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Madeleine Rivière

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Madeleine Rivière  Mcg4yu

Madeleine Rivière  Tumblr_nv9hvhG8t41uc1e40o1_1280
Madeleine Lucienne Rivière

Madeleine Rivière  19s5f8

Full Name: Madeleine Lucienne Rivière
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 17, 2012
Age: 21 years old
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Nice, France
Nationality: French
Current Residence: London

Madeleine Rivière  9qbsdu


Jacques Rivière - Father - 45
Alaina Abélard - Mother - 44
Aeva Lis Rivière - Sister - 19
Alaina Madeleine Rivière - Unborn daughter
Liliane Maelle Rivière  - Unborn niece

Jacques Rivière met Alaina Abélard, who was in her sixth year at the time, during his final year of Beauxbaxtons. He was a Pureblood and it had been arranged that he was to marry his childhood friend, however, it was love at first site. Alaina was a halfblood so he didn't see it as extreme deceit to his family, however, they did not agree. They believed that it was deceitful enough to get him disowned. The two courted each other for a while and finally, they officially became a couple the year after Alaina graduated and they got married when Alaina was 20. Shortly after Alaina's 23rd birthday, she found out she was expecting a little girl who was to be named Madeleine. When Maddy was born, it was clear that she was the spitting image of her mother.

The couple was excited as they brought up their little red -haired, blue/grey eyed child and around Madeleine's second birthday, the couple found out they were once again expecting. It was another girl and they decided to call her Aeva. Like Madeleine, the girl had fiery red hair like her mother, however, she had hazel-brown eyes instead of the blue/grey.

The girls grew up practically like twins in Nice, France. And Maddy liked it that way. They were raised well and they understood magic from a very young age. They never had the chance to meet their grandparents, as the ones on their mother's side had passed away from old age and their fathers side sealed all ties with him when they’d disowned him, but that didn’t make the girls feel bad in any way. They loved being all together and life was just wonderful for them.


Madeleine was born when her mother was 23 and her father, 24, as the first child in the family. Both of her parents were doting on her, and did everything they could so that she could be happy.  Her household was one that taught her about love, magic and dignity. And about two years after she was born, her   little sister, Aeva joined her, and Maddy was thrilled to have her! The two didn’t fight, ever, nor did they throw tantrums like most children did. The two flaming red headed girls were just happy being together.

When Aeva was expelled from several Muggle schools, Madeleine spoke up for her, trying to tell their parents that it hadn’t been her sister’s fault. In fact, she’d been trying very hard to get her parents to punish her instead of her sister. The last thing she wanted to see was her sister getting in trouble if she could stop it! Even when Maddy got her letter for Beauxbaxtons, she cried and cried for the fact that Aeva couldn’t go with her, not wanting to leave her sister to her own devices, flatly because she’d miss her too much. But when Aeva got her letter too, it seemed as if all the tears from Maddy’s first two years fell away. She was happy again and would do anything for her sister! Just after Maddy graduated, however, their mother moved the girls to London and transferred Aeva to Hogwarts, because Alaina had walked in on their father having an affair.

When the three ladies moved to the UK, Aeva pulled away, and Maddy fell into bouts of nothingness. At first, she didn’t want to get a job, she didn’t want to even leave the house. But she did, if it would do anything to help Aeva. In that time, Maddy met Jean-Claude, and as they courted, just like her parents had, she felt happy again, that her life wasn’t going downhill anymore. He was so loving to her, that she actually began to trust men again after what  her father had done.

But that wasn’t to last.

Aeva ran off, and Madeleine had to find her, and thankfully, put Christoph behind bars by finding her sister. Aeva’s return to their Mother’s house made Maddy feel good enough to be able to move away, and start her new life with Jean-Claude. However, that’s when things got even worse than ever.

He was not the kind man that he was before, it was as if a switch was flipped inside of his brain and she couldn’t manage to stop him from hurting her in more ways than one.

Then he got her pregnant.

