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 A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)

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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

Posts : 52
Join date : 2014-03-02

PostSubject: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:26 pm

Like usual, Damien had nothing special to do and he was sick to death of wandering up and down Knockturn Alley all the time. So his destination for the evening was The Dancing Dragon, that crowded nightclub. He deserved a bit of fun for once, to have a few drinks and flirt with some random drunk girl. At about nine, he changed into some clean black jeans and a top (looking soooo attractive), left his apartment in his dodgy area of London and apparated to Knockturn Alley.

As he’d been expecting, it was full to the brim, people everywhere mashed together in huge crowds, mainly on the dance floor. He wasn’t going straight there, though, for what fun would it be when he was sober? He quickly navigated his way through towards the bar and ordered his typical firewhiskey. He did have other drinks too, but the immediate burning sensation and rush of excitement was always fun for his first drink. Damien took a seat at the bar nearby a couple of individuals curled up over drinks. Boring.

Next to him was a pretty blonde who was alone. Smirking a little, he turned towards her and brushed back his hair, using his best smoulder. There was no way she wouldn’t see how amazingly good-looking he was when he looked like this. Sitting there smouldering. “Hey.”
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PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:18 pm

Kensi was amazed by Knockturn Alley. Why hadn't anybody told her about it before? Or maybe she had known and was just to afraid to venture into unknown waters? She didn't know. But now she was just wandering around and ready to explore more shops and clubs that were in the alley. It was then she found The Dancing Dragon.

It just so happened to be a night club. She was certainly dressed for a night club. She wore tight leather pants, with a colorful sleeveless top, and black biker boots (if she was going to be evil, she had to look the part right?).

She decided that she was in the mood to drink. Firewisky sounded awesome at the moment. She walked up to the bar, and ordered one. She sat by herself for a couple of minutes, then a strange good looking man came and said hey to her.

This was awesome. She smiled back and said, "Hi."

Of course she was a little tipsy, but she wouldn't let that stop her from having a little bit of fun.
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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

Posts : 52
Join date : 2014-03-02

PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:47 pm

For the first time, he actually looked at the woman. She seemed to be around his age. Very pretty. Cool clothes, quite dark. Did that mean she didn’t want to be noticed or was just a coincidence, since she looked good in black? Her long hair was nice enough. Damien felt she was a hard person to judge by appearance, since her appearance gave away mixed messages which he found hard to see through.

Why was he caring like this? He was meant to be getting drunk and having fun. He took a another large swig of his firewhiskey, that same burning feeling igniting his stomach. It made him feel even more confident, courageous and ready for whatever. There wasn’t much left in his cup. He’d need to be wasting all his money and ordering more soon. Getting drunk, fun but expensive. Not that money was any issue to him.

Now, how to get the woman on his good side. His mind flashed back to Jen. She seemed to hate him, but obviously she didn’t after what happened. So however he’d addressed her had worked. But he couldn’t remember what happened the couple of occasions that he’d met her. He’d just have to wing it here.

“Damien,” he introduced himself, nodding slightly. He noticed that her drink was almost finished. Good, an opportunity to be gentlemanly. “Another two firewhiskeys,” he instructed the man at the bar. When they came, he held one out for the woman and took a swig of his own. Firewhiskey was boring now. He’d get some posh cocktail or something next time.
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PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:56 pm

He ordered two more firewiskeys. Yess... This dude knew his stuff. She must of had a couple one two many drinks before him because when she introduced himself, she went on and said, "Kensi." Very sluggish like.

She smiled and twirled her fingers threw her hair and batted her eyelashes at him. Well, this was awkward. She hoped he didn't notice. It wasn't like her to flirt openly like that. But oh well. She took the firewhiskey he offered and gulped it down. Man...It felt good to get out every once in a while.
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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

Posts : 52
Join date : 2014-03-02

PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:17 pm

Kensi. Ohhhh Keeeensi. What a pleasant name. Damien smirked at her. “Heyyyyy,” he said simply, maybe over-exaggerating his slur a little for the sake of being on the same level as her. He took another large swig of the boring firewhiskey and felt his head swarm. God, he’d pay for this in the morning. But it might be worth it, if he ended up having some actual fun this evening.

Even though he’d had a few drinks, he was not stupid. His perceptive nature was not lost. He noticed easily the hair thing and eyelash batting. Oh no. He’d had high hopes that this wasn’t another dumb, desperate girl. Still, he noticed that she was not his regular conquest. She had something. The flirting might just be because of how many drinks she had obviously had. “Kensi,” she said with a little chuckle. “What do you do?”
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PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:48 pm

What did she do? She replied, "I drink! Oh you meant profession wise? I don't drink that much I swear! I'm a hitwitch for the ministry! I know, weird right? I'm sorry if I'm talking to much, I usually get this way when I'm tipsy.. Stop me at any time..."

She facepalmed and sighed at herself. She was so weird when she was drunk. Then he realized that he probably saw that... Great. She was AWESOME at first impressions (not really.) He should've seen her when she met her boss Jeremy. That was a disaster. She can tell that he doesn't like her. Not that she cares. She doesn't like him either.

She asked, "What do you do?"

Realizing that he was probably staring at her like she was stupid. Way to go Kenz. Way to go.
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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

Posts : 52
Join date : 2014-03-02

PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:22 pm

Damien shook his head. She was hilarious. Cute. “Yeah, I drink too,” he smirked, drinking the last bit of his firewhiskey just to prove the point. Oops… all gone. Then she got all defensive about how she didn’t drink much. Definitely full-on drunk, this girl. The disappointment in his face was evident when she mentioned her occupation. Ah well. What could an insignificant hitwitch do? He didn’t walk away, put it that way. Back to the tipsy thing. Usually? Did she usually drink? And did she really call that just tipsy?

“I work here,” he nodded. By here, he meant Knockturn Alley. “Borgin and Burkes, you know the place?” It was highly unlikely she didn’t know the shop, since it was popular among the sort of crowd who occupied the alley. And even if she wasn’t one of these people, she probably would have passed it on her way to this club.

It didn’t take him long to remember his glass was empty. Damien turned away from Kensi to a woman at the bar. “I’ll have a pint.” Just because he could do with something other than firewhiskey. It came and he took a large swig before looking back at Kensi. “We should dance,” he suggested, with a little bit of an evil smoulder. He was the greatest dancer ever and nobody could beat his supreme skills, even when he was tipsy.
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PostSubject: Re: A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)   

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A Couple of Drinks (Kensi)
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