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PostSubject: *Do Not Post In This Thread*   *Do Not Post In This Thread* EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 12:53 am

Register for your House's Quidditch Team

Play| Have Fun | Earn Points | Become Famous

Quidditch Games are ready to begin. They are definitely a great way to test your role playing skills, have fun and the most importantly earn points for your house. If you are new on the forum or you didn’t have time to read the guide, please take a look at the Quidditch Game Guide. It can give you valuable information about the game and how to play it. It is a must to read it before you apply for a role in the team.

!The Game will begin just after all the 4 houses will have their team done!

Slytherin Team

^^A line means the spot is open
*Inactive member

Captain- Aurelia Rosier

Isabella Lestrange*, Dustin Crouch
Jennifer Moss
Aurelia Rosier

Wade Malfoy
Emilio Nocicarte

Ella Fontayne

Lucy Malfoy

All four roles are the same as in the books (nothing was changed). If you have no idea what each of them is doing you can find some useful information right here:

●Chasers progress up and down the pitch passing the Quaffle by hand amongst themselves while keeping it away from the other team, in an attempt to score goals by throwing it through one of their opponent's three goal hoops
●Beaters are armed with wooden clubs that are similar to, but shorter than, baseball bats. They are tasked with protecting their team-mates from the Bludgers by knocking these balls off course or towards opponents
●Keeper will protect the three goal hoops, in much the same way as a goalkeeper in football (soccer).
●Seeker, usually the lightest member of the team and equipped with the fastest broom, is charged with searching the pitch for, chasing down and eventually capturing, the elusive Golden Snitch. Seekers are the only players permitted to touch the Snitch.

You can apply for all this positions except the Captain one. The only thing you will have to do is to answer with “Yes” to the question in your form. A captain will be chosen by the Head of House.


Please do not create a new thread Just reply in this topic using the next application form.


[i]Character Full Name:[/i]
[i]Position in the Team :[/i]
[i]Why you chose that role?:[/i]
[i]Are you interested in being Captain?[/i]

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PostSubject: Re: *Do Not Post In This Thread*   *Do Not Post In This Thread* EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 12:55 am


Character Full Name: Isabellla Lestrange
Age: 11
Position in the Team: Chaser
Why you chose that role?: I think that it is the best position on the team, because you score the points before the Snitch is caught
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Definitely yes
RPG Test:

Isabella zoomed towards the quaffle that her teammate had just knocked out of a Ravenclaw chaser's hand. She caught it, and held it firmly in her hands. She hoped that the Ravenclaw beaters wouldn't try to knock a bludger at her. She knew that she shouldn't look behind, but as she did, just as she suspected, the beater got hold of a bludger at shot it at her. She quickly ducked out of the careening bludger. She still pressed onwards trying to make her way to the high golden hoops. When she got close enough, she threw the quaffle with all her might, and the keeper soared to it, but it seemed to slip right past him, and it sailed into one of the hoops. Isabella's goal made the match ten to one in Slytherin's favor.

The Slytherin students cheered at Isabella's victory, while the other half, the Ravenclaw side, groans were heard about their keeper's mishap. The commentator, a dreamy girl of the name Stella Scamander, talked about how the Slytherin girl, her name something like Isabelle Ledrange, had just made a goal that made Slytherin in the lead. After the croud had calmed down, the controversy between the two teams started again.

The quaffle was passed around a few times, and then it was safe in Slytherin's hands. The boy who had it was flanked almost instantly by Ravenclaw chasers. He threw the ball to another Slytherin chaser, who then flew up to the highest goal, and scored. The croud again groaned and cheered, and the teams started up again. But this time the Ravenclaws got hold of the quaffle. The chasers flew in a pack towards the Slytherin goal post, and threw the ball. The Slytherin keeper blocked it, and the ball dropped down to the ground. But before it hit the ground, one of the Ravenclaw chasers grabbed it, and scored from behind. That made the score twenty to ten Slytherin's favor.

The quaffle again was thown and Isabellla got it first. She flew as fast as she could on her Firebolt 5000 towards the Ravenclaw goal posts. She dipped, and dived, spun, and swirled, until she reached the goals. She looked at the keeper, and made it seem like she was going to throw the quaffle at the right post, but then threw it at the left. Isabella flew back to her team, while the Slytherins cheered. Awkwardly, all the Slytherin students seemed to be discussing something secretly. Isabella and her team looked at them, and their Head Boy, Derek, gave them the thumbs-up. As the match began to restart, the Ravenclaw seeker dived. But the Slytherin seeker didn't move at all

The Ravenclaw seeker caught the Snitch first. Stella announced, "Troy has caught the Snitch!"

