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 Kill the Rat! (Alek)

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Miranda Cunningham
Miranda Cunningham

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Activity: Slytherin Alumni, Ollivander's Wand Shop Employee

PostSubject: Kill the Rat! (Alek)   Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:42 am

When it wasn't summer time, the wand shop was rather slow. The only people who went into the wand shop where the idiots who broke there wands and needed new ones. The rest of the time was spent learning about the wands, and organizing the massive mess that ALEK had left her. Which also pissed her off. He was hardly there and she wondered what he did all day. She had asked for a job to HELP. Not run the fucking shop. And now she had heard him taking in a teenager once summer started. Great. Babysitting was not on her todo list. She had just helped the last customer and was getting ready to close up the shop. She started sweeping the entry area when something knocked over a whole row of wands. She whispered, "what the fuck." She deffenently knew ALEK wasn't here but thought she should check. It could be one of his silly stupid ass pranks he pulled on her quiet often. She yelled, "ALEK?! Is that you? It's not fucking funny!" She looked around but didn't see him.

Getting worried, she pulled out her wand as a precaution. She looked around the corner and saw somethig move again. She picked up the wand box with a shakey hand and threw it up behind her. She yelled, "it's a fucking horse! Ohmygod! GROSS!" She was NOT touching that thing. It was HUGE! She had never seen a monster that big! She covered her eyes. She certainly hoped that ALEK didn't see her like this! This would give him another way to prank her! So she had to figure this one out on her own. But no she wasn't going to fucking touch the fucking horse of a rat. When she turned around she ran straight into ALEK. Fuck. Exactly what she didn't want to happen. Maybe she could get away with not mentioning the rat. Maybe she could explain that she had an arm spasm or something and that's why all the wands were on the floor. But then, the fucking horse ran out of its spot and invetween her legs and made her jump and scream! She yelled, "KILL IT! GET THAT FUCKING THING OUT OF HERE!" She didn't care that he now knew her fear. That thing was huge!

Miranda had somehow gotten on top of the counter where the register was and was aimlessly waving her wand around making it snow. She had forgotten she had it, but the horse was still running around the shop. She couldn't concentrate, and was starting to get a little bit more than freaked out about the rat. She soon realized how rediculous she must look standing on top of the desk with her wand flailing around. So she fixed her hair and jumped down and put her wand in her pocket. After all, it was just a rat horse thing. Magic could kill it. And besides she needed to find out more about this kid they where taking in. She said, "I'll clean up this mess. Who's the kid we are taking in? Well you." She looked down awkwardly. This wasn't some weird family thing. She wasn't getting her hopes up for that. She had bigger rats to worry about.

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Aleksander Krupp
Aleksander Krupp

Posts : 98
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Age : 23

My Character
Activity: Slytherin Alumni, Ollivander's Wand Shop Employee

PostSubject: Re: Kill the Rat! (Alek)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:14 pm

Alek had no idea how he had fallen asleep, but it happened. The right side of his face was smashed against the desk he had been writing on, the ink smeared on his cheek. Inventory duty was his least favorite, so to do it every week was bound to get boring. Alek hated routine, but he had not forgotten that awful review the asshole of the Daily Prophet had given the wand shop. Things had gotten personal, because not only had his reputation as shop keeper been harmed, there were also personal blows thrown in there. Alek still didn't know who had written it, but he couldn't forget it. He wouldn't forget it. Suddenly the sun came in through his window, and the sound of water trickling made him laugh for some reason. There was movement behind him, in between the shelves, and in the blink of an eye moths came flying out from every box, sending the wands all over the place. They flew everywhere, with no real direction of where they wanted to go. Some had enough nerve to hit against him, others flew past as if he wasn't even there.

And at the distant sound of his name, he woke up.

Shaken, Alek looked around the room. He knew where he was, but he wasn't sure why he was there. What had he done the previous night? His mind traced back to his last drink, and then he remembered; Alek had spent part of the night with a blonde girl, with stunning blue eyes, no less. He wasn't exactly sure how he had managed to get himself into their home, nor how he had managed to change into his pajamas, let alone how he got to the shop. Still in his sleepwear, Alek put his head between her hands as he stood up. Was it even possible for him to get hungover? Worst of all, there were sounds coming from the front of the shop, as if someone was having a hard time getting a horse to stay away from them. He walked out of the small office and down the stairs of the shop when he recognized the voice as Miranda's. Smirking, he wondered what she had done. "Probably broke a window or some shit..." he muttered to himself, as he walked down the last few steps. Alek found Miranda practically screaming for her life, which made him laugh. As she turned around, he caught her before she literally bumped into him.

Lowering his gaze, he caught a glimpse of the source of her fear; a rat. Letting out a laugh, Alek asked, "What's wrong, love?" he imitated a British accent. "Never had something run between your legs?" He loved joking with her, even if his jokes usually earned him a smack on the head. Or other sort of injury. He reached to his side for his wand, but found only his shirt. Had he misplaced that thing? "Oh, right. I don't sleep with it." he muttered to himself. Looking up, he saw Miranda on top of the counter. "You know, under different circumstances, I'd say you look pretty hot on top of that thing..." he extended his arm to grab the her wand from her hands, as the thing was useless in her possession. With difficulty, Alek managed to get it to do the job. He shook her wand before casting the desired spell, "Duro!" and hit the rat just as it was changing hiding spots.

Handing her the wand back, Alek said, "I'm Russian. I always hit the spot." Looking around, he noticed what a terrible mess she had done. Groaning, he kneeled down and started to put some of the wands back into their respective boxes. "Will you do something about the snow?" he said before answering her question, "Name's Phineas. Or Phin, whichever one." Turning to face her, Alek smiled at her, not caring much for his messy hair or the trail of smudged, inky letters on his right cheek, which he actually had no idea about.

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Kill the Rat! (Alek)
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