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Finley McConnell
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Finley McConnell

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PostSubject: Finley McConnell   Finley McConnell EmptySun Dec 20, 2015 3:31 am

Finley McConnell 2m7urmw

Finley McConnell The-book-thief-trailer-2013-movie-official-hd
Finley McConnell
Finley McConnell 19s5f8

Full Name: Finley "Fin" McConnell
Gender: Female
Birthday: 20 August, 2022
Age: 11
Blood: Muggleborn
Birth Place: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nationality: Irish on her father's side, French on her mother's side

Finley McConnell 9qbsdu

Family: Father: Fergus McConnell. Fergus was a very high strung man. He always had an image in his head and if the reality didn’t match his mental image, he would NOT be happy. He was very much a perfectionist and he tried to instill that in his children; it didn’t take with either child. Fergus didn’t yell often but when he did, it was violet and went on for a long time. Fergus was born in a long line of Irish ancestors, as an only child. His parents died when he was still very young and he was raised by a strict, Catholic grandmother. This obviously had a large impact on his personality, which is what led to him being a perfectionist.

Despite his flaws, Fergus loved his family very much. He was a great husband and a loving father, he just had very high expectations of his children. As the baby of the family, Fin got the most attention from her father, not all of it positive. A lot was negative because of his perfectionist tendencies and Fin’s...well, opposite tendencies. Both of his children had a fear of him when he drank, which he didn’t do often, but often enough to make them scared of it when it happened.

Fergus died of lung cancer when Fin was nine. She, along with her brother Aedan, were sitting at his bedside when he passed. Fin misses him because he was her father, but not as much as she feels she should.

Mother: Monique McConnell (nee St. Amant). Monique is a soft-spoken woman. She is very shy – not withdrawn, just shy. She will speak with people, she just speaks softly because of her inate embarrassment. She doesn’t like social situations, and prefers to be with her children or with one or two very close friends. Monique was born in Paris, France, to very wealthy parents. She was the second and final child in the family, and her parents believed that Monique and her sister should be seen and not heard. Monique took this to heart and to this day has a hard time getting over that belief.

Monique’s family disowned her when she fell in love. She was studying abroad in Belfast and she fell in love with a poor Irish man named Fergus. The two had a whirlwind romance that cumulated in marriage and a pregnancy. Even after Fergus’s death, her family refuses to speak with her and will not claim any of Monique’s children as family.

Fin gets along famously with her mother – she is a mama’s girl through and through. When Monique realized that Fin was a witch, she was upset, but quickly embraced Fin’s difference and let her go.
Monique lives in Belfast with her other child, Fin’s older brother.

Older brother: Aedan McConnell, three years older. Aedan is Fin’s older brother, and he’s fourteen years old. He is friendly and energetic, a big fan of sports (both watching and playing). He’s constantly on the move, seemingly unable to sit still for extended periods of time. Aedan is very friendly and will talk to anyone, even if they don’t want to talk, and he will talk a LOT. It’s hard to get a word in edgewise with Aedan, though Fin surely does try. Aedan is extremely intelligent, and at age fourteen, just started sixth form (students usually start sixth form at sixteen). He comes across as very clueless, but is just a friendly person.

Fin and Aedan get along very well. They were always playing sports together or exploring together as kids. When Fin went off to school, Aedan was disappointed, but whenever she visits, it’s like they were never apart. They have a very close relationship, due to being similar in personality and being fairly close in age.

Bloodline History: N/A

History: Fin was born on a stormy August night, two weeks earlier than expected. She was a small baby from the start and was kept at the hospital for two weeks, so she could get stronger and healthier before going home. Once she was allowed to go home, she was welcomed by a father and an older brother, who was ecstatic about having a sibling.

Fin had a fairly normal childhood. She was enrolled in dance at the age of two and progressed rapidly in that aspect. She was enrolled in Year 1 at the age of four, and soon learned to love school. She went through her school years normally; she was intelligent and good at making friends, so she had no problems in that aspect. She was a very well behaved (if not hyperactive) little girl.

