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 Letters from overseas (Symona)

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Oddmund Hansen
Second Year
Second Year
Oddmund Hansen

Posts : 44
Join date : 2014-12-06

My Character
Activity: Breidablikk - year I

PostSubject: Letters from overseas (Symona)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:12 pm

Dear Symona,

how is your life at Hogwards Hogwarts going? I hope it's not that bad. Here, for example, every class became so much more difficult without your help our team spirit. I can barely understand what Professors say sometimes, not to mention homework. I think it was our feeling of unity that helped us on the way to the arcane mastery, although some envious gits say it's just because you gave me tips during classes and repeated professors' words when I struggle to translate them to normal human language. I have to admit, it is true to some extent, but I also think that there was more than just that. So I need ask you, weather it's okay for you there.

I also got a position of reserve keeper on our Quidditch team! So now I also have Quidditch practice on Wednesdays. Although I play as a beater there to help my teammates learn how to dodge bludgers. So if I ever fail as a writer, I can become a professional Quidditch player! Like Swen Anderson and others! Isn't it great, to have such backup plan?

Have you already been sorted into a House? I heard there are three five of them in Hogwarts. I hope it's not Sparklepoo, that would be terrible. I heard so many stories about it, but something tells me that you managed to get into a better House. Slothering Sleethirin Slithering, for example. I read that most of the greatest British wizards are from this House. And what about Carmen? She also transferred to Hogwards, right? Have you seen her, what House is she in?

I'm looking forward for your reply!
All the best,
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Symona Angelova
Second Year
Second Year
Symona Angelova

Posts : 27
Join date : 2014-12-10
Location : Durmstrang school of Magic and such

My Character
Activity: Breidablikk - year I

PostSubject: Re: Letters from overseas (Symona)   Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:54 pm

Oddmund,    Dear,  Dear Oddmund,

Hogwarts? It's really nice, though I miss Durmstrang. People are different here, you can see it in the culture. I can't talk for the people themselves though, I haven't really talked to them. Not that it really bothers me, I do talk with Carmen!

Oddmund, you really need to try more. If you like, send me some stuff over so I can help you. You know, with translating the whole text? I can use it as an opportunity to compair what we learn to what you learn even! Also, here are some tips you could use to help you more. You can write the most important stuff from each lesson on another piece of paper? Maybe a notebook would be better, rather from using parchment. Also, try different methods, like reading the thing a few times, writing it down, reading it out loud... These should be enough for now.

Don't listen to those guys. They themselves weren't the star students. Seriously, I once overheard them talking how someone from their group could be repeating a year. Bet he would, if it wasn't for his fatherhis dad! Wish someone could put those idiots in their place...

Quidditch... That was the sport that people played on brooms with some flying balls, right? I never really went to a match. I actually just heard of Quidditch here, it seems pretty popular. And I guess it's good to have a back up plan! Just, make sure it stays only as a back up, alright? Seriously, I am not going to be the one telling you what gone wrong in the end...

Yes, I was sorted. You honestly had no idea how much your last paragraph made me laugh with those mistaken names! There are four houses, actually. Gryffindor, who are pretty much like the Folkvang; Hufflepuff, who I'm guessing you called Sparklepoo. I'm not sure which I would hate more to be in. Probably the Hufflepuff one, they seem useless as hell. At least the Gryffindors have... Well, something like bravery... Half of them are such idiots...

The other two are Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The hat was really confused where to put me. I honestly preferred Slytherin but because of some love for pure bloods, it put me in Ravenclaw, though I read that half bloods were accepted as well. HeIt also said something about needing a place where I'll be... I actually didn't understand the word; some strange English one. I don't even remember how it sounded. Anyways, Carmen also is a Ravenclaw, so at least I won't be fully alone! I haven't checked if we are in one dorm. I know the time difference is hardly two hours but I'm still pretty tired and I go to bed really early before anyone is even there and wake up just as early, when no one is awake. But I'll try to see soon enough!

Reply when you can! If you're taking out time to study to reply to this...

Good luck!

Symona Angelova
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Oddmund Hansen
Second Year
Second Year
Oddmund Hansen

Posts : 44
Join date : 2014-12-06

My Character
Activity: Breidablikk - year I

PostSubject: Re: Letters from overseas (Symona)   Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:00 pm

Dear Symona,

sorry for such a long delay. Professors forbade me to use owls for some time, as a new type of punishment. They said it would be unfair if Breidablikk had negative score just because of several students, so they proceeded with some other measures instead. Some of us didn't have enough time for detentions till the end of the year, you see.

It all started with the school radio. One of my new friends (I finally made some) used to work there, and I, together with my other friend,, wrote a song to raise the awareness of the Squib Conspiracy in Durmstrang. It was called "Headmaster Brage is secretly a Squib", and we managed to play it on the radio, thanks to the friend I mentioned.

Bad news, it costed our radio friend 40 House points. Good news, my connection to this incident wasn't discovered, and it was me who got the position at the radio. But we learned from our mistakes and decided to use only subtle methods to fight the conspiracy. Although, these methods costed us another 35 House points and my position at the school radio.

But it was fine, because we understood that we can write good music at least. So the band "Grindelwald Rising" was born. But many people found that the name offended and triggered them (whatever this second words means), and we lost 20 House points each (there were three of us, which makes it 80 60, I guess) Good news, Professors decided not to take any more points from us from now on, and just use detentions instead. But one of my friends got so many of them, that he just couldn't get any more, because the school year doesn't last forever. So we were forbidden from sending owls and some other activities.

I'm considering a possibility of being expelled. Good news: I might be attending Hogwarts the next year with you! I hope I don't get into this Huppflefuff, because I'm not going to be useless, I see a great future in front of me. I will most likely lose a year, but this is also good news, because time at school is the best time in one's life, as my dad always says. And if this best time lasts longer, it's good, right?

Hope to see you on Christmas! (Or at least in Hogwarts the next year. Just try not to get expelled before I come! Expulsion is a serious thing, it can happen when you expect it the least.)

O. Hansen
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PostSubject: Re: Letters from overseas (Symona)   

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Letters from overseas (Symona)
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