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PostSubject: Timelapse [Oneshot]   Timelapse [Oneshot] EmptyFri Jan 08, 2016 5:20 pm

The walk from Hogsmeade and back to the castle was the weirdest walk Ariel had ever been on. It was as if her feet weren’t quite hitting the ground. It was more as if it was reunited with the ground when she took a step. As if it was a battle to get her feet off the ground at all. She didn’t want to think about what had just transpired, but her mind was reeling and she knew as well as any idiot that you can’t really control your thoughts, unless you were an occlumens. But an idiot wouldn’t be an occlumens, so she stood by her description. Her thoughts rushed around, pouncing from one side and ricocheting off the other. It oddly enough didn’t give her a headache, it just gave her a lot to think about. And she wasn’t hurt. Well, of course she was hurt, but the pain was so dull she barely noticed it. Because there was one pain bigger than that of being let down; losing her best friend. She knew Hunter would say that things wouldn’t change, and he had treated her in the manner that she knew her best friend would have. But everything in her guts screamed that she was not going to see him again anytime soon. And this hurt more than her love for him not being reciprocated. In addition, she had no one to talk to about this. Hunter was her best friend. Her only best friend. And her two other options, Lyra and Blake, were both too close to Hunter for her to even consider talking to, and besides; Blake was off to Merlin knew where. Yes, she had Darcy. She did. But Darcy was so far away, and Ariel didn’t want to add to her stress by asking her to come see her. And putting her feelings into a letter? Would that really do anything for her?

At long last, she finally made it to the castle and up to the dormitory. To her relief, Lyra wasn’t there. Normally, she’d have loved a distraction and talking to Lyra often offered that, but this time her annoying eyes and cheekbones would only remind her of her brother. Ariel stretched out on her bed and looked into the roof for a while, trying to not think of anything. But her mind would always go back to the incredulous look on Hunter’s face when she’d told him she was falling in love with him. A horrid look took place on her face, and she frowned. «Did I really say that?» she asked herself silently. What a childish thing to say. Stupid. Ariel grit her teeth as she suddenly now felt conscious of everything she did wrong in her conversation with Hunter. She could’ve handled everything so much differently. And when she’d basically called him a slut. Ariel grabbed her pillow and put it on top of her face, suddenly finding an anger in her that she really wanted to get out. But when she had shouted and screamed to her heart’s content, she was left with a feeling much worse. How could she have possibly been so stupid? It had seemed like the right solution, the only solution. But now, she had lost her best friend. She had. It didn’t matter what Hunter said. She was not going to talk to him before he talked to her. And that wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t. Not for a long time. Ariel suddenly felt cold, and crawled under her sheets, curling up in a fetal position. She tried falling asleep, but she knew that whatever sleep brought, it wouldn’t be peaceful.

Two weeks later

Ariel had been right so far. She’d heard nothing from Hunter, and it was now a couple of days into December. Normally, Ariel would love this month. This month was the time she would be at her happiest, laughing and joking and packing herself into big, comfy clothes and throw enchanted snowballs at people. But this December was as gray as her mood. Well, the snow was falling, and Hogwarts had taken on its normal white cover, but it didn’t look white. Her lack of fun had also reduced her haircolour back to a mousy brown that she hated a great deal, but she couldn’t be asked to change it; why would she really? It wasn’t as if there were anyone around to have fun with. Ariel put her fork down at that thought and looked around the Great Hall. That just wasn’t true. It wasn’t fair either. To herself or to Hunter. She did have a life, and she’d had a lot of fun with the other students around her before she’d gone and ruined everything. Besides, she was constantly busy. But today was a Sunday. And she wasn’t going to mope around on her day off. However, it was time to include Darcy in her pain. Darcy would probably be mad at her for not telling her sooner. So after finishing breakfast, Ariel walked to the owlery and sat down with a piece of parchment.

Dear Darcy,

So I know I haven’t exactly sent a lot of letters with any details about my life. Well, that’s about to change. See, I kind of went and did something stupid two weeks ago. Though, it kinda started four weeks ago, on Halloween. Remember the masquerade I was so excited for? Yeah, I invited Hunter to come with me, giving him the perfect excuse to return to Hogwarts, and to hang out with his awesome best friend.

Ariel bit her lip as she wrote the two words. They seemed wrong. But she couldn’t change it. She couldn’t. She dipped the pen and returned it to the parchment.

He didn’t show up before after eleven sometime. Which was fine, because he’d had the opportunity to actually go out and catch someone or something. I didn’t really get the details because I was so angry with him for being late. And for no good reason! Masquerade or progress at work, right? I know which I would choose! But I just couldn’t help it. I was furious with him and we had a fight and then I asked him to leave. We didn’t speak for a couple of weeks. Well, he sent me tons of owls. I never replied. Because I couldn’t. I needed to know why I was so angry with him. And I know you’re sitting there, reading this, just thinking ‘I knew it!’ but please don’t throw it in my face.

