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 A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]

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Aylee Walters
Aylee Walters

Posts : 1384
Join date : 2013-02-17

My Character
Activity: Adult, Trainee Obliviator

PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:18 pm

When Ryland asked where Auden was, Aylee shrugged. "Maybe she decided not to come," she reasoned, noticing that not everyone she knew was here. Only five first years, no second years as she couldn't spot any, two third-years and two fourth-years. She bit her lip and suggested, "Or maybe she was feeling sick or something."

"Butterbeer..." Aylee repeated the word, a bit surprised that Ryland hadn't tasted it yet. But still, she had never tasted it either so it wasn't much of a big deal. "I've never tasted it, although I had a butterbeer flavoured ice-cream once. But I think the real thing will definitely be better!" She licked her lips.


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Wade Malfoy
Wade Malfoy

Posts : 1221
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Age : 23

My Character
Activity: Dark Wizard

PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:05 pm

Wade couldn't help but laugh a little as she mentioned how big the castle was. "Have h,you ever gotten lost?" He asked, sure the girl must have gotten confused at least once. "During my first year, I was late almost all the first week to every class " he smiled, letting her know how bad his sense of direction had been before.

"You like my name?" Wade laughed. "Really? I don't believe it." He had always hated that name. Out of every amazing name his parents could have picked, they picked Wade. "Who names their kid Wade? I mean, really" he smiled again.

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Darcy Wilde
Darcy Wilde

Posts : 209
Join date : 2013-07-23

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor-Year 7, Head Girl

PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:52 pm

Darcy shook her head. "No, not really. Not before now. I've met some people, but they're always older than me," she said with a slight shrug. "But I've met a couple now," she joked, "I don't know if you've seen them, though." She gave a laugh at her sarcastic and slightly stupid joke. But she had quite a few of those weird jokes up her sleeve when she was nervous. She was a bit nervous, honestly, this was basically the first time she was talking to someone her own age, and they hadn't been wandering off in the opposite direction.

She gave a chortle. "I haven't got a count on how many times I've been lost already," she said with a sigh, "But the thing about Hogwarts that I really like, is that it isn't scary at all to get lost. You just have quite a lot of fun, really, trying to find your way back again," she said softly.


Thanks a bunch to Hunter VanDerberg for sig!

Sister and pride:


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Maya Winchester
Maya Winchester

Posts : 392
Join date : 2013-06-18
Age : 23
Location : Ireland

My Character
Activity: Slytherin - Year 3

PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:47 pm

"Same here," they must be all hiding from us she teased. Maya laughed along with Darcy, getting the sarcasm and being polite. The girl appeared nervous in her stance and Maya wondered was it because she was intimidated by her and the fact that she was a Slytherin. Pushing this thought from her mind she continued on the conversation.

"Yeah I know, well unless Peeves is out to get you!" Maya thankfully hadn't encountered him yet. "Although, it's not fun being late for class either." Maya had cut it close on a few occassions in her first week at Hogwarts but was getting a bit more used to the castle's many staircases and hidden passageways. "You obviously haven't been lost when you're so tired and all you want is your bed!" She joked.


Credit to Aylee Walters for both!

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Deirdre Seamore
Deirdre Seamore

Posts : 159
Join date : 2013-03-04
Age : 20
Location : On your head.

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff - Year 3

PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:12 pm

Deirdre smiled, while Wade explained all the possible ways of getting lost in the Hogwarts castle he'd found out to her. After he finished, she answered," Yes, I've been lost a couple of times, but nothing too bad." It could have been related to the fact she had a fine sense of direction, as well. Wade smiled.

When she told him she liked his name, he laughed disbelievingly. Deirdre was shocked when that happened. Why, she really did like the name."But it's a truly nice one." She objected," I think it's great." Hmmm...Wade...now who wouldn't like that name?


Thanks to Lyrica.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]   

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A New Year At Hogwarts [ALL First Years Invited]
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