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 Trying To Explain (Dakota)

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Trying To Explain (Dakota) Empty
PostSubject: Trying To Explain (Dakota)   Trying To Explain (Dakota) EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 4:40 pm

Humphrey knew that telling Dakota how he felt about her was going to be a difficult task. Because, since the return to Hogwarts he had been acting distant from her; and, not really standing up for her when Sinead was mean. Instead, he had done the opposite and stood up for Sinead which had probably hurt the girl's feelings. For that, he truly didn't blame her. The reason for this is because he felt awkward, nervous, and confused around Dakota now. That was due to the simple reason that he had feelings for her. It all came down to this past summer when he started to realize that he liked her as more than a friend. More than once, his mind had flashed back to the time in first year where she'd kissed him out of the blue. A small smile lit his features for a moment, before he frowned and tried to figure out how to explain his behavior. Then it hit him, there was no excuse; the fact of the matter was he'd been behaving like an idiot. Although it hurt some to be that brutally honest, Humphrey knew that it was the truth. Being completely honest is what's important here. With her, and with myself.

Humphrey waited anxiously for Dakota to arrive, his fingers twitching against his side because no matter how hard he tried to calm down there was a nervous energy he couldn't get rid of. The previous day he'd sent her an owl asking where they could meet up, and she said to meet her in the dungeons. This area of Hogwarts was one he wasn't truly comfortable in, he much preferred the open spaces of the grounds or the towers. However, he figured that the reverse was probably true for the Slytherin. The blonde hadn't specified where in the dungeons, so he had decided to pick a place in the main corridor and let her find him. If she knew somewhere where they could talk privately that would be great, but if not he would still tell her how he felt. In spite of all his confusion, the one thing he was certain of was that telling her how he felt and asking her out on a date was the right move. If she didn't feel the same way about him as she may have possibly used to feel; well, it was his own fault that he'd missed the chance.

At heart, though, Humphrey would always be an optimist. Whenever things started looking down he always tried to look to the hopeful side of things. Despairing, especially about something that hadn't happened yet, served no purpose. Finally, Humphrey saw a blonde head appear around the corner and he grinned a little before waving. "Over here, Dakota!" he shouted and waved, making sure he was loud enough that she wouldn't have to look for too long to find him. Putting on a serious face, he tried to calm himself a bit. This was important business, he couldn't screw this up. Although he hadn't showed it this year, Dakota was more important to him than almost anybody in his life. At school, the only person he cared about as much was Sinead but they were friends, not more than that. At home, he cared about his parents but his little sister was the one he had a soft spot for. Kota could potentially become more important to him than anybody if things worked out, it was a big if, though.

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Trying To Explain (Dakota)
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