When Fin was around seven, her parents realized there was something odd about her. It started with little things, like a making book tipping over with no one touching it, or making a prop in a dance recital move on its own. It soon grew into making things levitate across the room, and no one (not even Fin) knew what was going on. Fergus, almost horrified by the idea that his daughter was so different, made the executive family decision to ignore Fin’s oddities.

When Fin was nine, her father got very sick. He had smoked his entire adult life, and it caught up to him in the form of stage four lung cancer. The doctors gave him a couple months to live. One day, about a month after his diagnosis, Fin and Aedan were sitting near their father’s bedside, playing a game they had made up. Monique was out doing the shopping and had asked the kids to keep their father company. They were sitting there when he passed away that day.

Her father’s death messed Fin up pretty badly. He had been hyper critical of her, sure, but she had loved him dearly, and it hurt to know he was gone. The stress of dealing with that caused her magic – not that she knew what it was – to get even more out of hand. While she was still getting good grades, her teachers and her fellow pupils had noticed something was different about her and they began to like her less. They became wary of her.

On Fin’s eleventh birthday, a woman came over to her home. She sat the family down and explained that Fin was a witch, and that she was being invited to attend Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft in Scotland. Always one to jump at the chance of adventure, Fin was ecstatic to get the chance to study abroad, Aedan was jealous of her abilities and the opportunity, and Monique was nervous and upset at the idea.  She ultimately agreed to it though and let Fin go (she was later relieved that she had finally found out what was “wrong” with Fin).

Finley McConnell 1zecfhc

Appearance: Fin is a small girl, even for her age. At age eleven, she stands at a measly 133 centimeters. To go with her short stature, she is also quite thin, with a body type best described as scrawny. However, she has a full face, with round cheeks, due to her young age.

Fin has fair skin with a light scattering of freckles on her face. Her features are all fairly small and average looking, save for her eyes, which are wide and rounded, and a unique sea blue color. Another unique feature is her dimples, which are on either side of her mouth and rather deeply set.

Fin’s hair is a medium, honey-blonde color, and quite wavy/curly. It’s cut to her shoulders and she tends to keep it in twin plaits, as it’s thick and prone to tangles otherwise. Fin’s dressing style is very casual, preferring to wear t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Personality: Fin is a very outgoing girl. That is what most people notice when they first meet her. She is willing to talk to anyone, about nearly anything. She is a sweet girl, one who is always willing to help those around her. She actually takes great pleasure in helping other people. However, Fin can be very naïve and much too trusting, which can lead to her getting hurt. However, she still helps people, choosing to see the good in everyone. Fin is also known to have the patience of a saint, a girl who can handle nearly anything without losing her temper.

Fin is enthusiastic about things – life, love, school, anything. She’s passionate about what she loves and can talk for HOURS about a subject she’s interested in (dance or Quidditch, for example). However, she’s also a very good listener (with a brother like Aedan, you have to be!) and acts as a shoulder to cry on to her friends and even strangers. She likes to provide support and tries to understand where everyone is coming from. As such, she’s also a peace maker and a people pleaser, the type of girl who will do anything to make others happy.

Fin is curious...really curious. She likes to explore the castle for secrets and likes to have a few “secret nooks” for when she needs to be alone. She loves to learn and as such, loves school. She is constantly trying to take in new information and has a well of what she calls “semi-useless knowledge”. Fin loves to make people laugh – it makes her the happiest girl in the room. She will act as a sort of “class clown” to get people to laugh, and especially to diffuse awkward situations.

Fin could be called book smart but she is NOT street smart She’s naïve, as stated previously, and tends to use emotions rather than logic when making decisions. She doesn’t always think things through and she is very protective over her friends or people who can’t defend themselves. However, Fin is also a coward in that she would rather talk through something than duel, and she would rather help someone escape danger rather than face the danger head on.

