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 Carmen's App xD Edited one.

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Carmen Gonzales
Fourth Year
Fourth Year
Carmen Gonzales

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My Character

Carmen's App xD Edited one. Empty
PostSubject: Carmen's App xD Edited one.   Carmen's App xD Edited one. EmptyMon Dec 14, 2015 5:20 pm

Carmen's App xD Edited one. 2m7urmw

Carmen's App xD Edited one. Latest?cb=20150221200318
Carmenita "Carmen" Gonzales
Carmen's App xD Edited one. 19s5f8

Full Name: Carmenita Angelina Gonzales
Gender: Female
Birthday: 31st January 2020
Age: 13
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Norway, Oslo
Nationality: Half spanish and half Icelandic
School Attending: Hogwarts

Carmen's App xD Edited one. 9qbsdu

Family: Carmen has father whose name is Daniel Gonzales, he was born back in Spain. He is 36 years old Auror.
Also she has mother whose name is Lara Gonzales (nee Johnsson). She is 35 years old.
She has younger brother Stefan Gonzales, who is just 12.
She has also younger sister Alexis Gonzales, who is 10.
Her grandparents are alive but they live in Spain and Iceland.

Carmen's parents met in Norway when they were had graduated schools, her mother Durmstang and her father Beauxbatons. They fell in love and soon get married too. Not very long after than was born Carmen, then two years later Stefan and the once again two years later Alexis.

History: Carmen was born in Norway where her parents did met and did get married. So they lived currently there but decided to stay also there after Carmen was born. She grow up around Norwegian language, which was basically her main language, but she also did learn to speak Spanish thanks to her father and Icelandic from her mother basically. She can speak also English quite well. She had brother when she was two years older. When she did get four then sister.

She had always knew who she was that she was witch. She showed sign of magic when she was five years old girl. It wasn't surprise to her or anyone in her family.

She had pretty good life. Her parents did gave them everything what was needed. They weren't very rich ones but they could still have good life. She had good clothes, had always food at table and so on.

When she got 11 years old she got letter from Durmstang and also Beauxbatons since her parents had went different schools. She decided to go Durmstrang and follow her mother steps. She had to wait like few months before she could attend there. When that time came she was very excited about it. She did attend to Durmstrang two yyears but the had to transfer to Hogwarts. And seems like she had to sstart from second year again, she didn't really mind it.

Carmen's App xD Edited one. 1zecfhc

Appearance: She is around 4ft3inch long. Her weight is around 25kg. She is quite slim one.
She likes to wear everything what is currently in fashion. But most of times jeans, t-shirts and jackets. She isn't that much into dresses and skirts like most girls in her age. But she can wear them when needed.
She also wears earrings but small once she was 9 years old. Other jewellery really isn't part of her life.

Personality: She is sweet and nice girl, she likes to make friends. She is very loyal to her friends. She is honest with them but when needed she can keep secrets of course. She is actually really smart girl, she can remember things very easily, even names, she will met you once and she will remember your face and name always and so on.
She likes to draw and read books. She have always been liked to do it.
She hats bugs and spiders and any other small animals but she loves cats and dogs.

Carmen's App xD Edited one. Nbt8xd

Carmen countined to read there book. What made her yawn a little bit. She have never been interested about plants so that book wasn't interesting at all for girl. She sighed but kep reading. She needed do this. She heard some one talking to her. She looked at the person and smiled. She could tell he was boy.

"I don't mind. Unless you distract my reading," she said there with a smile. She was still happy about her Christmas. That's why she was so nice. Usuay she would tell the persin to get lost bit not today. She looked back at her book and countined reading it. She just hoped she could finish it soon.
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Carmen's App xD Edited one.
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