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Fight Song (CLOSED ONESHOT) Empty
PostSubject: Fight Song (CLOSED ONESHOT)   Fight Song (CLOSED ONESHOT) EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 2:00 am

Ari wasn't sure exactly what was going on. All she knew is that in a few short moments, her life changed drastically. More so than when Aunt Evelyn left and came back with a new husband, and more so than when she admitted her feelings to Matthew in a drunken state. Ari stood dazed looking down the Astronomy tower. She wasn't thinking about jumping, just thinking about how amazing it would feel to spread her non existent wings and fly. At that moment, she didn't want to talk to anybody. She just wanted to enjoy the silence, and the view and reflect on everything that had happened in the past two years. It had been quiet an adventure, and of course, when the worst had happened, her family had decided to take a step up and be a part of her life, and she wasn't having their shit.

She knew something was up when the headmaster had came and retrieved her out of class, saying that her father and aunt wanted to speak with her. That NEVER happened. She was sure her father had forgotten she existed, as he hardly remembered to send her a birthday card on her birthday. She was sure that Aunt Evelyn was the only one who did, and signed all of her families names on it. Which, it was nice to be recognized by somebody in her shitty family. She looked upon her father's face when she met up with him, and he looked terrible. His eyes where blood shot, and he looked like he hadn't shaved in years. His brown beard was matted and untamed. Her mother would've ran at him with scissors if she was here. Which was weird as to why she wasn't. Ari straightened up her Slytherin robes, and pulled her fiery red hair behind her ears. This situation was indeed strange, and she didn't know what was going on, and it was making her extremely uncomfortable.

Ari looked at Aunt Evelyn who looked about as terrible as her father. She wore leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that her and Ari's mum had gotten on vacation when they were little. Ari hadn't seen the thing in ages since Ari's mum told Aunt Evelyn that she didn't agree with Evelyn's new French husband. Aunt Evelyn grabbed Ari's hand and said, We've got to tell you something sweetie." Ari said, "You guys are freaking me out. What's going on? Where's mum?"Ari looked at her dad. Even though she didn't spend any time with him, Ari remembered from back when she did spend a little bit of time with her parents, and she remembered that Ari's father was almost exactly like herself. She saw the fearful, look in his face and eyes.

He was a rather tall man, standing at 6'3. Ari was somewhat afraid of his height as it wasn't something she could control. He bent down on one knee to her eye level. He looked like he wanted to reach out and grab her hands, but Ari flinched. Aunt Evelyn grabbed one of her hands. Her dad said, Ariadne, your mum's been very sick the past few years...And recently it got worse...So bad that even the healers and muggle doctors couldn't fix her..La-last week, She went threw chemo, and it was just too much for her...She didn't make it sweetie." Ari couldn't believe it. She didn't want to believe it. She yanked her hand out of Aunt Evelyn's and said, "You're lying. Mum's at home. This is some cruel trick."

Ari's dad looked pained. He said, "I would never lie to you. That's why we've been MIA the past few years. And I'm so sorry. Your mother didn't want you to see her like that. So weak and sick." Ari was now pissed. More than pissed. She wanted to punch a wall. She yelled, "SO IN STEAD OF LETTING ME SPEND TIME WITH MY OWN MOTHER, YOU GUYS PRETEND I DON'T EXIST?! THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE FATHER." Ari didn't mean to yell. Everything had been building up, and she had just pulled the pin out of the grenade letting it explode at the wrong time. Ari took a deep breath. She said, "I just don't understand where I went wrong to deserve that punishment. All I wanted was for you guys to love me. I tried everything. Did you even notice when I went silent for three whole months?"

She wanted to see her father's reaction. If he did notice, that means he ignored it. If he didn't, then he was still ignoring her, but at least he could still use her mother as a little bit of an excuse. He said, "Ariadne, there's no excuse for our behavior the past couple years. We've been spending all our time trying to get your mother better so we could be a normal family again. But we wasted the time on something we knew was hopeless. And I'm sorry. I wish I could do the last two years over, and make everything better. I want to be more apart of your life. I know I have a lot to prove, and I'm willing to make it up to you. If you'll let me."

Ari was now furious. Beyond furious. He didn't deserve anything. She said, "I'd rather not. You had your chance, and you took my mum away from me. That's the worst thing you could've done. Here I went thinking you guys hated me and were disappointed in me, when all this time, she was dying, and I could've been there." Tears where now streaming from her face. Everything was happening so fast, and she wished Matthew was here to comfort her. She was probably over reacting, and he was one of the only ones who could calm her down in this time. But did she need him? Could she do this on her own? She probably couldn't, but she wanted to prove to herself and him that she didn't need him ALL the time. Of course she would tell him eventually that her mum had died, even though there was no proof and only her father's words.

After her melt down, she looked at Aunt Evelyn who was in tears. Ari said, "You knew didn't you?" Aunt Evelyn said, "I knew it was wrong not to tell you. But she made me swear Ari. I couldn't back down from that promise, even though it was terrible." Ari knew never to break a promise. That was one of the valuable lessons that Aunt Evelyn had taught her. She understood. But she was still pissed at her father. He could've been the one who changed her mum's mind about letting Ari in the loop. Ari's father asked, "Is there anyway you would want to spend Christmas with us at home?" Ari was speechless. After this act, she wouldn't even want to go home during the summer holidays, but knew she had no choice. She said, "I've got plans already. I'm going with my boyfriend Matthew. You would know about him, if you paid attention."

Her father looked like somebody had thrown a rock at his shield and it had shattered. But she didn't care. That had been her entire two years. Maybe one day she would forgive him, but he would have to understand what she went threw, but she honestly didn't think he ever would understand, which made her heart hurt even more. She looked to Aunt Evelyn and said, "I'll write to you over the holidays. Or try to anyways. I'll be avoiding Matthew's brother as much as possible because he's a giant git." She gave Aunt Evelyn a giant hug.

She turned around and let more tears leak down her face. When she saw her father and Aunt Evelyn, this was the last thing she expected. Even though her mother never paid attention to her, she was the one who Ari looked up to the most in their twisted family. Her mother was beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and very job oriented. As Ari looked back, she saw her broken father, and a past she didn't care to revisit. Looking back, she left behind the old Ari, and walked into a world where she was just a shell. She was defeated and run down. But she wouldn't let anybody see it. She needed to be tough, in this time. Because right now, she truly was alone.

Walking up to the Astronomy tower, she realized that this would be one problem that Matthew couldn't fix. She knew he had several burdens on him already, what with Ari coming for Christmas, and trying to keep his brother quiet about their relationship. She wouldn't tell him just yet. This was something she needed to figure out alone. She knew she could trust him to be there for her, but it was times like these when she didn't like attention. She just wanted to be left alone. And that was a new and totally different concept. But she would fight her needs, she would prove that she was going to be okay. Even if deep down, her fight was coming to a close and she would loose it any second.

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