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 Daniel Kingsley

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Daniel Kingsley

Daniel Kingsley

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Daniel Kingsley Mcg4yu
Daniel Kingsley Jamie-3-jamie-campbell-bower-31139981-500-600
Daniel Kingsley

Daniel Kingsley 19s5f8

Full Name: Daniel Kingsley
Gender: Male
Birthday: 25th May 2014
Age: 19
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: British
Current Residence: London, England

Daniel Kingsley 9qbsdu

Family: Father: James Kingsley, who is Auror and 49 years old man, who probably soon will retire from his job, he is halfblood. He is ex-slytherin.
Mother: Amanda Kingsley (nee Hemmingway), who is Healer and 47 years old woman, who have decided to do her work so long as she can, she is halfblood too. She is ex-ravenclaw.
Sister: Danielle Kingsely, she is 19 too and Daniel's twin. She became healer like her mother did and she is still just trainee still there. She is halfblood of course too. She is ex-ravenclaw.
Sister: Alyssa Grinthel (nee Kingsley), she is 27 years old woman who is currently at home with her second child, she used to be Auror. She is halfblood and ex-slytherin.
Sister's Husband and kids: Karlos Grinthel, he is 28 years old Auror, ex-slytherin, halfblood. Anette Grinthel, 6 years old girl, halfblood. Henri Grinthel, 1month old boy, halfblood.
Brother: Micheal Kingsely, 25 years old man, who is jobless currently. He used to be Auror but realized it's not for him. Halfblood, ex-hufflepuff.

Bloodline History: No need since he is halfblood.

History: Daniel was born as the one of the last kids into the Kingsely family. He is just 10 minutes older than her twin sister Danielle. These two have always get along quite well, even if they did a fight in times too. With his older siblings things were more complicated. Since they were 6 and 8 years older then they most of times did found the twins be too young for their games. So that's why twins did play most of times together when they were younger. When they grow older they weren't that close since they found their own friends with who tho hang out. With parents Daniel gets along quite well, they are best parents who kid ever could want. They are there for you when you need them and they do anything for their kids.
Too be honest Daniel have known ever since she was 3 or so who he is. Since then his older sister went Hogwarts first time. He discovered magic in himself when he was 5 years old boy.
Ever since then he began to be careful around muggles.

When he himself finally got 11 with her sister then it was their time finally go to Hogwarts. He was sorted into Gryffindor house what was first time that anyone from his family had went there. His twin was sorted into Ravenclaw like mother was. Daniel probably was like gryffindor more than any other house. He loved to be in his house. He got so many new friends over these 7 years in Hogwarts. He did even pass all his exams with good grades, mostly O's and E's. He got actually one A and it was Potions. He has never been good at that subject for sure.

After Graduating Hogwarts he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. So even if now it's been already two years he still tries to figure it our. His father wants him to become Auror but he himself doesn't feel like if it's right path for him. Healer doesn't even seem so good idea. He have even thought owning cafe or shop sounds better than being Auror or Healer. He needs to figure it out soon.

Daniel Kingsley 1zecfhc

Appearance: Daniel is quite tall, he is about 183cm, he mostly looks from people up to down. His weight is 75kg, what is quite normal for him. He is quite slim and her body build is quite athletic, he likes to work out when ever he can and has time for it.
You can see her mostly wearing jeans, t-shirts and jackets. She doesn't really wear suits much, only when it's really needed, like parties and such other events what need formal clothes.

Personality: Daniel is most of times friendly and kind young man. He doesn't like to be rude or mean with people. He can be that if you piss him off or hurt someone with who he is close, then her can be quite mean one and he can say things what he doesn't really meant just to hurt the person. He would never use physical strength to hurt someone, just his words can be hurtful. He is actually brave one, he isn't really afraid of anything. You could say he is afraid of being alone, he always likes to be around his family or friends. He hates when he needs to be alone and do things alone. He has always been someone who likes to be around people, not really center of attention. Well he can do things alone when needed but he would like to be around people for sure. He is quite smart one for sure even if doesn't like to show it always out, mostly because he doesn't wanna be center of attention. He will let others to have the spot light usually.
He is good at making friends and he have lots of friends with who he his pretty close one. He is someone who would be always there for his friends when they need his help for sure. He is very loyal and trustworthy person.

He knows even how to play guitar, he learned it herself. He isn't that good at it yet, he began to learn it few years ago.
He knows martial arts but he doesn't really use it out of class time really. Feels like not good idea.

His patronus is White Tiger, he isn't even sure why it is that but it has been it for awhile now already, even since when she learned how to call it out.
Her Boggart is probably that being alone in darkness and not having anyone around him. He isn't not that sure where that came but he is afraid it has something to with past but not sure how.

Daniel Kingsley Nbt8xd

Daniel was having dinner with his family. They did eat together the dinner nowadays barely. They all were always so busy with their own lives for sure. Daniel himself still tried to figure out what he wants to do with his life. His parents want him to become healer or auror but himself doesn't feel like those both suit for him. He doesn't wanna be neither of them. He really haven't found out what he wants to be for sure.

He have decided that he will move out from his parents house but he haven't decided when he will do it yet. Also living with parents can be quite good, you don't have to pay any rent or so but same time he doesn't like it since his parents can get on his nerves quite much. He is always out until it's late and his parents don't like it. Well parents nag a lot about things what he does wrong in their eyes.

Well the dinner was good until his parents began to talk about work and asked questions when he will get some kind of job himself. They did same thing with his older brother Micheal, who had recently quit his job as Auror. Dan looked at her parents and just sighed. "I will get a job when i want," he said there and was done with his dinner for today. "I'm done now, so please excuse me," he said there and stood up and left the dinning room. His parents didn't say anything now.

He went to his room and just sat on his bed. He knew he needed to find a job and his own apartment soon for sure. He grabbed his guitar from her bedside and began to play it slowly. He played some melody what he have heard some where, he wasn't sure what they title was exactly. He just did pass some time for now. Also same time he thought what to do.
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Accepted! Very Happy

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Daniel Kingsley
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