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 Lesson one...Basic Transfiguration

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Lesson one...Basic Transfiguration Empty
PostSubject: Lesson one...Basic Transfiguration   Lesson one...Basic Transfiguration EmptyTue Mar 19, 2013 6:02 pm

OOC: I know this is not how most of the professors do their lessons but this is how i do mine you can role-play in this thread and I will respond but this is just how and what I taught so that you can get an idea of what do go by, and the home work on the bottom please submit it in with in the next few weeks in the homework folder thanks! and have fun I know I'm new but I hope this works.

Professor Black approached the door of her classroom and stayed here for a while, listening to the students' voices. The sound of her heels on the hardwood floor was supposed to be their cue to lapse into silence and pretend to be well-behaved children they weren't. She gave a quick look to the wristwatch and made her way into the room. She did her best to remain calm and simply slammed the door hard, which startled the students just as she had expected. When their attention finally belonged to her, almost inaudible "oops" escaped her lips. “Good morning. Sorry, I pushed this door … real good,” she admitted with a smirk and walked ahead few paces to hide her belongings somewhere behind the table.

“Hope y'all had tons of fun during the break. Now let’s get back to work, shall we? The theme for today's lesson is "Basics of Transfiguration". Please, don’t forget to take notes," she added, suddenly brimming with excitement. For she acctually liked her job more than sleeping.

“Transfiguration is a branch of magic, which studies the change of the object’s form or appearance via alteration of its molecular structure. It’s a very ancient type of sorcery and in order to be successful at studying it you all must be extremely hard-working and disciplined. The consequences of your actions can be severe, so there must be no playing, fooling around or messing with things you don’t quite understand in this classroom!” she paused, took a deep breath and continued on a lighter note.

“Most of the existing objects, if not all of them, may be subject to the processes of transfiguration, however there’re some limitations. For example, you cannot create food or money out of thin air but should be able to transfigure animals. ” Upon finishing the sentence, Cheyenne summoned a small pet carrier that had been resting on her chair all this time and unzipped it, letting the pink fluff to go outside.

“When dealing with animals you might want to get to know them first. While it’s still possible to achieve your goal without doing so, it definitely helps if the animal feels comfortable around you. This is my pygmy puff Baze, who is going to play a key role in this little demonstration. Pretty sure he doesn’t mind.”

Cheyenne petted Baze and heard him squeaking cheerfully, it meant she could begin. The wand movements for this spell were not hard to memorize and, more importantly, were easy to perform. The twenty year old concentrated and tapped the pet gently with the tip of her wand then pointed it directly at him. She felt Baze's soft fur vanishing, literally slipping through her fingers, and soon enough found herself holding a fine goblet made out of pink cut-glass.

“If you attended my class the previous term, you probably remember that currently there are four branches of Transfigurations - Conjuration, Untransfiguration, Vanishment and Transformation. The last one is exactly what just happened to my pet. We will cover all of these types eventually.” Cheyenne pointed her wand at the goblet and waited until the effects of previous spell were reversed.

“Well, and that’s how it’s done, darlings," she concluded, flashing her students a bright smile. "Homework sheets can be found on my table. Class dismissed".


Lesson Title: Transfiguration 101

Questions (15 points).
1. Explain the term “Transfiguration” in your own words. (1)
2. Why it’s essential to remain concentrated and disciplined during my lessons? (1)
3. What objects can be transfigured? Please, be detailed and also provide three examples of how transfigurational magic is limited. (4)
4. What is advisable to do before transfiguring an animal, and why? (2)
5. The spells used in this lesson are A) ……. and B) ……. (2)
6. Name the four branches of Transfiguration, from the easiest to the hardest. (5)

Bonus task (5 points):
Write a 350 word minimum introduction of yourself (your name, family, pets, hobbies, favourite subjects, food, colour, etc.). What branch(es) of transfiguration and spells you find the most interesting, and why?
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Lesson one...Basic Transfiguration
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