"He caught the Snitch!" The Ravenclaws cheered, but then Troy groaned.

"It's a fake Snitch!" he cried, "It's a golden ball of paper that has been enchanted to fly!" The crowd was in confusion. Then Isabella realized something.

"That's what Derek was telling us about! He was saying that they were cheating! If I was captain, I wouldn't let anything happen like that to my team."

"Oh, give it a rest Izzy." The Slytherin keeper, John, said. "We didn't cheat, the croud did. And anyways, we still have a match to get on with.

"Yeah, a match," Isabella sighed. "an unfair match." Nearing the end of a three hour match, Isabella made five more goals, the other Slytherin chasers three, and the Ravenclaws made two. Eventually the Slytherin seeker caught the Snitch, and the Slytherin team trudged up to the castle, where a long victory celebration was awaiting them.

Character Full Name: Lucy Malfoy

Age: 11

Position in the Team : Seeker

Why you chose that role?: I am the lightest person in the Slytherin house, and besides, my Uncle Draco used to be a Seeker, and I would like to continue the tradition.

Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Sure

RPG Test:
She could see it right in front of her; flying quickly and smoothly through the thick rain. It was a bad day for Quidditch; it was foggy and raining. Her uniform was wet and heavy, yet, because of her lightness, Lucy was able to move swiftly with her broom. Her only rival was Gryffindor. Compared to Lucy, the Gryffindor Seeker was big, but compared to his team, he was small. He flew closer to Lucy, trying to close her in between the crowd and himself. The crowd, excited, squealed every time a player got too close to them. This gave her an inner thrill. She had to win this match, not only for her, but for her house. Her broomstick started flying faster, faster than she thought possible. Suddenly, she had left Gryffindor behind. Focusing on the Golden Snitch, she saw it just a meter away.

Her thin arm stretched out, trying to catch it before anyone else did. She could see Slytherin winning the last match of the year. She could almost feel it, she only had to reach out and grab it. Suddenly, she was falling down, no longer on her broomstick, and to the ground. Her mind had been too focused on the Snitch she had forgotten about the other players; especially Gryffindor’s Seeker. She looked up to see him flying closer to the Snitch than he was before. Quickly getting a hold of her broomstick again, Lucy darted upward, flying vertically. Thick raindrops falling against her goggles, clouding her vision a little. Once she was on level with Gryffindor, she got even. He did not fall to the floor like she had done, but he did get behind.
Lucy quickly stood up on her broom, like she had seen her mother, who had a love for surfing, a form of Muggle pastime, do it on a surf board.

Considering the rain, it was a risky trick. Her feet were almost off the broom; she was barely on the tip. She kept her balance very well until she stretched her hand a bit more, and once again, came crashing to the ground. As she fell, she could feel it struggling inside her hand. She had caught it. It was a rough landing with a victorious result. Slytherin had won. Getting up from the ground, a smile spread across her face as she held the Snitch in her fingers, for everyone to see. The Slytherin crowd cheered.

Character Full Name: Ella Fontayne
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Keeper
Why you chose that role?: I think it's an important role and we definitely need someone to protect our goals. Plus I am pretty fast and I'm not afraid to fall off my broom in attempt of preventing points from being scored against us.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Yes
RPG Test:

Ella stepped out with the rest of the team. She had butterflies flying around inside her belly as this was her first Quidditch game. She had made the keeper for the team. When they stepped outside they wind began to blow their robes and they rain splattered on their faces. "This is going to be an interesting game with all the wind and rain," Ella murmured.

When they got to the Quidditch Pitch, Ella couldn't help but notice all the people and suddenly felt sick. "I-I can't do this." she said. "Sure you can," replied the seeker for Slytherin. "Once the game starts you'll forget all about the people." he gave her a reassuring smile and she felt much better.We stepped out into the middle of the field and the commentator began speaking. When she was done they referee blew her whistle and they were off.

Ella quickly flew to the Slytherin hoops to protect them. She wasn't letting anyone get through her. She watched back and forth as the quaffle was passed and Slytherin scored. They didn't have a long celebration as the Ravenclaws were hurtling back toward Ella at lightning speed. Ella positioned herself just right in front of the hoops but they tricked her and threw it around her. Ella did the first thing that came to mind, she jumped off her broom! She literally just jumped, but she caught the quaffle and luckily while all the students gasped someone was nice enough and did a spell to make a soft landing for her. She quickly threw the quaffle back out the climbed back onto her broom and retaking her position.

