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 Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)

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Augustus Beckett

Posts : 9
Join date : 2016-03-24

PostSubject: Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)    Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:45 pm

Gus loved life. He loved his job, his house, and even his cat, Duncan, whenever he wasn't being an ass. Gus was a happy fellow. He realized very early in life that he didn't need a family to make happiness. That everything was good without one. As long as he had his plants, Gus was good, life was good, everything was good. But he knew that everything could change at any moment. He could win the lottery and decide not to work, a woman could walk through the door at that moment, and everything could be different. Gus was optimistic about life, but in a very realistic way.

He knew that it could change, but at the same time, the probability of it happening was close to slim. And that made his heart hurt. There was something deep inside him that wanted a wife and maybe a few kids, but it wasn't big enough to go searching. Gus believed in fate. He believed that everything happened for a reason. He believed that he could be so blind and his happily ever after could be starting at him right in the face.

He wasn't looking for it no. But it could happen. It couldhappen in a blink of an eye. That was what kept Augustus Beckett moving everyday of his life. So at that very moment when the bell went off in his shop, he looked up too see possibly his future.
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Ella Vega
Ella Vega

Posts : 746
Join date : 2012-08-12
Age : 22
Location : Hogwarts

My Character
Activity: Adult, Trainee Auror

PostSubject: Re: Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)    Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:01 pm

Ella gripped the tiny hand of her daughter, whom in just five short months would be turning four, as the navigated their way through Diagon Alley. Ella had been on her way back from work and had stopped through the wizarding shopping district to buy both her and Emma a few pairs of cloths, seeing as Emma's were now getting a bit snug. She also happened to grab something for her nephew and her sister, because that was who Ella had now turned into. She had went from being a true Slytherin to being someone who cared about everyone else before herself.

Ella had been busy hustling through the large amount of people and thinking about how in June, she would be turning 23 when she heard Emma's voice cry out. "Mummy!" the voice followed by the sound of crying. Ella looked down and frowned because Emma had tripped and scraped her knee. Hurt for her daughter filling her heart, she picked up the little girl and entered a Healing shop. Sure she knew spells to do just that, but she was always worried on the off-case that she would perform it wrong and harm her daughter.

The small bell above the door rung when Ella opened the door and soon, Ella and Emma were swallowed into the quietness of the shop and off the streets. Ella's headache, the one she never knew she had, went away and Emma's crying died down as she made eye contact with the shopkeeper and offered him a smile.


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Augustus Beckett

Posts : 9
Join date : 2016-03-24

PostSubject: Re: Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)    Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:56 am

As the bell rang signaling Gus that somebody had entered, and not just anybody, a brunette beauty with beautiful dark eyes had came in. Gus's heart fluttered, and he guessed that this was fate's way of saying "wake up buddy, this is your moment, take it". But unfortunately, fate had a funny way of dealing with things. With the dark haired beauty was a beautiful little girl who seemed rather upset and sported a bleeding knee. Simple fix really, but Gus wanted to get to know the dark haired beauty.

"And what do we have here?"

He went around the counter and kneeled to get a look at the little girl.

He took out his hand and said, "Hi, My name is Gus! And you must be a princess!"

Truth be told, he had no idea what he was doing when it came to children. But to impress the empress, one must win over her Princess.

He said, "Oh, my lady...what could have possibly happened? I bet you battled a dragon on your way in. But I bet he got a better beating than a bloodied knee. But no matter, nothing I can't fix up for a Princess!"

Gus looked at his dark empress and asked, "And what might your name be my lady?"

Gus hoped he wasn't being too out there, and obvious with this. But anything to at least get something. Maybe he hoped that with his luck this would be a single mother, and fate was being kind to him. After all, everything did happen for a reason.

He raised his wand and said, "This won't hurt, you'll just feel a tingle."

He watched as the blood cleared off, and the wound slowly started to heal itself. He smiled at his good work. He brought out a paste that would help the wound not to scab up, and placed a bandage on the little girls knee.

He said, "Put this under the bandage once more when you put a new one on, and it should be all clear by morning. This will cost you one dinner date."

Gus didn't usually hit on his customers, but he felt the need to do this one. He had a feeling that this one wouldn't be easily won over, and he was willing to fight for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)    

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Fate Has A Funny Way Of Dealing With things (open to Jahs only)
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