And she became covered in bruises.

So she goes back to Aeva, hoping that her sister, could now help her, as she’d done a few years ago for Aeva...

Madeleine Rivière  1zecfhc

Appearance: Maddy is 5’6” and quite skinny. Her hair is red, and she usually likes it long, but every now and again she chops it all off to donate to people who need it, in the muggle world. Her eyes are a soft blue-grey, and she loves them, just like she loves all eyes. She’s a firm believer that the eyes are the windows to the soul. However, Maddy’s eyes also tell her emotion better than anything else. When she’s mad, they sparkle with the passion of fire deep inside them, and when it’s terribly cold out, her nose and cheeks as well as her ears are the first things to turn a bright shade of red to counter her hair. She’s also very pale, and so she burns if she’s been out in the sun too long. Maddy likes to be comfortable in what she wears, but she does enjoy getting all dressed up when she has the chance to! However, she doesn’t like her knees, so chances are, she won’t wear shorts or short skirts!

Personality: Maddy is very kind and generous to people that she trusts and loves, however, like her firey red hair, hidden inside of her there’s a passion that burns like the flames in hell. It’s a passion that sits in the flames until due time erupts, like the volcanoes. She’s fiercely protective and loyal to her younger sister most of all other people in the world. She used to be very happy all the time, and then something went wrong in her life. When her family moved, she moved away, with the man who was her husband, but he was far from kind to her, and so she became colder, more angry inside, and what’s more, more guarded. There were very few people that she’d let behind her walls, one in particular being her sister Aeva.

Prior to her marriage, Maddy was bubbly, energetic and always smiling and she never liked to stay still, however, when Jean-Claude, her husband, decided to make her life a living hell, she became colder, like ice, unable to keep a smile on her face for too long, unless she was with her sister. But because of Jean-Claude St. Cyr, she’s like an onion, with many layers that need to be peeled off, that only one knows how, Aeva. She stands strong and tall, clearly looking powerful on the outside, but actually a teddy bear at heart.

She fears being near anyone who did what Jean-Claude did to her, and Christophe did to Aeva, and so she falls back, and doesn’t often come around into the popular crowd or even into any crowds for that matter. She’d do anything, including die, for Aeva, and she wouldn’t let anyone dare touch her sister if she didn’t like it. Maddy’s boggart is her sister lying there dead in front of her, and her patronus is a bear, protective and strong, as she will be and ever has been, for Aeva.

Madeleine Rivière  Nbt8xd

Madeleine Lucienne Rivière was a woman who wore many hats. She was a friend, a sister, a teacher, a healer, she was anything her Aeva needed from her, and what Jean-Claude had done to Maddy made it seem, to the twenty-one year old red-head, that she had to go home.

Wherever home was.

To Maddy, home was wherever Aeva was.

So the red-head had gone back to her family, more for the express need to be with her sister, than anything else. Jean-Claude had really done it this time. Bruises covered the better part of her from the knocking around he’d given her, but what was worse, was that he’d gotten her pregnant and THEN hurt her again… Sure, she didn’t yet start to wear the little pooch that told people that she was pregnant, but she knew that would come sooner or later. And when it did, she wanted to be with Aeva.

And so, Maddy walked up the path to the house, limping, thanks to the likely fractured ankle that he’d given her that morning. One hand keeping her soon to be swollen belly safe, the other carrying her suitcase, she got to the door and set down her bag, so that she could knock on the door better. The ginger didn’t want to remove her hand from her stomach, just in case…

She was one to protect, fiercely, those that she loved, and her little one that was growing inside of her would be no different. Maddy was like the Mama Bear, keeping track of her cubs, making sure they were happy, healthy and safe, and though her cub was her baby, her Aeva also was like a cub to her…

The marks on her face, remnants of this morning’s mess, were starting to hurt, but she hadn’t stopped packing or running since, and so she hadn’t even cleaned herself off…

And that was the sort of thing that Aeva would open the door to see...
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Madeleine Rivière
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