Ella just so happened to look up and saw the Slytherin seeker closing in on the Snitch. Although she wasn't quite sure of the events that happened after since she was so nervous of what her team would think about her save that the only thing she heard was the commentator announce a Slytherin victory. When everyone got off their brooms, Ella pulled them into a group hug and said, " All of you guys played great! We couldn't have done it without each other. We are a family!"

Character Full Name: Wade Malfoy
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Beater
Why you chose that role?: Because I like to feel like I can protect someone and also help win the games.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Sure
RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

The Slytherin Team prepared to start the game. Wade, in mid air, looked at every single one of team mates, but his stare was held on Lucy, their Seeker. He wanted to make sure that everyone was ready. Once the games started, he looked for the Bludger, and once he found it, he directed his broom directly toward it. This was their first game, and he intended to help Slytherin win. As Isabella flew towards her target, he saw the Ravenclaw Beater fly the Bluger towards her.
No, he thought, afraid that something may happen to her.
As Wade flew rapidly towards the ball, he gripped his bat tightly. He knew the correct term was “wooden club” but, as American as he was, it was just shorten than a baseball bat. With his bat in hand, he approached the brown ball, ready to get it off its course and onto a Ravenclaw. Isabella seemed unaware of the ball flying towards her, and this gave him the opportunity to fly even faster, knowing that she wouldn’t get scared at all. Just millimeters away from Isabella, he hit the Bludger as hard as he could, hurting his hand just enough make him flinch.
The ball flew towards the closest Ravenclaw; the Seeker.
The boy was thrown off his broom, falling quickly and worrying his team mates. Lucy saw this and shot a wink at Wade; he had helped her and she was now even closer to the Snitch.
As Wade continued to look for the Bludger, he flew steady but fast, never losing sight of his team’s positions. He liked this, to play and to fly and to feel like the world was great and as easy as hitting a ball. Baseball would never come close to anything like this. Not in a million years.

Character Full Name: Jennifer Moss

Age: 11 (almost 12, though!!!)

Position in the Team : Chaser

Why you chose that role?: Look, I could ride a broomstick before I could walk. Trust me, I'm pretty fast and swift. I'm good at scoring points and it's the position I'm best at. Plus, chasers are just awesome.

Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Why not?

RPG Test:

"Mount your brooms," instructed the referee. "GO!"

Jennifer flew up, but stayed close to the ground. It wasn't that she was scared of falling - she'd been riding a broomstick most of her life. She was just a little worried that she was going to bring eternal shame to her team. But hey! That would be impossible - they were playing against Hufflepuff. They'd win, for sure. Suddenly, her fighting spirit came back to her and determined to win, she rose up into the sky. The young snake shivered at the ferocious wind. She looked up at the gray sky. Surely it would rain soon?

The ball came flying towards Jen and she made a mad rush to catch it, almost falling off her broom as she did so. In a totally unladylike fashion. But she caught the ball, which was the main thing. On the spot, she panicked a little, as she was in the middle of the court, surrounded by dorky Hufflepuffs. But she turned round, seeing another chaser in a better position to shoot and throwing neatly and well. Then, the girl scored. All thanks to her, of course. A sudden blast of wind caused her hair to blow in front of her eyes, temporarily blinding her. Jenny flicked it back and flew quickly ahead, where Hufflepuff were about to shoot. And the stupid beater let it straight past him. More points for Hufflepuff.

After a while, the score was even. 90-90. Jen had scored 20 of those points, which she was proud of. But something had to happen. Suddenly, a glimpse of gold appeared in the sky. Jen shot a look at the seeker, in case she hadn't already seen the Snitch. Which she hadn't. Really, she should be seeker instead. She tried to distract the Hufflepuff seeker by flying past at a super speed, causing her to almost fall of the broom. It worked, but only for a minute. The girl caught sight of the Snitch and flew forward.

Come on Lucy! Jennifer stared at the two seekers chasing the Snitch frantically. Suddenly, she saw the ball in front of her. Everyone had forgotten about the rest of the game, too busy watching the seekers. She shot immediately, scoring easily. 10 points to Slytherin! Bang! And even better, the seeker had just caught the Snitch!

They'd won. AND SHE'D HELPED!!!

