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 Mindless Curiosity

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Lucy Malfoy
Lucy Malfoy

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Mindless Curiosity  Empty
PostSubject: Mindless Curiosity    Mindless Curiosity  EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 11:47 pm

This thread is mostly for::

Lucy didn't have much time in Hogsmeade. She was only getting some ingredients for Luca's potions and experiments, but she figured she could get something for herself while she was out. Her first place was the pet shop, getting food for Frodo and Jacques. However, once she was finished there she moved on to the famous joke shop. A little something to have fun with wouldn't be frowned upon, not even if she had been a grad for quite a while now. Lucy walked through the busy streets, apparently the students were out at Hogsmeade since most of them were short and fresh-faced. She wasn't thinking about anything in particular that day, just that she wanted some time off from work and the adult world.

So, there was no better place for that than Zonko's. Obviously, Lucy didn't have many good memories of the shop; the first time she'd been there was with James and Sydney had been working the shop. She was glad Sydney was somewhere else throwing herself at other guys, in fact she didn't care much for Sydney anymore. She was just glad that girl wasn't around her anymore. Lucy walked in, feeling the warm aim of the shop contrast with the cold one outside. It felt so much better once she was fully inside the shop that she took off her coat. "Let's see what they have in, today." She told herself as she held her coat, looking at every little thing inside. The extendable ears were definitely improved while she was somewhere else drinking butterbeers and eating doughnuts. They seemed to be out of Marauder's maps, but that didn't matter since she had one at home.

She suddenly saw one of the cups she'd had bought for Wade once, the ones that bite you when you're about to drink. It had been a perfect prank for him! She took the cup and took in every detail, concentrated on the memory of Wade sitting down to drink his tea and getting bit harshly by the cup. With a smile on her face, Lucy probably looked like a weirdo grinning at the magical object.

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Hunter VanDerberg
Hunter VanDerberg

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Mindless Curiosity  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mindless Curiosity    Mindless Curiosity  EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 3:33 pm

Normally, Zonkos was pretty slow on weekdays. Which meant Hunter was usually free to hang around and drink butterbeer and not do much of anything. But today, for some odd reason, the shop had actually been pretty crowded. Hunter had actually had to work, something that was usually reserved for his weekend shift. Some old lady that couldn't hear anything had needed help, and he'd had to keep repeating himself about a thousand times to get her to actually hear him. On the bright side, though, he could complain about the woman straight to her face and she wasn't any the wiser.

Finally, after a few hours of torture, the shop cleared out and was once again empty. But could Hunter just sit around and relax? No, of course not. Because customers always just left shit everywhere and the place was a mess. Not that Hunter really cared, but he didn't want to get on the boss's bad side. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted when it wasn't busy - the only catch was that he had to actually keep up with the place when it was. So, with a defeated sigh, he headed to the back section of the store and started putting things back where they belonged.

Twenty minutes later, it didn't look perfect but it didn't matter. Close enough. Hunter turned to head back up to the front and grab a handful of Bertie Botts, when he saw that he had yet another customer. He was about to groan in irritation when he realized that it was actually Lucy! A huge grin spread across his face and he made his way quietly up behind her. Being the brilliant wizard that he was with a whole shop full of joke items at his disposal, he went for the old tap-the-wrong-shoulder trick. "You better watch with those," he told her, nodding toward the teacup in her hands. "One bit me the other day just because I picked it up the wrong way."

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Mindless Curiosity
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