonya, his equally awkward twin sister who kind of creeped him out. The class was rather quiet, and he didn't like it. At that moment, the Principal came in the room.

She was a tall skinny woman, who kind of resembled Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter novels.Professor Chad often wondered if she could transform herself into a cat. He laughed to himself at the thought and realized that she was now starring at him.

He went to the door and said, "Excuse me." to two of his students, as he knew the other two didn't understand him at all. How they where passing the class with high A's he did not know. She told him that the news was on and they where talking about the massacre with the students, and that he should turn it on. Apparently one of the students, Vilde, had escaped the Massacre as her body wasn't found, and when they did the autopsy of Maisie, the pregnant girl, the baby wasn't inside of her like they thought it would be.

Thing's were starting to get fishy...very fishy, and Professor Chad was now wanting to get to the bottom of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)   

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Taking Over the World is Such Hard Work (SEQUAL! TO IDENTITY OF J!)
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