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 Bennett E. Fox

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Bennett Fox
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PostSubject: Bennett E. Fox   Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:30 pm


Full Name: Bennett Elijah Fox
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 28th, 2022
Age: 11
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: British

Mother - Rachel Ellis (neé Bennett), 28, Halfblood, Housewife
Father - Marcus Fox, 30, Halfblood, Quidditch player
Stepfather - Richard Ellis, 33,  Muggle, Lawyer
Sister - Eleanor Ellis, 3, Muggle

Maternal Grandmother - Emma Bennett, Deceased, Halfblood
Maternal Grandfather - Thomas Bennett, Deceased, Halfblood
Maternal Uncle - Maxwell Bennett, 45, Halfblood, Senior Auror
Aunt - Laurie Bennett, 41, Muggle, Writer
Cousin - Oliver Bennett, 18, Halfblood, Assistant Unspeakable
Cousin - Matthew Bennett, 16, Halfblood, Student
Maternal Uncle - Asa Bennett, 43, Halfblood, Musician
Aunt - Lucy Bennett 46, Muggleborn, Musician
Maternal Aunt - Eleanor Mitchell (neé Bennett), 35, Halfblood, Housewife
Uncle - James Mitchell, 35, Muggleborn, Restaurant Owner
Cousin - Amelie Mitchell, 8, Halfblood
Cousin - Eric Mitchell, 8, Halfblood
Paternal Grandfather - Marcus Fox Sr., 55, Pureblood
Paternal Grandmother - Susan Fox (neé Jameson), 57, Half Blood
Paternal Aunt - Lilian Fox, 25, Half Blood

The Bennetts are a very English family, started in London, England (and it is still mostly in there). Once a family with a pure blood line, the tradition of marrying withing the family (immeadiate and/or extended) was broken by Nathaniel Bennett in the 1900's when he married a young muggle born witch. They have been known for their fair skin and pure, vibrant blue eyes and their raven hair. Almost everyone in the family shares those traits, however there are some exceptions, most of these who have brown hair instead of raven, and gray eyes instead of blue. Once rich and luxurious, the Bennetts are now scattered around England, with the majority living in London, and of whom are of higher-middle class most often.

Rachel Ellis (neé Bennett) is the fourth and last child of Emma and Thomas Bennett. Born on April 12th in London, England, Rachel attended Hogwarts under Gryffindor House but sadly did not graduate. While at school, she proved to be a a talented witch in Deffensive and Offensive spells, as well Potions and History. The summer she was 16, Rachel and some friends took a trip to Ireland to see a Quidditch match in which the Kenmare Kestrels were scheduled to play. Rachel was one of the few lucky fans given the opportunity to meet the Ireland-based team after the match, and so her first one-night stand happened. Completely smitten with the charming 18-year-old Chaser, Matthew Fox, Rachel threw everything out the window to "live life to the fullest". With plans of meeting up again, the two parted ways until Rachel contacted Matt about a very unexpected gift: Bennett.

The Fox family that the people in this history belong to was first started in Kaiserslautern, Germany. During the muggle WW2, they moved to America, where the rest of the family resides aside from a few that flew back to Europe a dacde after the war, settling in Germany, Spain, and Ireland. They must have been a pureblood family at some point, but that must have been way back in the history of the family, as by the 1900s they already had muggleborn witches and wizards. They are often of middle to lowers classes, but there are the exceptions who have more wealth than six of the families combined. Most of them have a mix of either brown or green eyes, with light olive skin, and hazelnut brown hair.

Marcus Fox, born on November 23rd in Dubling, Ireland, is the eldest child of Marcus Sr. and Susan Fox. He was raised in money, luxury and commodities, and attended Hogwarts under Gryffindor house. From a very young age, he showed talent for flying and was incredibly fast. At 17, he was signed to Kenmare Kestrels as their Chaser, a team he was loyal to until he turned 24 and signed in with a German team. A year after getting signed with the Kestrels, Marcus had a one-night stand, resulting in the future birth of a baby boy, with a young English witch. His career about to peak, Marcus was advised to not follow in with a marriage or living-together type of deal (which he didn't want anyway). Instead, he kept himself away from the boy until his 7th birthday, when Marcus took him to a Quidditch game for the Spanish team versus the English team.

Bloodline History: N/A

Born on August 28th, Bennett is the only child of Rachel Ellis (neé Bennett) and Marcus Fox, and the eldest child of Rachel. In hopes of not losing her family, Rachel named her firstborn Bennett. From a young age, he has known he must have been a surprise baby, or a mistake baby, simply based on his father's absence and his mother's young age, even though Rachel has never told him so. Ever since birth, his father has only been in and out of his life, resembling more an uncle who comes visit from time to time, spoiling Bennett with a day full of adventures and bittersweet memories. His earliest memory is of his 3rd birthday, when him and Rachel were at the beach, eating strawberry ice cream and him smiling as his mother took pictures. When Bennett was 6, his mother began dating a family friend, Richard Ellis, the son of a muggleborn mother and a muggle father. On his 7th birthday, Bennett reunited with Marcus as they attended an England vs. Spain quidditch game, Bennett's first game ever.

