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Casey Williams

Casey Williams

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PostSubject: Casey Williams   Casey Williams EmptyMon Dec 21, 2015 8:36 pm

Casey Williams 2m7urmw

Casey Williams Ardixiehd-movie-f7177163c833dff4b38fc8d2872f1ec6-smaller-44
Casey Williams 19s5f8

Full Name: Casey Sarah Williams
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 30, 2025
Age: 8 and a half years old
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality: British

Casey Williams 9qbsdu

Family: Casey doesn't really have any family she's met aside from her parents and her big brother Humphrey. She knows that many of them have already died, and that the ones on her mom's side that are still alive don't like her dad so cut off ties with her mother. It's kind of sad that they simply stopped speaking to her, but her mom told her that she let the relationship go intentionally so it would be easier to hide that their dad was a wizard. That has never really made sense to her, and she still considers it kind of rude that they don't even try to send a birthday card or something every now and then.

Still, she had two loving parents and the best big brother, so she knew she had a lot to be grateful for. Casey was the bright spot of the family, always with something kind to say and helpful with chores without complaining. Humphrey sometimes teasingly called her their 'little ball of sunshine', and though she teased him right back she was touched that he thought she made their lives brighter and better.

Humphrey was born in England, but in the four and a half years roughly between her and her brother's birthday, their parents had moved from London to Edinburgh, Scotland. They had made the decision so that they would have more open space to play in, and could even get a pet eventually.

History: Casey and her big brother had made excellent use of the space in Edinburgh, running around chasing each other and climbing trees when their mother was too busy to scold them for it. From time to time Humphrey or Casey would come up with silly, harmless pranks to keep things fun. Probably the most entertaining one was when Humphrey had did some studying and figured out how to make a chemical reaction. Both of them were told they'd have to go to muggle school until old enough for Hogwarts. But anyways, the muggle chemistry had discovered an easy way to make a simple, harmless orange foam when mixed together. The two of them had set it up where Humphrey had placed it, and when he had left she simply had to pour one vial of a fluid into the other and then run before the foam started expanding. They'd planned it to do it at the top of the stairs, just off to one side, and it had worked exactly as planned. The orange foam had eventually started falling down the stairs, and when their dad came home from work and their mom had gotten back with the groceries, they had simply been sitting quietly in the kitchen reading. Both of them shared a love of books. Their father had seen it first, and burst into laughter. Mom, however, thought it wasn't funny at first, and told them to clean it up. By the time the two of them had cleaned up the mess, though, their mom was laughing along right with their father. The two of them had been completely covered in orange bubbles and foam, which they'd rinsed off in the yard.

It was moments like that which had helped her enjoy her childhood, and she'd made a few muggle friends as well. Her brother would always be her favorite, though. Even though he tried to act grown-up and use his 'logical Ravenclaw side', as he would put it, she could always find a way to tease him out of it and get him to do silly things with her. Casey even convinced him one time to bring him back some joke items they could use for pranks, which were absolutely brilliant in her opinion. Sometimes her mother would try to get her to behave more ladylike, instead of like a tomboy; but, Casey was stubborn on that issue and would only sit still and behave for up to an hour or so before running off.

When Humphrey had left for Hogwarts, they had gotten her a reddish-orange colored husky that they even let her name. After a lot of thought, she had eventually named the Husky after one of her favorite characters in fiction, Alice from the Lewis Carroll stories Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. She'd gotten her as a puppy, and though it could never replace her brother, the dog was a better companion for her than most of the kids at school were in her opinion. It's not that she disliked them, more that she knew she could never tell them about the magical world and could never be herself. With Alice, she could be herself and not worry about revealing a secret by accident.

One other thing that Casey liked to enjoy, aside from reading and running around with Alice, was drawing. Whether it was with crayons, colored pencils, or occasionally trying a painting she simply loved creating her own pictures. Her imagination created some truly unique places, and everybody in her family thought that she had a gift when it came to her art. Probably her favorite pictures were the ones Humphrey had helped her come up with ideas for. Although he couldn't draw well at all he had a vivid imagination and gave her good ideas when he was there to help.