Because two weeks later (two weeks ago), he sent me a letter that he’d be in Hogsmeade and that I was to meet him there. I did. And I told him the truth, that I was falling in love with him. Actually using those words. Which makes me think I’m an idiot in retrospect. I knew he wouldn’t be feeling the same way, I did, so I was prepared, but I figured it was better to tell him than to leave him in the dark. I was wrong. I haven’t spoken to him since, and it’s been two weeks and I don’t know what to do anymore! I’m just doing everything to be busy and keep busy and I don’t know anymore! Hunter’s my best friend, Darcy, I don’t think I can handle losing him, but I can’t be the one to make contact now, because he might feel like I’m pushing him, and I want to give him whatever space he needs. But it’s so hard!

I think coming home will be beyond nice, I really look forward to seeing you again, and I hope you’ll be around as much as possible. I really, really miss you!!!

Many hugs from your baby sister.

Coming home

Sitting on the train home had been unpleasant, and she’d walked down the corridors, inspecting the carriages for troublemakers more times than at all necessary. But sitting still wasn’t easy either. She knew she should have sat down with someone she knew, someone who could distract her. Like the Ravenclaw boy, Humphrey, or that really talkative Slytherin, Ariadne. But she had opted for staying in the prefect’s compartment which had quickly gone empty as the journey progressed. Luckily, at some point, she fell asleep and only woke up as the train pulled in at King’s Cross. Getting off the platform it wasn’t hard to find Darcy; just follow the gaze of pubescent kids and quite a few adults as well, and you’d find her easily. Darcy’s reply on Ariel’s owl had helped her a great deal and kept her going until the break, but seeing her sister there, craning her neck to find her as quickly as possible, had Ariel feel extremely emotional and had to fight tears trying to spill from her eyes. She succeeded and then Darcy finally found her. Ariel shut her eyes harshly, staying still, knowing Darcy would come to her, and not really trusting herself to walk anywhere. The warm feeling of her sister’s arms around her was the only thing that could substitute the warmth of Hunter’s hugs, though they were so extremely different at the same time. Ariel didn’t cry, though. She kept her tears to herself, though she was sure Darcy knew of them.

Their cab ride home was driven in a comfortable silence, and before she knew it, she had stepped over their threshold into their humble abode in Knightsbridge. Mary ran out of the living room and grabbed Ariel firmly, which caught her by surprise. She knew her mother had started to feel much better and was getting back into the world, but this was the first time Ariel had been caught up in a proper motherly hug since Jack had died. «I’ve missed you so much, darling, and I’m so happy you decided to celebrate Christmas at home,» she said, her voice joyous. Ariel giggled. «I’m glad I’m home too,» she said solemnly, suddenly feeling her mood improving a lot. Mary broke from the hug, but held her shoulders, keeping her close. Ariel was pretty certain that Darcy hadn’t told her about Hunter and all the drama, but there was a sense that she did know that something was going on, and she did one hell of a job making sure Ariel was feeling better. Or maybe she wasn’t, it was just the fact that Ariel hadn’t seen this side of her mother in a long time. «Ready for dinner?» Mary asked, her eyes gleaming with the mischief only a halfblooded veela could manage. The moment made Ariel remember just where she had gotten her mischievous side from. A big grin spread on her face. «What kind of a question is that?» she asked laughingly and finally got to remove her jacket and her shoes and stow her suitcase over in a corner. «Of course I'm ready for dinner!» she exclaimed and her mother and sister laughed. Finally, some normalcy!

The dinner was exactly what Ariel had hoped it would be; her father’s recipe of homemade pizza, the best thing she could ever eat. It even trumped taco! The thought of tacos did have her mood tumbling a bit, remembering all to well that time in the Shrieking Shack with Hunter where they hadn’t had a care in the world and just laughed and ate and had a brilliant time. She couldn’t believe that was almost a year ago. But she pushed the thought to the back of her head, before it ruined her mood. The thought that Hunter and those days were out of her life were too much to handle when she was eating with her family and really just having a good time. She wanted to keep having a good time. She registered the funny conversation going on between Mary and Darcy, and Ariel quickly threw herself into it, laughing and having a really good time, going from dinner to dessert and then to simply talking about funny things in loud voices. Nothing could rain on her parade tonight. Not even Hunter VanDe- Her train of thought stopped as someone knocked on the door. Darcy jumped up with her usual grace. «I’ll get it,» she said, a curious look on her face. Ariel simply leaned back and talked to her mother for a moment longer.

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Thanks to the awesome Hunter for all the graphics!
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Timelapse [Oneshot]
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