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 Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)

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Liesel Grunewald

Liesel Grunewald

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Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)   Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 10:38 pm

Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 2m7urmw

Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 2009_the_lovely_bones_027
Liesel Sophie Grunewald
Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 19s5f8

Full Name: Liesel Sophie Grunewald
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 3rd
Age: 11
Blood: Pureblood (Quarter Veela)
Birth Place: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Nationality: German
School Attending: Durmstrang

Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 9qbsdu

Immediate Family:
Annelise Grunewald (formerly Godard) - Mother, 35, Unspeakable
Wilbur Grunewald - Father, 37, Auror
Falke Grunewald - Twin Brother, 11
Estella Godard (formerly Nélisse) - Maternal Grandmother, 56

There is veela blood in the Grunewald kids via their mother’s side. Estella Godard is originally french, a descendent of the Delacour family, though they have no relations to Fleur Delacour aside from possibly a great-great-great-great-grandparent or something. Somewhere in Scotland, Liesel and Falke know they have distant relatives, who also come from their same family line.

History: To make a long story short, Falke was annoying enough enough to wait for 11:58 PM to be born, and Liesel came out the next day at 12:07 AM. She would have come out first, really, but Falke was a stubborn, rude shit. Thanks to family photographs, Liesel and Falke were sure their parents had been using February 2nd as the birthday for both twins. Later, when they both realized the true unfairness of it, Liesel demanded her birthday to be celebrated on the real date of her birth, because -as much as she loved her brother- it was demeaning to share birthdays.

Liesel and Falke grew up in Kaiserslautern, in a warm, homely house near the Pfälzerwald forest. The large backyard and bordering forest made it easier for them to keep their pets happy, which w as important to the whole family. The Grunewalds loved animals. They loved animals. (In total, they had six dogs, two cats, and an massive aquarium with lots of fish - Liesel's favorites were the starfish)  One time, when Liesel was about 6 year old, their oldest dog, Bertram, accidentally pushed Liesel into a muddy puddle in their yard, causing her to hold a small grudge against the old dog.

The grew up under caring, strict and somewhat reserved parenting. Their mother, a homely and passive woman, spent the day educating them in random things and cooking meals, as well as doing Unspeakable work that always kept Liesel and Falke on their toes. Their father, a brave and intelligent man, usually sent them to bed at a super early and unfair hour and woke them up at ungodly hours of the morning (really, it was just 8:30am). Out of the whole family (Not counting Falke because he's pretty much a given), Liesel is closest to her grandmother, who has taught her most things and knows how to keep her in check when Liesel's emotions get out of control.

For their ninth birthday, Falke and Liesel's parents gave them two Great Dane puppies; Falke named his dog Kasper, which was incredibly funny to Liesel, and she named hers Zelda, which means Gray Warrior, because that isnexactly what Zelda looked like. She is gray, almost with a very slight hint of blue, and big (super cute) blue eyes. Zelda, though aparently younger than Kasper, and obviously the rest of the animals in the house, never let him or any other creature get away with stuff. If Kasper bit her, Zelda bit back. Liesel loves Zelda, because she was there even when Falke wasn't, and they love to walk around the forest, risking their chances of gettig lost but always finding their way back home. In stramge ways, Zelda and Liesel are very alike. Dogs often mimick their owners, though, right?

Being older By mere seconds, Falke showed his first sign of magic first. He and Liesel were arguing about Zelda's young reckless behavior and how she had unknowingly destroyed Falke's guitar. Falke was furious, but Liesel had to stand up for her puppy. In a way, Liesel figured that her protection of Zelda had caused Falke too much anger and annoyance, because in the middle of their twin fight Liesel's blonde hair fell completely off her head. Completely. Off. Her head. Liesel was furious, but not enough to bring out some vengeful magic out of her. Her first magic, though, came almost a year later (which actually scared her and her family because there was always the possibility of her being a squib) and was cheerfully received. She didn't make Falke's skin turn green, or make her father's blonde hair fall out. Liesel's first sign of magic was out of happiness. She had been working on a drawing of Zelda while Falke practiced piano in the living room, and she was outside on the grass, and her father's voice suddenly filled the world.

He'd been away for a weeks, way too long in Liesel's opinion, working on some Auror stuff he never told Liesel about, and hearing him appear in fronf of their house, all in one piece, she ran up to hug him, forgettinf that the rest of the family had missed him too. As she ran up to him, and her grandma, mama and Falke came out f the house, Liesel's happiness brought the chrysanthemums her mother had been trying to grow for months into instant full bloom. And it wasn't just a regular blooming, the flowers bloomed to about an adult hand's width in diameter and kept changing colors. Originally white, the chrysanthemums changed from purple to red to pink to greem to teal to other colors Liesel didn't care for. On her 11th birthday, a day after Falke's, Liesel received her invitation to Durmstrang Institute.

Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 1zecfhc

Appearance: Liesel is a quarter veela, just like Falke, and she is more or less as angelic as he is. And, though they have the same eyes and are almost the same height, Liesel has a darker shade of blonde hair. She is childishly slender, weighing a total of 83 lbs at the present time, and just like her brother, Liesel has a sharp, defined jaw. She is 4 feet 5 inches (55 inches, total) and weight around 80 lbs. She likes to wear whatever’s comfortable, not really paying attention to her hair or how baggy some clothes may fit. She’s a bit of tomboy in her dressing style, right now. Thankfully, her nose is a bit more refined than Falke's.

Personality: Liesel is a pretty, funny, wild child. She's not afraid of voicing her opinions, especially when she butts heads with her twin and has a tendency to speak before thinking, which eventually gets her in trouble. No filter? Yeah, Liesel understands. She enjoys reading, watching films, painting and swimming, as well as writing in her diary and fangirling over musicians. She is an animal rights activist, and a creature rights activist, and her mind is about a mile wide, meaning she is tolerant of almost everything, which sometimes not the best trait to have. Liesel is so set in being original that sometimes she gets annoyed when people start acting like her, in a joking way, because she feels that, in a way, she is losing her originality - which she worked so hard for.

She tries to be a good daughter, a good sister and grandaughter, but she often gets in a little too much trouble that she believes herself to be the worst human being on the planet. Liesel has a tendency to blame herself for things that aren't her fault most of the time, because sometimes the person who is actually guilty means so much to her that denying their blame and faults is easier than to tell them they are assholes jerks. Her biggest pet peeve is narrow minded people, the kind that think that life should be taken very seriously and that every school textbook should be read in order to be considered "intelligent" and she especially dislikes bratty kids who act way too dramatic whom with she cannot tell reality from jokes anymore. Also, condescening people full of favoritism get on her very last nerves.

Liesel likes to say that she hates people generally but loves them individually, which means she dislikes humanity as a whole, but people are too amazing to not be loved. When she says she loves something, she does, and when she says she hates something...you better believe she does. Things are either black or white with Liesel, there is rarely - very rarely - any gray. Some pf her biggest fears are heights, her mother, and blood. (I mean, how are you not scared of your mother?) Liesel is, for lack of a better word, dramatic. Her emotions range from very high to very low (again, black and white) and she can see how that may annoy or bother some - even her own brother - but she believes so firmly in individuality that she refuses to be more tame.

Though she is only eleven, Liesel wants to change the world. She is interested in muggle amd magical government policies as well as social issues, which she gets mostly from her grandmother's influence. She is very brash, and easy to hurt, often taking words one way and finding her feelings bruised over it. She feels everything too deeply. Happiness is beyond joy, jealousy is her biggest weakness, anger is purely a black wall, and confusion makes her forget even what species she belongs to. Unlike Falke, Liesel plays no instruments. She won't even go near a piano because she's.scared the keys may fall out. However, she is also fluent in Norwegian, German, and English but refuses to learn any new languages for the time being. Her brain can only hold so much per year. She is impatient to the very core of her soul, often finding it insanely difficult to sit still and opting for moving her feet, or shaking her knee as she sits, or talking with hand motions. Liesel is extremely fidgety.

Though she likes reading and gets good marks in school, Liesel hates studying. She loves learning, though, but studying always finds other interesting stuff for her to do. She's less of a show off than Falke is, but she enjoys recognition of her accomplishments from time to time. She also isn't persuasive like her brother, but she is genuine in friendship and emotions. Liesel will like everyone she meets until they give her a reason not to, and when she doesn't like someone she will take every opportunity she has to let them know. Liesel has this naive thought that she can save everyone, when she really can't.

Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Nbt8xd

Nah, dawg Razz

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Liesel Grunewald

Liesel Grunewald

Posts : 6
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Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)   Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) EmptyTue Mar 24, 2015 4:11 pm

I am doooooooooooone Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Hunter VanDerberg
Hunter VanDerberg

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Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)   Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) EmptyTue Mar 24, 2015 5:41 pm


Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) 16403786891_678e2b9e2d_o

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Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)   Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP) Empty

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Liesel Sophie Grunewald (WIP)
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