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 The Spell Book

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James Riddle

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PostSubject: The Spell Book   Sun May 20, 2012 7:37 pm

Before role-playing casting a spell, it is advised that you check this thread, which contains the list of all available spells on Live the Magic. To create your own spell, you can go to the Spell Creation Thread for more information.

Alohomora - opens locked things
Ardor Glacio - makes fire harmless to anyone in contact with it
Avifors - changes the target into a flock of birds
Avis - conjures a flock of birds
Colorus Changus - changes someone's hair to the preferred colour
Colloportus - immediately seals a door so that is impossible to open manually
Everte Statum - causes the opponent a short blast of intense pain
Incendio - shoots a jet of fire from the wand
Lumos - illuminates the tip of the caster's wand
Mobiliarbus - moves objects with the wand
Nox - extinguishes the light which Lumos creates
Orchideous - makes a bunch of flowers to spring from the caster's wand
Pack - causes items to assemble themselves into a trunk
Petrificus Totalus - paralyses the victim
Relashio - shoots a jet of fiery sparks from the wand or, if underwater, jet of boiling water
Reparo - seamlessly repairs a broken object
Wingardium Leviosa - levitates an object and causes it to hover with the caster's control

(+Year I)

Aparecium - reveals words concealed by invisible ink
Expelliarmus - disarms the victim
Finite Incantatum - prevents any current spells from hitting the caster
Furnunculus - covers the victim in boils
Homemun Revelio - shows any human presence to the caster
Immobulis - Freezes objects where they are
Impedimenta - slows any object coming towards the caster in mid-air
Oculus Reparo - is used to repair broken eyeglasses
Point Me - makes the wand to work like a compass
Rictusempra - causes the victim to burst into laughter
Snufflifors - turns books into mice

(+Year I, Year II)

Acroasus - reads a text aloud
Arania Exumai - blasts spiders backwards
Concutio - changes a non-living object into an alarm clock
Ebublio - creates a bubble around the casters head to protect it and is known as the Bubblehead Charm
Ferula - conjures bandages on the receiver
Flagrate - leaves fiery marks
Glacius - conjures ice from the tip of the wand, which in turn can extinguish fires, create ice blocks or cool off salamanders
Impervius - causes a person or object to become waterproof and repels water
Lumos Maxima - creates an incredibly bright light - the more intense version of Lumos
Quietus - decreases the volume of the caster’s voice (counter-curse of Sonorus)
Sonorus - increases the volume of the caster’s voice
Stupefy - renders a victim unconscious
Waddiwasi - shoots an object through the air at a high speed

(+Year I, Year II, Year III)

Ablegatio - throws the target away from the caster
Accio - causes an object to fly towards the caster, into their arms, when used in correspondence with the name of the object
Cultivate Abeo - changes the colour of an object
Fera Verto - transforms an animal into a drinking goblet
Meteolojinx Recanto - stops weather effects caused by magic
Murmuro - sweeps an opponent off their feet
Riddikulus - with a laugh, has the ability to defeat a boggart
Risus hilaris - causes the victim to become happy and clumsy, sometimes resulting in laughing fits
Scourgify - removes the dirt from an object
Tarantallegra - forces the victim to start dancing

(+Year I, Year II, Year III, Year IV)

Anapneo - clears the target’s throat if it is blocked
Aqua Eructo - shoots a large blast of water from the caster’s wand and is mainly used to put out large fires
Deletrius - erases images and magical “after-effects”
Expecto Patronum - conjures a Patronus or a Spirit Guardian
Fidelius - conceals a secret within a single soul
Lacarnum Inflamari - ignites the victim’s clothing
Langlock - causes an opponent’s tongue to affix to the roof of their mouth
Oppugno - causes animals or beings of a lower intelligence to attack the victim
Planto maior - blows someone up like a balloon, making them fly away
Silencio - temporarily mutes the victim
Tentatio volatilis - turns bogies into bats to fly at an opponent
Ventus - shoots a length of rope from the caster’s wand which can be controlled by them

(+Year I, Year II, Year III, Year IV, Year V)

Confringo - makes anything which the spell comes in contact with explode
Deprimo - presses down on the target to put immense pressure upon it
Engorgio - causes an object to grow in size
Episkey - heals simple, minor injuries
Incarcerous - uses ropes to tie someone or something up
Locomotor Mortis - locks the opponent’s legs
Lumos Solem - creates a blinding flash of light, almost as bright as the sun
Mobilicorpus - moves bodies with invisible strings
Parum oculus - affects the victim’s vision
Protego - conjures a magical barrier around the caster which deflects spells and physical entities
Reducio  - reduces the size of an enlarged object and returns it to its normal size
Specialis Revelio - revels any secrets hidden within an object
Tergeo - clears away liquid
Transtuli alius - transforms a non-living thing into something else

(+Year I, Year II, Year III, Year IV, Year V ,Year VI)

Confundus - confuses an opponent
Cushion Meuscado - creates a cushioned area which is invisible
Defodio - creates deep gouges in the object it is aimed at
Geminio - duplicates any non-living object
Mobilicorpus - moves the bodies of those unable to walk, conscious or not
Piertotum Locomotor - animates statues and suits of armour at the caster’s will
Portus - transforms an object into a Portkey

(+Year I, Year II, Year III, Year IV, Year V ,Year VI, Year VII spells)

Abludificus - is cast on an item to prevent anyone cheating with it
Arricneo - makes an object change to throw whoever sits on it get thrown off
Avada Kedavra - kills the victim
Crucio - tortures the opponent and puts them in unbearable pain
Flagrante - changes objects so they burn when touched
Imperio - controls the victim’s mind
Legilimens - extracts memories and emotions from someone’s mind
Morsmordre - casts the Dark Mark in the sky
Obliviate - erases memories
Scruge - destroys ectoplasm
Sectumsempra - causes wounds, gashes or cuts on the victim
Serpensortia - causes a snake to spring from the caster’s wand
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The Spell Book
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