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 Danielle Doakes

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Danielle Doakes


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PostSubject: Danielle Doakes   Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:09 am

Full name: Danielle Devin Doakes
///Nickname: Dannie
Gender: Female
Birthday: 26 October, 2021
///Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: Eleven
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Winchester, England
Nationality: English


Family: Dannie comes from a very traditional two parent/single child home. Her mother, Grae Doakes (née Gabin) was a proper, upstanding pureblood witch from London. Her father, Desmondus Doakes, was a well-respected (albeit intimidating) wizard who resided with his family in Winchester. The Gabin and Doakes families were never really close, let alone friendly to one another, but the ranks of pureblood families were dwindling down quickly. Many families were choosing -- actually CHOOSING -- to marry muggleborns and, natch, even muggles themselves. The Doakes and Gabins were of a different mind -- they chose to marry off their offspring, despite the protests of the betrothed.

Grae and Desmondus were married in a quiet, subdued ceremony on 3 November, 2018. You couldn't necessarily call their marriage a happy one, but Grae and Desmondus quickly caught on to what the other wanted/expected from them and got along well enough. With both of their parents demanding grandchildren (after all, their marriage was meant to further the lineage of both families), Grae was delighted to announce her pregnancy before their third year anniversary.

Grae's parents sadly passed away shortly after Dannie's birth. They, along with a few of their other pureblood friends, invaded a rally supporting muggle rights, which quickly escalated into a riot. Grae was devastated and never really recovered -- and always blamed the muggles and their supporters for her family's untimely demise.

Desmondus' parents decided to retire to Germany in their old age and left the family estate in Desmondus' care. Dannie sees them rarely, usually they'll come to visit around Christmastime with interesting German candies.

Bloodline History: The Doakes family is one of the oldest wizarding families in England. Their history can be traced back all the way to 839 BC, with tales of ÆÐelstan Doakes traveling to Egypt to fight in their civil war. Other notable Doakes include: Odo Doakes, who in 1346 was Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot; Edmunde Doakes in 1585, Chaser for the Pride of Portree Quidditch team (and credited with the invention of blagging -- holding onto the back of another player's broomstick to slow them down); and Dewey Doakes, who in 1865 was a noted magizoologist and founder of many Snidget sanctuaries worldwide (rumored to have presented Queen Victoria herself with a Snidget feather).

Personal History: Danielle Devin Doakes was born to Grae and Desmondus Doakes on 26 October, 2021. Her parents were relieved to have her; both of their families were pressing for grandchildren and Grae and Desmondus were beginning to feel the pressure. Thusly, Dannie was spoiled as a young girl, given anything she wanted.

Dannie was never quite popular with the other children -- her family doted upon her and she was used to getting her way. Spoiled, stubborn, downright bratty, it was near impossible for her to connect with other children her age. Not that she was allowed to, most of the time -- the only children she was allowed to talk to were the children of other wizarding families who came to visit her parents (which didn't happen nearly as often as Dannie would have liked). There were muggle children in the nearby village, but Dannie inherited her mother's distaste for muggles and refused to socialize with them (not that Grae would have permitted that anyway).

Dannie was homeschooled in the art of magic since a young age. After Desmondus would leave for his job in the Ministry (doing exactly what Dannie neither knew nor cared), Grae would teach Dannie lessons about basic magical skills, like creating simple potions or doing simple spells. Dannie was a quick learner and progressed quickly. She was able to make a Befuddlement Drought by the age of nine. Dannie always liked her studies -- they kept her busy and she enjoyed feeling superior to other children her age because she knew more than them.

It was around this time, around age nine, that Dannie began to rebel against her parents, doing things that she knew would make them angry on purpose. She would wear clothes that she knew they didn't like, make a mess out of her room and refuse to clean it up, upset the house elf by making fun of his big ears. She made friends with the muggle kids even though she didn't particularly like hanging out with them. She had a tough time shaking her mother's prejudices and thought muggles were stupid, but she was doing it purely to make her mother angry. There was no real reason for any of this, just a bored, disenchanted girl trying to find a way to amuse herself. She also knew that she could get away with it, because her parents (even though they TRIED to punish her) still gave her pretty much whatever she wanted. She was still very attentive to her studies, but she pulled away from her mother. Most of her time, if she wasn't terrorizing Grae, was spent in her room, reading books and fantasizing about life away from home. She looked forward to going to Hogwarts, being away from her oftentimes overbearing parents and being able to be her own person.


Appearance: Dannie has an oval shaped face, with a long forehead and wide cheekbones tapering down to a rounded chin. She has wide set, almond shaped eyes with protruding lids. Her eye color is a very light grey/blue -- they seemingly change colors depending on what she's wearing or the light that she's in. Her eyelashes are short, yet dark enough to stand out. Her eyebrows are quite thick and dark, though she keeps them well groomed. She has a very angular, upturned nose. Her lips are full, the lower lip being just a tad larger than her upper. She has a tendency to purse her mouth, especially when thinking hard about something.