Throughout his early childhood, due to his mother's age and work, Bennett lived with his grandmother and his Uncle Maxwell along with his family. He grew up with a big extended family, always getting along with his younger cousins and living life with the older ones. He watched and learned from everyone in his family, hence why he thinks he knows everything - or most of it - there is to know about "life". For example, he knows it's bad to take people's word for anything, As they often cheat you and let you handle the aftermath alone. He also knows that if you're a girl it's best not to fall in love because you'll end up crying in the kitchen floor as your aunt comforts you. And, if you're a boy and you fall in love, don't fall in love with your best friend because you'll ask her out while drunk and she'll take it a joke...leading to heartbreak.

At age 9, his younger (half)sister was born, and Bennett began to spend more time with his bilogical father in order to get away from his mother, who was spending all her time with baby Eleanor and ignoring him. It was during this time that Bennett showed his first sign of magic. He was in the living room, watching TV as his baby sisger began crying and the audio of his show was muted out by her crying. Rachel told him to turn off the TV because it bothered Eleanor, so Bennett - in a flood of anger and annoyance and jealousy - made the television explode causing his mother to ground him for a month. No TV, no board games, no reading, no video games. Nothing. Just him, in his room....lonely. He's resented Eleanor ever since.

Shortly after his 10th birthday, Rachel and Richard were married officially, so the muggle became Bennett's REAL stepfather. They get along pretty well, Richard often acting more like a father figure than Marcus himself. At age 11 he finally received his Hogwarts letter, and Marcus was excited to teach him how to fly, so Bennett could be a prodigy like him, but Bennett is only better than average, not amazing. Slightly disapointed to not have much in common with his father, Bennett dedicated his summers to practicing flying and the whole game itself. With practice, Bennet got better than he was before, and his father now often takes him out to games, publicly claiming Bennett as his son.

Appearance: Bennett has very common brown hair, which he never brushes. Contrary to most of the Bennett family, his eyes are a deep - almost black - brown. At eleven, he is only 4 feet and 7 inches tall. Bennett is a fan of jeans and plaid. Those two are his major must-haves. If he ever chooses to wear anything else, it's just going to be a pair of jeans and a simple tee. He likes to say he owns a googleplex plaid shirts, but of course he's exaggerating. He owns about 15, though. He does NOT like to wear shorts.

Personality: Bennett is friendly enough to help people out if they need anything or to make small talk if the situation calls for it. He won't however, go out of his comfort zone to speak to people. Don't expect him to go crazy over meeting new people, because that is most certainly not him. Bennet likes to know he's right, smarter than most people, and he will sometimes brag about how much he knows. If anything, he's very selective when it comes to choosing friends, but those who win him over can expect a lifetime of loyalty, no matter what. Those who tend to capture his attention are the weird kids; geeks, flower children, loners, etc, because he hates seeing people getting left out.

Though he doesn't admit it, Bennett is a fighter. In every sense of the way. He can fight with his fists (thanks to Marcus) and he can fight with his wit (thanks to Rachel). He is not lazy in any way, instead he goes after what he wants and if he can't get it he will fight for it. With his parents, he tends to use blackmail. With his Uncle Max, however...well, he's too old and wise to fall for Bennett's tricks.

Despite being the son of a Quidditch prodigy, Bennett is only mildly athletic. He's quite tall for his age, and very, very fast on a broom, so he's a good Chaser. He can fly, but he can't run to save his life. He's quite forgetful, often opting to prioritize and then forgetting about the rest of the things on his to-do list. He's an incredibly fast learner, and unlike most people, he retains what he's learned. He's a bit cocky, to be honest, and maybe a *tiny* bit conceited.

Bennett tries to be a good son, a good relative to everyone in his family. Though he's very intelligent, he's not the kind of person that puts education above everything else. He actually hates the school system, but loves learning. He considers intelligence and education to be something far from what school buildings and administration make people believe.

He hates people generally but loves them individually, meaning he dislikes humanity as a whole, but individual people are too amazing not to be awed at. If Bennett says he loves something, he really does, just like when he says he doesn't like something, he really doesn't. There is never any wondering with him. He is either in or he's out, and he'll let you know where he stands. Some of his biggest fears are iced bodies of water, and spiders.  He loves, and I mean LOVES, blueberries and pineapple. He grew up vegan, so he doesn't eat any of that meat stuff, and he's actually never tasted it.

Please refer to THIS thread.
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Bennett E. Fox
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