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 The Second Time (Closed)

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Ella Vega
Ella Vega

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The Second Time (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: The Second Time (Closed)   The Second Time (Closed) EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 1:05 am

Ella's fingers ran through the long, perfect straight blonde locks of her nearly four year old daughter. Her only daughter. The one that looked a little too much like her dead ex-husband. Luckily Emma didn't ask about a father, she didn't ask why her mother's hair was dark and hers wasn't but one day - she would. One day Ella would have to tell her about Rhys about why her last name was Riddle and not Vega. She'd have to tell her why she didn't have dark and curly hair. None of it Ella wanted to say. She didn't want to be the one to hurt her daughter, to cause pain but she also didn't want to make someone else tell her because Emma was her child. Emma was a Riddle, not a Vega, not a Malfoy.

Ella wrapped thick beige coat around her daughter. It fell perfectly over the dark pants and sweater she had on and it matched what Ella wore, except Emma had plush boots on and Ella had on snow boots. They were going for their normal morning walk, however lately it hadn't actually been as normal because Ella had more work to do the Ministry. Christmas time always proved to be more busy than any other times for Aurors and this year was no different which resulted in Emma being stuck in Ella's small office with her all day every day. It was far from being fair to Emma and even more so it was also unfair to Ella who had to deal with Emma's restlessness but anyone would say - it was Ella's fault for having a child while working a high maintenance job.

When Emma began to get antsy and constantly ask if they were leaving soon, Ella grabbed her hand and led her out of the house. It had taken Ella awhile to begin apparating again after Emma had been born and even now she didn't apparate if she was transporting Emma. The dangers of apparating with a young child or infant were unknown and Ella would not be one to test it. At some point she had gotten herself a small blue car and that car brought her everywhere or everywhere within the Muggle world at least. For traveling into the Wizarding world, Ella often used the Floo system because it is connected to everything and most importantly, it is safe enough for Emma.

The walk was nice, cool and clothed in white as the pair walked the trail hand in hand. Their steps were small in order to allow the small blonde to keep up. There was no reason to rush, not a one and Ella smiled for once, a real smile. However the smile would not last. They soon entered the woods, the darkness engulfing them, a slight wailing sound deriving from the slight wind upon the branches.  She'd only been there once before and while it hadn't been her ideal place to bring her daughter on their morning walk, it wasn't exactly dangerous. However, the forest held memories - memories that Ella never wanted to resurface. Though now, it had been too late. As Emma urged her mother forward down the trail, the surroundings became more familiar and suddenly she was thrown back in time.

Dusk approached quickly as the black fabric stretch tightly across Ella's ever growing abdomen.  The voice echoed out after her. It was a voice she'd know from anywhere. One that she had remembered ever since she'd come in contact with it when she had been eleven years old. The voice penetrated her, it pentrated her heart, her soul. It trailed her until she turned around to face the sparkling blue eyes. The eyes that shone like the stars. She had fallen in love with them at the mere age of eleven before she had even discovered what love was. Yet - she loved him but he didn't love her. He never had, and now he would never have the chance to. He had loved all the wrong people, the ones who didn't love him, the ones he didnt have a friendship with first. He loved everyone except Ella.

His voice was silky smooth, like velvet stroking her bare body. She was an Auror, he was a Reaper. She was pregnant and married and he was a Reaper. They would never be together, her chances was gone and if the Ministry knew that she was having a conversation with him, she would be gone too. She could have killed him, she could have done the Ministry a favour but she didn't. She couldn't. Ella and Wade had history, they had secrets, they had memories and to kill him, that would ruin her and Lucy and everyone else that cared for Wade. She wished that she could have done anything, anything in that moment to have saved him. She would have given her life and the life she had been growing inside to save Wade's even knowing he wouldn't have changed.

Hot tears streamed down Ella's face at the memories of Wade. He was a dick, inconsiderate and selfish. Ella couldn't believe she loved him but she also couldn't imagine loving anyone other than Wade. Losing him had been harder than losing Rhys and her own parents. Losing him had cut out a piece of her heart and left her damaged, hurt and she should have known better. She had a child, she had a life to live because she was better than Wade. She had a good head on herer shoulders, she didn't deserve to hurt like this. Wade had never deserved someone like her and she deserved someone much better than Wade but she didn't want to spend her life without him.

Wade was gone, he was off of this planet and yet Ella's thoughts still revolved around him. When she'd heard of his death she looked to Lucy for confirmation and tried to deny the confirmation she'd received. Only along with the confirmation she'd recieved more news. That news came in the form of a little blonde haired girl named Harmonia Malfoy. Ella knew nothing about her mother but she knew about her father and she felt for the girl but it was hard. It was hard to feel bad for a child that was the offspring of the person you loved the most. It should have been Ella having Wade's child. How was Ella supposed to feel? She didn't understand what her emotions were supposed to feel like, even now. It had been weeks, months since Wade's death, it had been even longer since she had known about Harmony. It had been even longer since Harmony had lived with Lucy, her best friend. Yet it was like all of it had just happened. It was still fresh.

A little voice broke the silence that had surrounded her. A little voice asked if she was okay and Ella began to lie to the little voice, to tell her that she was alright but she couldn't. She looked down to the perfect face. The perfect blonde mane surrounded a perfect angelic face that held blue-green eyes. The face was so, so similar to the little Malfoy's one. Harmonia. All of a sudden, Harmonia was all Ella could see. Such a perfect child who now would never know her parents as well as she should unless her mother turned up. She would only know her father as a Reaper and to Ella, that was disappointing. Another breakthrough of a little voice caused Ella's vision to clear up more and more until she saw her own daughter for who she was. She saw Emma Riddle, perfect little Emma.

"No," she whispered as tears continued to stream down her face, "I'm not okay, but I will be." She scooped the little girl into her arms and walked her back to the car.

The Second Time (Closed) Ella-lucianne_zpsfbuq08hv

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The Second Time (Closed)
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