Sometimes Humphrey would even read her a story when it was time for bed. It had started when she was a little kid, before she was old enough to read for herself. However, both of them had decided to continue it when he was home because they still enjoyed reading. It could be a challenge sometimes because Humphrey would sometimes try a story where girls and boys liked each other, which was disgusting in her opinion. But, they always managed to find a compromise. It was comforting to her to snuggle up with him and listen to his voice, because although some things changed other things would always be the same. And one of those things was that Casey knew Humphrey would always care for her and be there if she needed him.

Casey Williams 1zecfhc

Appearance: Her eyes and hair are the same as the picture I used. Eventually the hair will grow longer but when that happens I will update the picture. As far as height and weight, she only ends up as 5'0, so I imagine at the age of eight she'd be a little shy of 4 feet tall perhaps. Somewhere around 4'0. As for weight she'll always be slim but athletic, so maybe around sixty or seventy pounds I would say. Pretty light, but athletic so not stick thin because she has a good core strength. When her hair does grow out it will have a slight curl to it, not near as much as Humphrey's, but some. As far as what she likes to wear, at the moment it is mostly whatever's good to play in. Has a pair of jean overalls, and a favorite red baseball cap she likes to wear when playing outside. When she's not playing she mainly likes light blues, oranges, green or brown. Her favorite color at the moment would definitely be red. She secretly likes pink and even purple, but only wears it when her mom makes her and puts up a fight when she does. Because she likes to maintain her tomboy appearance. She often wears shorts or long pants, does anything to avoid skirts. As for footwear she prefers to wear her pair of running shoes that have a high ankle for support to keep it from twisting when being active. But she also really likes a pair of low-top red converse that she thinks look really cool.

Personality: Casey, at the heart of her personality is very kind and sweet. She's a thoughtful person, and likes to think of meaningful gifts whenever birthdays or Christmas comes around. Sometimes she'll do something to help or make something for her mom, dad, or brother just because she can and needs something to do. Her dog is very protective of her, and she is of Alice as well. Once you become close to her she is incredibly loyal and does anything she can to make your life better. Also has a goofy sense of humor, and when she tells jokes they are always in such a way that it's never at the expense of others. One thing you should know about Casey is she firmly believes in cooties, and fears her brother has been infected because of the recent letters she's been sending. Although she likes playing sports with boys, the thought of liking or holding hands with one of them is gross to her, not to mention kissing.

One of the things she does when she doesn't know what to say is she simply sucks her lips in a little and thinks, so she doesn't say anything rashly that could be hurtful. If she does get mad, which is very rare, she will probably do that when she's trying to calm down and think of a kinder way to answer. Also has a tendency to pick at the laces of her high-top running shoes, especially when feeling nervous. She wears them almost all the time, and they are familiar to her. In some way they comfort her, like some kids have a blanket or stuffed animal that is special to them and helps them feel safe.

Even though she does try to be kind, she isn't afraid to be honest even if it might be hard for the other person to hear. If Humphrey is behaving like a prat she will stand up to him and let him know that. He usually caves in rather easily, since he has a soft spot and she knows it; however, there were times growing up where they did fight and it took a few days for things to simmer down between them. They never held grudges, and always made up after though. Deep down they both love each other so much they would never let it come between the sibling bond and friendship they've built over the years.

Compared to Humphrey, Casey is much more comfortable around groups of people. She doesn't like to be the center of attention, but she doesn't mind being stuck in classes close to other people or attending parties where it might feel crowded. Probably the best way to describe Casey is somebody who knows how to have fun, and she finds a way to bring the people around her along with most of the time.