Character Full Name: Aurelia Liesel Rosier
Age: Eleven
Position in the Team : Chaser
Why you chose that role?: The Chaser plays an integral role on the Quidditch team, as they are the ones who score most of the points for the house, prior to the capture of the Snitch.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Definitely
RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

A gust of wind billowed through the recesses of the Hogwarts' field. Overhead, the skies were relentless; thunder rumbled, and with that, icy sheets of rain began to plummet towards the lands below. Stepping out across the muddy fields, Aurelia gazed along the sidelines, meeting the gazes of hundreds of other students from different years and houses, all of whom had come to watch the highly anticipated Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. A small smirk made its way across her scarlet lips, as she tossed her mahogany mane, mentally reviewing the plan that the team had formed as a whole. Wade, the Beater, would be keeping an eye on Lucy, the seeker, making sure that she wasn't left in harm's way. The other two Chasers would try to score as many points as possible, while Lucy attempted to find the Snitch. And, if needed, she would knock others off their broom, in order to get to the quaffle.

"Mount your brooms," cried the referee, "GO!" The cheers and cries of hundreds of students immediately began to resound through the pitch; the noise temporarily dazing and confusing her. With a quick shake of her head, she immediately kicked off of the ground, hoping to propel herself into the skies with maximum acceleration. Aurelia's azure eyes flashed around the Quidditch pitch, in search of the Quaffle that she had been designated to chase after. It was held, rather precariously, within the hands of a timid-looking first year Gryffindor Student. The smirk returned once more to her lips, as she edged her broomstick forwards. "Faster, faster," she murmured, gripping the handlebars of her broomstick with one hand, while using the other hand to snatch the Quaffle from the confused Gryffindor. A loud groan resonated from the Gryffindor fans, though loud cheers began to resonate from the Slytherins, who all waved their green and gold banners frantically. The thick raindrops began to plummet faster, clouding her vision even more than it previously had, though she didn't allow these circumstances to deter her. Quaffle in hand, she immediately raced off towards the Gryffindor Keeper Ring, eyeing the girl that had been chosen to guard it. She turned her broomstick towards the left, gripped the Quaffle tightly and seemed about to throw it, when she suddenly whirled to the other side, tossing it from the right instead. It immediately went through, and a loud cry of victory erupted from the Slytherins in the stands.

Almost simultaneously, however, she found herself, along with her broomstick, diving through the air, plummeting towards the ground at high speeds. One of the Gryffindor beaters had aimed a Bludger directly at the tip of her broom, causing her to fall towards the ground. Struggling to grasp her broomstick tightly, she attempted to right herself, though it was too late. A shrill cry escaped from her lips, as she finally hit a soft and muddy patch of land. Her eyes closed and her world went black.

Character Full Name: Emilio Nocicarte
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Beater
Why you chose that role?: I like taking force out on things, so whacking balls should do that for me.
Do you want to be added on the application list as a Captain too? Sure.
RPG Test(Minimum 300 words / Situation: Role playing your role in the team):

When the whistle blew, Emilio hopped onto his broom and flew up into the sky, clutching his bat tightly. As he flew higher, an exhilarated grin spread across his normally sullen features. This was what he was meant to do, he could feel it. While the game progressed, he was so lost in thought that he almost got hit by a Bludger. "Hey!" he shouted, and swung his bat. The black ball flew in the other direction, toward the Gryffindor Beater who had hit it first. Emilio smiled wickedly as it hit its target.

The game seemed to have no end. Em could see the other players getting discouraged when the Snitch still hadn't been found, but Em had no problem. He flew around the pitch, whacking Bludgers in every direction except at his own team. The longer the game progressed, the happier he became. Em could feel himself brightening with every turn back and forth, and he began to wish he could do this forever. He grinned and thumbs-upped the other players on his team, noticing their shocked expressions at his unexpected cheerfulness.

Suddenly, two players dived, one in a green cloak and the other in red. The rest of the players froze as their eyes followed the Seekers in their desperate battle to win their way to the Snitch first. Then the whistle blew. "Slytherin wins!" the referee shouted. The crowd cheered as the players landed and Em was swarmed with the attentions of his housemates. He felt his cheerfulness evaporate, replaced by his traditional scowl. Pushing his way out of the crowd, he stood alone until the rest of the team struggled free and led the masses back to the castle. Em lagged behind, happy they had won, but sad to have left the air, the one place where he felt he belonged.
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PostSubject: Re: *Do Not Post In This Thread*   *Do Not Post In This Thread* EmptyMon Feb 11, 2013 7:44 pm

Character Full Name: Dustin Crouch
Age: 11
Position in the Team : Chaser
Why you chose that role?: Was the only free space available
Are you interested in being Captain?no not really

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PostSubject: Re: *Do Not Post In This Thread*   *Do Not Post In This Thread* EmptyTue Feb 12, 2013 12:36 am

The Slytherin Quidditch Team is COMPLETE!
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