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 A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED)

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A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED) Empty
PostSubject: A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED)   A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED) EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 11:32 pm

Feeling lost and confused, Ari had decided to venture out at night. Probably not the smartest idea, considering her state of mind, but Ari needed the fresh air. She felt like she had been smothered her entire life. Which was ironic considering she was the one doing the smothering. And now she couldn't handle it. She had refused to talk to Matthew. Why? She didn't know. It would've been the smartest thing to do, maybe he could've helped. Maybe she could've made him the perfect boyfriend that Derek never was. Maybe she could've found peace with the entire situation and she could've been happy. But, she was too stubborn. No matter how much she tried to not be like her parents, there was still that factor in there.

When she ventured outside, she didn't even care that it was raining. And that her beautiful red hair, her favorite factor about herself, was getting absolutely destroyed. She had made it to Hogsmeade. She breathed a sigh of relief and was suddenly very cold and wet and wanted to go back into the castle, but she was too far away, and it was far too late, and she was sure the castle would be locked up by now so there was no possible way she was getting back in now. She would have to live on the streets that night. She found an empty trash can, and decided that it would be good enough to shelter her from the rain that suddenly came all at once.

She felt like the rain was describing her life. At first, it was a light mist. There were some troubles there, but not enough to down pour. She could still shelter herself, and at the same time get just a little bit wet, but not enough to drown. As the rain came harder, she started to learn the truth about everything. How it wasn't all black and white as it seemed. Just when she was happy, when there was a peak of sunshine starting to shine threw the grey clouds, a downpour happened. Was it possible to rain during happiness? Ari had never seen it, but at that moment, she was feeling it. The rain wasn't strong enough to kill, but it had just enough force to leave scars. Just like her life.

Ari was just about to doze off, when somebody knelt down and cast darkness over her sanctuary for the night. She jumped and hit her head on the top of the trashcan. The man was older. He had color to his skin, and thin grey hair. His eyes read pure evil. Ari wished she could run away, but she was trapped. He roughly grabbed her hair, and pulled her out of her hiding spot. She was too scared to speak, so she didn't say anything. Even when he yelled at her to tell him her name. He smacked her a crossed the face when she didn't answer.

She noticed him looking her up and down in her battered Slytherin uniform. Maybe he would show her some mercy and kill her quickly since she was a Slytherin, and these kinds of people showed some what respect for Slytherins. Or so she thought. He chuckled. He said, "A Slytherin ehhhh." He had a thick accent that she was sure she had heard around Hogwarts, but she couldn't distinguish it. Ari wanted to cry. She wanted to run away, but she knew it wouldn't be worth it. The man laughed. He could probably read the fear etched on her face. She said, "If your going to kill me, go ahead and do it." The rain went harder, as if mocking her bravery. He said, "Oh I'm not going to kill you little one. I have a much bigger plan for you."

Ari was officially confused. He had frightened her. Had her in the most vulnerable position, and he wasn't going to kill her? He had his wand, and he was twirling it teasingly in his hands. In some ways, this was more torturous. She was ready to die. She wanted to go be with her mother. Embrace her, and tell her mother that Ari forgave her. He could be the one to do it. But yet he wasn't. He was going to let her live with the guilt. He was going to let her live in her pain and sorrows. And suddenly. Matthew popped into her head. She still hadn't told him about her mum. Was she going to drop this bomb on him too? Or would the evil man make her not tell, which would be even more torturous.

If all he left her was a bruise on her cheek, she would consider herself lucky. She could see the hatred in the mans eyes. She could see that he had killed before. That he had killed thousands of innocent souls. He smiled a wicked smile almost as big as the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. He said, "The names John. John Smith. What's yours?" Should she lie? She didn't want a man who was now in charge of her fate knowing her real name. Thinking fast, she said, "I'm Alice." She facepalmed at herself. Alice... This was the one chance she had at changing her identity, and she chose Alice. She didn't want the man to know about Matthew or any of her family at all. And if being "Alice" was the way to do it, then Being "Alice" she would be.

He said, "Well, Ms. Alice. Be awaiting my letters." And with a poof, he was gone. He left her standing in the rain to worry about her troubles. Ari now had a decision to make. She could risk going to the headmaster about this. She could risk her life, her families life, and Matthew's. Or she could run away and risk being found and killed, or she could face the man who now forever changed her life. The possibilities were endless, and she found no way out that ended good. Either way, somebody would get hurt. Either way, somebody would loose their head. And out of everyone, she would rather it be her, than somebody she cared about.

A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED) 16218103750_0f3466a5ca_o

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A Smile as Big as the Cheshire Cat's (CLOSED)
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