Casey Williams Nbt8xd

After a long year of waiting, Humphrey was finally back from his first year at Hogwarts. Even though Casey knew he'd had no choice about going to Hogwarts since he had magic, a part of her was a little mad that she had ended up being left behind. It wasn't her fault, and it wasn't his; but, it was more a frustration that she'd have to wait so long before she'd be able to join him there. Reading letters from Humphrey about it and being at Hogwarts with him were two vastly different things. One day she would get to, but Casey really wished it wasn't so far off. Yes, she had Alice, and there were a few nice people in her class at the muggle school. Humphrey was her favorite person, though and she hoped he always would be. When the Hogwarts Express came into view she waited eagerly with her mother holding onto her shoulder to keep her from going off to find him on her own. Before long the train came to a stop and she saw a mop of dirty blonde hair after five minutes or so of waiting. Once he broke through the crowd and was a few steps away her mom finally let go of her Casey rushed forward and crushed him in a hug. "Humphy!! Welcome back, big brother." she said, shouting the first part before saying the second at a much lower level so only he would hear. She didn't like admitting that she missed him in front of her mom, because Casey did not want to be viewed as a little kid.

"Oh Casey, I missed you too." he said back.Her big brother had dropped his things at the sight of her running towards him and held her tight when she crashed into him in a hug. His hugs were the best, and were one of the things she'd missed the most. Thankfully, her tears of relief at having him back got squished into his robes so she didn't have to worry about wiping them away. Smiling as she finally let go after a good, long hug, Casey turned back to her mom and motioned for Humphrey to follow. Their mom greeted him as well before they got in the car and she drove them back home to Edinburgh, enjoying the view of the Scottish landscape as they passed it. When they got back home she told Humphrey to bring his trunk up and then meet her outside by their favorite tree. It was a large willow that grew on the back edge of their property, next to a small pond that belonged to their family as well. Everything after the pond was one of the neighbor's land.

Casey sat at the base of the trunk, facing the pond. Her knees were pulled up to her chest as she waited for her brother, who showed up not long after. Smiling a little, she patted the spot next to him on the grass. "So, Humphy. What was the most interesting thing that happened at Hogwarts this year?" she asked, looking up at him with her big blue eyes. Part of her wondered what she would hear, or even if he would tell her. Luckily, that last part was a worry with no basis as he scratched his head for a moment before answering. "Well, Casey. I'd have to say the most interesting thing was when this girl I was hanging out with kissed me. She's this blonde girl, from Slytherin, named Dakota. We were just hanging out as friends, and I really didn't expect it. Didn't last long, and I was too shocked to kiss her back; but, it was definitely the most interesting thing. It made me a little nervous around her, but...she is kind of cute in her own way." Looking at him with wide eyes, Casey couldn't believe what she'd just heard. That was absolutely disgusting, that a girl would think of her brother that way was weird enough. But that she would do it with no warning when they were only eleven, that was just creepy.

Examining her brother's features, she noticed he was blushing a little at having told his little sister this. "Humphrey, that doesn't sound like she's cute to me. You clearly weren't expecting the kiss and didn't want it. Not that I think you should be kissing anybody yet even if you did want to. Because it's disgusting." she said pointedly, giving him a slight smile to let him know that one day maybe it would be okay, just not yet. One of the ways she let Humphy know when she was serious was when she used his full name instead of the nickname, which she had done at the start of that. "Maybe be more careful around this Dakota, I don't mean to be annoying. I just...don't want you to get hurt Humphy. Perhaps you should hang out with that Sinead girl more, she sounded nice." she said, giving him a bigger smile before taking his hand and pulling him up. "Now, come on. Let's see if you can catch me or if you've gotten slower while you were away." Casey told him, sticking her tongue out before darting off like a blonde bullet.

Casey's female reddish orange husky named Alice:
Casey Williams Tumblr_m8bepfXLyS1qmhnwq
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I'll sort her when she's old enough for Hogwarts, yes?

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Casey Williams
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