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 Out of Chances (Hunter)

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Out of Chances (Hunter) Empty
PostSubject: Out of Chances (Hunter)   Out of Chances (Hunter) EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 5:52 pm

Things were finally turning around. He and Aoife were on good terms, and Alek, the drunk guy he had helped outside Hogsmeade that night, just so happened to work at Ollivanders with the American exchange student that graduated last term. He had asked him to come and live and help out around the shop. Phin didn't know shit about wands. And he told him that, but it didn't seem to matter. Phin had a place to stay, and things were looking up on his part. Alek said that he would pick him up at the station on the last day of term, and show him where he would stay. Alek told him about the American-Exchange student, and said that she was a little feisty, but didn't bite too hard, and would actually probably like Phin and want to keep him.

Phin tried not to get his hopes up that that might happen. After all, these were two eighteen year olds. The odds of them adopting and keeping a fifteen year old, were slim to none. After all, he didn't want to stop them from living their lives. When Aoife had asked for him to go live with her, he knew that would pull up some feelings of the past that he would rather have kept buried. So that idea was out, though he had considered it days later, and had almost took her up on it. But then the event with Alek happened, and he couldn't pass up that opportunity. He had stupidly written to his parents begging for mercy, and now had to tell them that he had a better opportunity. Not only would he have a living space, but he would also be getting paid. Which would be good fo his future.

Alek said that Miranda wouldn't mind, and invited him to live/work with them. Was that situation normal? No probably not. But it was still something. Phin had surprisingly gotten a reply back from his parents saying that if he had a job, he could come back and live at home as they understood the situation. Of course they understood. His mother's brother and step-brother had died. Yet, at the funerals, she wasn't there, which he had highly expected her to be. Chad had said that he and his mother were close as kids, and he was planning on taking Sebastian to meet her. But... well. that happened. Phin was really surprised that his mother wasn't at the funerals. He had actually lost all respect for her that day. Sure, she hadn't stuck up for him when Phin lived with him, but still, she was his mother. So why was it so hard to write this letter?

All he had to do was say that he had a better opportunity lined up for the summer. THAT WAS IT. So why, after his mother had broken his heart countless number of times, couldn't he do it to her? He needed to see her one last time. He had so many questions that couldn't be said on paper. And just as he was about to set his pen on the paper, HE showed up. As if this day couldn't get any worse.

Out of Chances (Hunter) Phin_zpskpxm3uct
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Out of Chances (Hunter)
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