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 Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)

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Sebastian Wilcox


Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)   Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:57 am

Sebastian sighed. This whole brother thing wasn't working out at all. When Sebastian had told the guy about them being step-brothers, and it didn't go well.

But , since it was a new year, and a new term, Sebastian was determined to get it in the guys head that they were step-brothers. The fact that they had the same last name, was no coincidence.

Sebastian sat in the staff room on his break, and took a sip of coffee. He then spit it out. He didn't know why he even tried to like the stuff. It was nasty. Even with a shit tone of sugar, it still tasted nasty. How any human being could drink this stuff was beyond him.

Dumping the shit down the drain, Sebastian thought about his lame holiday. He didn't do anything, or go anywhere, besides a few bars to drink his lonely life away. Sebastian hoped that gaining a new brother would help the empty void he felt in his chest. And besides, who didn't want a brother?

It was at that moment, Chad walked in. Sebastian tensed up a little bit. It was now or never. Sebastian said, "Hey. Professor WILCOX. How was your holiday?" He put an emphasis on their last name hoping that it would somehow sink in that they where brothers. And that he wasn't crazy.
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Chad Wilcox


Posts : 43
Join date : 2014-07-04

My Character
Activity: Muggle Studies Professor

PostSubject: Re: Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)   Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:34 pm

After his first class of the day, Chad went to the staff room, hot cup of tea in one hand, a pile of classwork in the other, and balancing his jacket on his head. The start of term was always the hardest, when he'd spent all summer sleeping in till midday, chilling out in the sun in that nice resort in Italy, eating fancy Italian food. Christ, the pasta had been amazing. Now he had to be up early, have lessons planned, teach the children. It was too much. But he'd managed to do it on the first day, which was pretty fucking amazing for him, so he was sure he could cope the rest of the term.

He sighed when he saw who was waiting inside. "Hello, brother dearest," he said, rolling his eyes. "It was great, I was in Italy, eating pasta, mainly. How about yours?"

There was no denying that this man was his stepbrother, as Chad had made some inquiries of his own recently, but there was nothing saying that he had to actually like this man. He was annoying as hell. Maybe they could grow to get on, though. That wasn't to say he was going to try, though. He put his tea and papers and jacket down and went over to the cupboard where he kept his food. Where he kept his pizza rolls. But they weren't there. He'd put them in yesterday. Had he really eaten the whole pack? Damn, had he been eating pizza rolls in his sleep again? Fuck. "How curious," he muttered to himself, although really it wasn't curious at all.
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Sebastian Wilcox


Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)   Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:16 am

(OOC: I completely forgot about this, so I'm going to reply to it, but if you want a new one let me know... Sebastian is going to die soon anyways so there might be no point for a new one.)

Sebastian wondered about the guy. He wondered about his life, how he managed to find a job at Hogwarts even though he was pretty much a lazy ass. So why would he want a job that included teaching children, and getting up at the crack of dawn? Sebastian asked, "Tell me about you Chad. What do you do outside of work? Like do you have any children?" Sebastian was a pushy fellow. Once he knew the name of a person, he wanted to know the whole story. When he said he went to Italy, Sebastian replied, "Never been there. Is it fun? I bet the pasta was good. Did you go alone?" Man, if Sebastian was meeting himself, he would be annoyed. But this was his brother. And Sebastian wanted to know more about him. Maybe he could give Sebastian pointers on how to get girls. Not that Sebastian was looking. Well, he was always looking, but he wasn't in a rush.

Sebastian looked at him as he looked in the fridge for something. He muttered something about something being curious. Sebastian asked, "What's curious?" Sebastian wasn't meaning to be pushy about everything.. But he was...well... curious. He hadn't had a sibling before so this was all new territory for him. Learning about this man was now going to be his life goal. And when Chad had greeted him by "brother dearest" it pretty much meant the world to him. But of course, he wasn't going to say that out loud. And he knew Chad was being sarcastic about that anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)   

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Astroids and Peanuts (Chad)
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