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 As Fate would have it [Aeva]

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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

Posts : 41
Join date : 2014-05-26

PostSubject: As Fate would have it [Aeva]   Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:14 am


As a buddhist, Mo didn't normally celebrate Christmas, but after having come to England and most of his friends celebrating it, he'd sort of started to really enjoy the festivities around it. He'd even given presents and received some. But this Christmas, Mo hadn't had a chance to do anything but work through all the snow-y festivities. He'd even had to go all the way up north, where there was so much snow, and take pictures there. It was all good, though. Afterall, he did love his job. But it absolutely took its toll on him. Especially when most of his friends would send him owls with pictures of how much they were enjoying themselves.

But now, this time, right now, Mo had off. Which was the first time in months. February had brought a bone-chilling wind with it, but Mo enjoyed the cold; he always had. He was heading along Diagon Alley, seeing a lot of cold faces and their breaths hanging in the air, before he took a turn to Knockturn Alley. This week was his week off, and he needed to relax, to have fun. He was meeting a couple of his chums at the Dancing Dragon, a place Mo hadn't visited yet, but from their description, it seemed like the right place to go to wreak havoc.

The warmth of the club hit him like a sauna, and Mo's instant thought was: how the hell was he gonna find his friends. But his friends found him, pulled him over to a table and had him chug a pint of beer in the matter of seconds. They'd found a few girls they were chatting lively with, and Mo discreetly rolled his eyes when one of his friends exclaimed: "This is my bud, Mo Jae Hwa! You might've heard of him, he's a really famous model!" Mo gave them a wave and an apologetic smile. The girls laughed and Mo got a new pint thrusted at him. Laughingly, he stood up. "Sorry guys, beer is nowhere near strong enough today!" he yelled over the loud music, and gestured to the bar.

He fell down on one of the stools and waited patiently for the bartender to get to him. He looked around at all the people dancing, many of them looking as if there was no tomorrow. "What can I get you?" the bartender asked and Mo directed his attention to him. "Two shots of your strongest firewhiskey and a jaegerbomb," he said. As the three drinks arrived, he quickly shotted the first firewhiskey and grimaced. A sudden though hit him: just how strong did firewhiskey actually get? And in a place like Knockturn Alley? There really was no telling. But the shotted the second one as well, to the amusement of the bartender, before nodding and standing up, making his way back to his friends. But they weren't there anymore. Mo frowned. He hadn't been gone that long, had he?

Shrugging, Mo turned back again and took a mouthful of the last remaining drink. One he didn't particularly like, but one he knew was effective. He sat down at a new spot by the bar with his back to it, his elbows resting on the desk, looking over the dancefloor, and, an hour later, he was drinking his third vodka redbull. Tomorrow was not going to be a good day, but right now, Mo was grinning from ear to ear. His friends had appeared and disappeared again several times, which Mo was okay with; they seemed to be having loads of fun. Something ginger suddenly caught his eyes and he noticed a particularly beautiful woman. Normally, Mo would do nothing, but with two shots, one jaegerbomb and three vodka redbulls' later, there was probably not much Mo would not do.

So he stood from the stool and walked over to the beautiful woman with a smile on his face. He had thought it'd be harder to walk, but he managed to walk in a decent line and stopped next to her. "Hello there," he said in his most charming way, and surprised even himself with how sober he sounded. "Mo," he added and extended a hand, hoping she wouldn't shy away.
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Aeva Rivière
Aeva Rivière

Posts : 83
Join date : 2014-10-07
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: As Fate would have it [Aeva]   Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:43 am

Maddy was now four months pregnant meaning she was showing even more than she had previously been showing. Along with the growing bowling ball in her stomach came new emotions and stronger hormones and Aeva grew more irritable and restless. Of course Aeva had seen pregnant women and all before but living with one was a lot different than being around one or even seeing them. She actually had to deal with her hormones, her crying and spontaneous laughter. She had to deal with the nesting and that fact that the little devil would be living in her home meaning she'd also have to deal with the excessive crying and the ridiculous amount of baby supplies such as bottles and formula and gear that would likely be strewn about her house. Her home wouldn't even be her home anymore and she couldn't go to Hunter's because he was with someone or something of that nature.

Aeva sighed, ending things with Hunter was one of the worst things that happened to her, not because she liked him but because he was a great distraction. However now, she was forced to face the harsh reality she was living which drove her back to drinking nearly every night. Drinking proved a great distraction in the moment, however every morning she woke up to a nesting Maddy with a horrible hangover. Reality always seemed to slap her in the face, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it.

Of course, it wasn't even the nesting part or the fact that Maddy was emotional that caused Aeva to be so irritable; it was the fact that she was pregnant. The red head just couldn't shake the feelings for her sister, no matter how hard she tried. Sure she'd changed her mood towards her a bit, began talking to her more and she'd even helped her out on her own accord right before the Christmas holidays but there was always the nagging in the back of her head. The feeling of angst that resented the baby, as well as her sister. The feeling that so often drove her to drinking; literally.

When Aeva said Maddy cried over everything, she meant she literally cried over everything, including the microwave. Every time the microwave dinged, Maddy cried happy tears because it meant the food was ready and though it was funny at first; it was now annoying. Aeva rolled her eyes at the thought of Maddy and ran up the stairs to get dressed for the night. She threw on a pair of dark coloured jeans and a beige coloured sweater brushing her hair out down her back, her curls springing to life. She wasn't really dressed up but she also wasn't dressed as if she were going to work. If she were going to work, she'd be dressed in compression pants with a tank top or v-neck and her hair would be up. It wasn't sexy, in fact it was mostly quite the opposite because she didn't even wear make-up. It was, however, comfortable. Extremely comfortable and that was what the Auror lifestyle was about. Comfort and strength.

Aeva often spent her nights drinking at the dinky pub known as the Hog;s Head, however tonight she was going someplace different, someplace undiscovered. Instead of finding her way to Hogsmeade, Aeva found her way to Diagon Alley and then finally Knockturn Alley. She didn't know how she found the nightclub, nor did she care. Someone may have told her in fact that was more likely than the place all of a sudden existing in her mind. The Dancing Dragon was far from her home but not too far. Sure she had apparated but she had only apparated to the Leaky Cauldron as she'd never seen Knockturn Alley, therefore she wasn't certain of what it looked like. It was good for her, the walk. It gave her time to clear her mind.

The air was chilly but not unbearable, in fact it was refreshing. It was just as refreshing as splashing cool water on your face the morning after getting wasted. Aeva inhaled deeply her face turning to the dark sky for a moment before finally she pushed open the door. The nightclub was like an entirely different planet, one she'd never been on before. There were bright, coloured lights everywhere and they seemed to flash to the beat of the music. Aeva wasn't one to dance but her foot felt like tapping. There were people dancing everywhere, most of them drunk and with someone of the opposite sex, some alone. There were tables scattered about as well as a crowded bar and she could see people picked around and scattered at different tables. Her feet took her straight to the bar, however she was interupted when someone appraoched her. The guy, Mo as he introduced herself, was very clearly drunk. Aeva smiled knowing she could very well have some fun with this guy, especially with him being this drunk. "Hello," she replied, her French accent coming through thicker than usual. It was there all of the time, however today it just pierced through more thickly. "Aeva," she added with a smirk.


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As Fate would have it [Aeva]
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