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 The Coldest Blood [Closed]

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The Coldest Blood [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: The Coldest Blood [Closed]   The Coldest Blood [Closed] EmptyWed Oct 07, 2015 2:33 pm

The doors of the lift slid open, and it was clear that the administrations office had yet to be informed of the attack; James could not even hear it. But there was doomed to be an alarm soon. After all, the Ministry was one of the most well-protected places in the world. James got out of the lift, and stood still for a moment, revelling in the silence and ignorance of ordinary human beings. And then a scream, as a woman walked into his line of fire. The scream died on her lips, but this seemed to be a wakeup call for the entire Ministry. Suddenly alarms were blaring, tiny gadgets shot forward with all sorts of defensive spells, but dodging, repelling and destorying them was all in good sports for James.

He slauntered down the hallway, attacking left and right, humans and objects alike. He knew there were a lot of people in the administrative offices, but he was surprised to see their lack of dueling skills, not to mention the screams they all pitched. It was embarrassing. And amusing, of course. James was only vaguely aware of the people that fell behind him, knowing Kellin and John had a firm grip on that situation, as he continued on to the office at the furthest end, where his mole in the ministry had told him the minister would be seated in a meeting with his senior and junior secretary. Well, now they would probably all be standing and with their wands pointed at the door, trying to shield the minister. The likelihood that there was an auror or two in there was also prominent.

When the entire floor was as good as cleared and collateral damage had been executed to the max, James gave a nod at his two followers and pointed his wand at the door. "Bombarda maxima," he said, his voice bored since there was suddenly just silence and tension in the air. A spell shot out from the room the moment the door was debris and was aimed directly at James, but John or Kellin -James didn't care who- evaporated the spell efficiently. Two more curses flew at them, but James was prepared and shielded the three of them, letting the shield down and threw his own -more cruel- curses into the room. A shriek was heard, an angry voice growled, and when the debris lifted, James could see five people. Well, four, when John killed one of the aurors in a swift motion. It was easy to identify who was the last remaining auror, and who were participating in the meeting.

James' eyes landed on the minister. Jeremy Rufford. How he had ever gotten elected was a wonder in and of itself. James had never met a more incompetent minister in his life. He was joined by a scrawny looking older woman, who made James figure that killing her would simply be a mercy, and a younger woman, much younger. She caught James' attention. Her eyes were as hollow as any he'd ever seen. She reminded him of himself and John, just a less psychopathic version. Less crazy. Her eyes were scanning him as if she could read him, and he could feel her trying to penetrate his mind. James smirked, and threw a stunning spell at her first, while Kellin engaged the other auror and John kept the minister and senior secretary busy. She easily deflected it. Good.

But James knew that time was not on his side today, so he attacked her much more aggressively, and though she put up a good fight rivaling that of Khalidah, she was no match for him. She looked like she knew that, but fear was not president in her eyes. Her eyes seemed to be void of any emotions. James made a quick decision and finally landed on a painful curse that would leave her unconscious for at least a day. But he didn't want to kill her. She might be of use to him. When she landed on the ground, James turned to John's duel with the minister, which he seemed to absolutely have the upper hand in, and James pointed the wand at the senior secretary. "Avada Kedavra." His voice was light, as if he'd just said that it was a sunny day, but the bright green jet of light was anything but a promise of a good day. The old woman fell together in a heap. The minister shouted something indestinctive. A roar of anger. The last auror fell down. And James disarmed the minister, easily binding him and dragging him after as they left the room, the department and into the lift.

The amount of chaos in the atrium was perfect. It was almost too easy. But for now, James had no intentions of making it harder on them, because this was all about something more important than a small battlefield. This was about creating chaos so great that it would tear people apart. So, throwing a few well-aimed unforgivable curses, James controlled several of the aurors and made them attack one another. When he got to the transportation fires, he actually had to duck a killing curse himself, when someone aimed it at the minister. James smirked. Yes, he had just landed the biggest prize of them all: the whereabouts of Excalibur.

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The Coldest Blood [Closed]
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