Dannie is very pale (she doesn't get out much). She has a few freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, as well as a few on her shoulders. She also has a small scattering of tiny beauty marks to the left of her mouth.

She has very dark brown hair. If she doesn't bother to do anything to it (which is most of the time), it tends to fall in loose, wavy curls. She prefers to keep her hair long, with shorter layers toward her face, parted very deeply to one side. You'll hardly ever see her hair down, though, since usually she throws it up in a bun or ponytail just to get it out of the way.

Dannie has a very slight frame. She's tall for her age, about 5 feet, 2 inches tall, and weighs about 90 pounds. She resents being called 'skinny' (it just sounds so trivializing), but skinny is probably the best way to describe her. She has a very boyish, ruler-shaped figure, with no curves anywhere.

Personality: Dannie is very much a product of her upbringing. Ultimately, she's just a very lonely, isolated girl. At home, she purposely acts out to get a reaction from her parents. At Hogwarts, however, Dannie feels out of place, since she's never really socialized with people her own age before. She feels like she's better than them, certainly smarter than them (due to all those years of being tutored at home), but at the same time she feels left out and unable to communicate with the other students. She's very quiet and spends most of her time in the library, studying in the Common Room, or wandering the grounds aimlessly.

Dannie hasn't lost her passion for learning however. She has an insatiable quest for knowledge that isn't satisfied merely by her classes (in fact, most of the information she's learned already at home). She seeks out books on different subjects -- she's particularly fond of potions. Dannie likes learning because she likes to devote her time to something that she considers worthwhile, bettering herself. She also likes studying because she feels like it is another chance for her to prove herself and be better than the other students.

Dannie strives to be the center of attention again, just like she was when she was a kid. She wants everyone to fawn all over her, give her whatever she wants, tell her she's absolutely perfect. In some ways, this is a strength, since she works hard to improve herself by studying and reading. In other ways, this need for approval is also her biggest weakness -- she feels inept when she fails, and when things don't go her way she'll give up and act out.

Dannie is very goal driven, and desires to be the best. At everything. She wants to be the top of her class, maybe even Prefect and Head Girl one day. She also is a big fan of playing Quidditch (not watching Quidditch, mind you. She doesn't care about how other people play. She just wants to win herself). She can be very competitive and takes the sport very seriously. She intends to try out for her house's team at Hogwarts when she gets the chance.  


Dannie sat down and sighed. She was at the Lake, easily her favorite place at Hogwarts (aside from the Library and her own bed). The Lake was just so calm and peaceful. It was beginning to feel a bit chilly outside, so most of the students didn't wander out here. The atmosphere by the Lake was so different from the usual chaos of the school. The hallways were always just so crowded and loud....Dannie didn't want to admit it, but she was intimidated by the other students, how they all seemed to be able to make friends so easily, like it wasn't even difficult to talk to each other.

It was two weeks into the semester, and Dannie had barely even said two words to anybody. She'd tried to make small talk with the other kids on the train, but she'd unfortunately chosen a compartment full of third years who were only interested in whether Suzy was going to choose to date Kyle or Steven, because one of them liked Steven and wouldn't be able to forgive Suzy, yadda yadda yadda. Dannie had tried to follow their conversation for as long as possible, but it all just seemed so trivial and unimportant that she gave up rather quickly.

She watched a ripple float across the surface of the water, lost in thought. Her dormmates were nice enough. They invited her to go down to breakfast with them on the first morning of classes, right after their sorting. Sitting at their table in the Great Hall, Dannie felt like she might actually start to be making friends. They were all nervously babbling about what their first day of Hogwarts was going to be like, and Dannie even chimed in a few times. After that, they kept inviting her to go places and eat with them, but Dannie was always too busy studying or reading to go with them. Eventually, they gave up and just stopped asking.

Dannie closed her eyes, feeling the hot sting of tears welling up in the back of her throat. Embarrassed and ashamed, she refused to cry, not here, where everybody could see her. She took a deep, stabilizing breath. She had never really been this shy before, she didn't know what was wrong with her. The worst part about this was that she did it to herself, by acting the way she did.

She would never be Head Girl with this attitude.

She resolved that she would try to make friends with the next person that spoke to her, even if they were a muggleborn (take THAT, mom). After all, she had seven long years to look forward to at Hogwarts, she might as well have some fun while she was here.
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The Sorting Hat


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PostSubject: Re: Danielle Doakes   Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:33 pm

Welcome to Slytherin

Welcome to Slytherin! Your Common Room is located in the dungeons, that's where you will sleep and where you can meet all your fellow House members. Regarding academics, you have to take at least one core subject (Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration and Potions), and you have to choose at least one of the two first-year elective classes (Divination or Care of Magical Creatures), though you can take both if you desire. Keep in mind that Flying Lessons are mandatory for first-years.

If you're interested you can also try out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. First years are not allowed to play, but upon winning a spot on the team, they will be trained to have their first game in either their second or third year, depending on your captain.
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Danielle Doakes
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