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 Fire and Ice (Jasper)

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PostSubject: Fire and Ice (Jasper)   Fire and Ice (Jasper) EmptyMon Sep 08, 2014 5:19 am

Nathaniel had got a letter from his brother asking him to meet him somewhere. Nate sent a letter back to Jasper to meet him in Soho knowing that it would be easier to meet there. Putting on a pair of black ripped jeans and grabbed a black hoodie over a black tank top. To top it off a pair of black leather boots he had his hair was loose around his shoulders.

Sneaking out of the palace had become harder as of late for it seemed that word was getting back to his mother that he was sneaking out. However keeping to the shadows he managed to get out. He then ran silently out of the grounds and made his way to Soho. When he arrived he leaned against a wall with his hood pulled up and waited for his brother to show up.
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PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice (Jasper)   Fire and Ice (Jasper) EmptyThu Sep 18, 2014 6:07 pm

Jasper wanted Nathaniel to meet with him. So he sent a seagull to the palace to inform his brother. He received a letter back telling him to meet him in Soho. Leaving the ship with his most trusted first mate, he told him he would be back it was brother involved, he headed the ship to the far edges of the English shorelines. When he received a response he wrote stating it was fine. He would teach him the best ways to sneak out as he was unhappy with how little his brother knew of the ins and outs. He felt it best he educated his sexy puppet in the palace.

As well---soon, very soon, he would be assassinating the king of England. A sadist style mercy killing. He had not told Nathaniel that exactly. No. He told him that he would be doing something that would shake up all of England. Be they Muggle or Wizard he would be doing something that would affect both worlds of england due to the Royal family who ruled England was of both. When he saw through the spyglass the shadowy outlines of the English shore he called to his firstmate. "Me hearty be back in a bit. Weigh anchor here."

He whistled for Betsy, his giant man eating she crab, before diving over the side of the ship into the ocean. Swimming after a fish and took ahold of it. Using his ocean magic over sea creatures he was soon floating beneath the waves. Breathing water for air like the fish he held. He spotted Betsy and summoned her over. Telling her the direction to go in. He laid down on her back. Time seemed to pass by rather quickly. He looked at the shoreline as he pulled his wand and cast a masking spell. It would last long enough to enter into the shadowy areas of the wizarding world. Jumping off Betsy's back he sent her to wait for him within the ocean tides.

Once she was gone from his sight he turned and headed deeper into the shadows. Walking through the locations until he arrived at Soho. He could find his brother anywhere. Walking over to him he moved with scary speed and pinned Nathaniel to the wall. His frame holding Nathaniel against the wall. Using a hand to tilt up his chin he kissed him on the lips possessively. Pulling back and looked at him. "That outfit looks good on you."
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Fire and Ice (Jasper)
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