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 MoM App- Mitsuru Takahashi

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PostSubject: MoM App- Mitsuru Takahashi   Sun Oct 14, 2012 3:39 pm

First and Last Name:Mitsuru Takahashi


School attended (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, ...):Hogwarts

Favourite Subjects he/she studied:Charms

Department you want to work for:Magical Law Enforcement Patrol

Job you are applying for (if the department you chose offers more than one job):

Why did you choose that job? Mitsuru has always followed the rules and wishes to help people do the same.

Why should we choose you? I am very intelligent, the Ministry would probably love working with me, I am a good law enforcer, and I feel that this job is perfect for me.

Do you have any previous experience in that field?Well, back in my days at hufflepuff, I was what you'd call a "ruleshark". I always made sure people in my house followed the rules.

Would you also like to be considered for the Head of Department position?*Yes, I would.

What are the qualities and defects of your character?Mitsuru is kind, but can be vicious as a lion. She isn't afraid of anything but fire, she can handle a lot of things that most people can't. She is a quick thinker. But, after her encounter with a Death Eater, she can get a bit nervous about them.

Any other Information:Ever since Mitsuru was a first year, she knew she wanted to work in this department.

Role playing example (minimum 300 words - any situation where you are performing the job you are applying for):

"HEY!!!" Mitsuru roared while running after the big man who was trying to steal wands at diagon alley. the big man started to knock down wands almost as if he was looking for one specific one. Mitsuru got red with anger. "PETRIFICUS, TOTALUS!" She used the full-body bind charm on the big man.When the man fell, his sleeve went up. She saw the dark mark on it. She then got even more angry, for her husband died from a Death Eater. She wanted to kill the man even though she knew it wasn't needed. She then shouted for her friend also from the ministry of magic to come. He was looking at owls across the street. He ran to her and saw th Death Eater. He smirked and muttered, "Yes, it's coming,"More Death Eaters creeped out of mid air. Mitsuru's Ministry friend snickered and showed his arm. It had the Dark Mark! Mitsuru said, "This... whole time?! How could you!" She looked like she was about to cry but then she cast another full-body bind on her friend that was no longer her friend. She heard the grunt of her old friend as he dropped to the floor. Mitsuru looked worried as she turned her head she was tackled by a female Death Eater. Death Eaters started to swarm Diagon Alley and Mitsuru got more furious than she ever had before. She kicked the lady off of her and shouted, "Expelliarmus!" The lady's wand went flying and shattered against the wall. Mitsuru sent a patronus to the Ministry. In seconds, there were Aurors fighting Death Eaters everywhere. As the Death Eaters began to flee, people were cheering. Mitsuru smiled but she was actually worried. Ollivander looked angry because so many of his wands were broken from the dumb Death Eaters. Ollivander then walked up to Mitsuru and said, "You're a good girl, don't let those people influence you," he smiled. Mitsuru was awarded 120 galleons from the shopkeepers for saving their shops and all of the innocents. She was in the Daily Prophet the next day, and her neighbors congratulated her. All of the Death Eaters that remained in the Alley were captured. She had to buy a new wand as hers was broken in the process of getting rid of the Death Eaters. When she came back to Diagon Alley, they were still repairing the shops. She felt a bit proud inside because she called the Aurors in her act of valor. People called that fight the Great Diagon War.
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MoM App- Mitsuru Takahashi
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