Fin can be impulsive and sometimes tends to make bad decisions based on how she feels. She’s quite sensitive, and as such, gets hurt emotionally very easily. However, her father always told her not to show negative emotions, so Fin tends to hide her inner negative emotions. She doesn’t want others to worry over her or see her as a burden so whenever someone hurts her feelings, she plasters on a smile and pretends it didn’t happen. She can come across as secretive due to that, though she really is more of an open book than a closed one.

Likes: Dance, Quidditch, cats (especially big cats. Fin has a special place in her heart for snow leopards), exploring, learning, books, Care of Magical Creatures
Dislikes: Death, snakes, being upset, DADA, dresses, sour foods, people who have expectations that are too high, bullies, alcohol

Strengths: Intelligent, optimistic, patient, helpful, good sense of humour
Weaknesses: Naïve, impulsive, a people-pleaser, cowardly, too sensitive, hides negative emotions

Fears: Snakes – Fin has had a fear of snakes ever since she was four years old. Her brother, Aedan, threw one on her face and it bit her. Even though it wasn’t venomous, it scared Fin witless AND the bite still hurt.
Death – Since losing her father, Fin has been afraid of losing her mother and brother, too. She’s not afraid of her own death, she’s afraid of the death of her family and friends.

Finley McConnell Nbt8xd

‘How did I end up in this situation?’ Finley McConnell wondered, blinking rapidly. She was knee deep in thick mud, twigs sticking out of her hair in every direction. Aedan had long since gone home, claiming the endeavor was pointless. Fin refused to give up, believing that it was possible and she could find what she set out to find.

Fin looked back and saw the little girl – she couldn’t be over seven – standing on the bank of the muddy pond, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Don’t worry!” Fin hollered, giving a thumbs up. “I’ll find it, I promise!” The little girl nodded and Fin turned back around, wading through the mud into the water. The water was cold, but she couldn’t just stop like Aedan had. The little girl was counting on her.

Fin kept pushing forward, and by the time she reached the little “island” in the middle of the pond, the water was above her waist and she was barely able to keep moving. She put her hands on the bank and pushed herself up, climbing up onto the small patch of land.

Now that Fin made it to the island, she had to find the necklace for the little girl. It had been her mom’s, she had told her through sobs, and a boy from her class had stolen it and left it somewhere on the island. The little girl had come to Fin and asked for her and Aedan’s help. Aedan had given up shortly, though, so it was up to Fin.

She crawled along the ground, trying to find a glimmer of metal amongst the leaves. “Have you found it yet?” the little girl yelled and Fin shook her head, but as she did, she saw a slight tinge of gold.

“YES!” Fin yelled, grabbing the necklace and tugging. It was stuck so Fin kept pulling, using all her might to get it unstuck. The necklace came up...with a black snake coming up with it.

Fin felt a scream raise in her throat and she backpeddled, falling into the water. She swallowed a mouth full of the murky, muddy water and she gagged, swimming back up and spitting out nastiness. She started swimming backwards quickly, taking deep breaths to calm down after having touched the scale-y beast.

It took only a few minutes to reach the bank and she climbed up, breathing heavily. The little girl stared at her, wide eyed and open mouthed. Fin stared back at her, then grinned. She held up the necklace.

“I found it!”
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The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Finley McConnell   Finley McConnell EmptySun Dec 20, 2015 4:18 am

Finley McConnell Huff_zpsf076eeb4
Welcome to Hufflepuff

Welcome to Hufflepuff! Your Common Room is located near the Kitchens, that's where you will sleep and where you can meet all your fellow House members. Regarding academics, you have to take at least one core subject (Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration and Potions), and you have to choose at least one of the two first-year elective classes (Divination or Care of Magical Creatures), though you can take both if you desire. Keep in mind that Flying Lessons are mandatory for first-years.

If you're interested you can also try out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. First years are not allowed to play, but upon winning a spot on the team, they will be trained to have their first game in either their second or third year, depending on your captain.

Hello Paisley! Fin can start posting as a Hufflepuff (1st Year) this term. However, keep in mind that the site is currently on Winter Break. You may still post at Hogwarts if you character has chosen to spend the holidays at the Castle.

We're glad to have you! Very Happy

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Finley McConnell
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