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 Ivan Samuels - Adult

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PostSubject: Ivan Samuels - Adult   Ivan Samuels - Adult EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 6:18 am

Ivan Samuels - Adult Mcg4yu

Ivan Samuels - Adult 891e6818aafdef58dc050c78d3b8cc25

Ivan Samuels - Adult 19s5f8

Full Name: Ivan Samuels
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 31st
Age: 19
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nationality: American
Current Residence: London, England

Ivan Samuels - Adult 9qbsdu

Mother - Harper Samuels, 47, housewife
Father - Richard Samuels, 50, lawyer
Twin Brother - Evan Samuels,19, model

Ivan and Evan were born to Harper and Richard Samuels. From a young age, it was clear that the twins were different from head to toe, to say it ironically. Evan liked sports, and Ivan liked art. Evan was an extrovert, Ivan was an introvert. Evan was hot-headed, and Ivan was a daydreamer. Evan was normal, and Ivan was a wizard. Their mother had only passed magic down to Ivan, though it wasn't her fault, and this caused a bit of jealousy between the twins in their earlier years. Evan attended regular muggle school, whereas Ivan was admitted to Salem. He did well in school, but he hated the fact that they didn't have any artistic classes for the students. He graduated with mostly As and Es, and shortly after graduation while he was celebrating with his family, he was scouted by a modeling agent who hooked him and Evan up with an agency. Ever since they twins have been working around the globe. So far, they have worked Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, and New York among many others. The twins are currently headed to London for job-related reasons.

Ivan Samuels - Adult 1zecfhc

Ivan is slim but has a total height of 186cm. He had dark green eyes (which contrast to his twin brother's brown eyes) and has light brown hair and fair skin. He doesn't tan, he just get really sunburnt so his agency practically prohibited him from going out without sunscreen and proper protection. He likes to dress in the casual tee and jeans, comfort above style.

Ivan has always been an introvert, but he has learned to love his job. He loves the idea of modeling as he thinks of it a lower level in the acting world - if he books a job for a sports brand, he gets to pretend he's the sporty type, and if he books with a tux shop he gets to pretend he's an elite. Ivan loves what he does and until they kick him out because no magazine or editorial want him he'll know his time is up.

He loves music and art, as well. Ivan is highly talented in singing, painting and ceramics. His paintings however, always end up being a bit too strange for the common eye. He likes to paint people, mostly, and the models he works with usually end up modeling for him as well. He's a talented guitar and piano player, though he wishes he could have learned the violin instead.

Ivan is generally accepting of everyone. He will never turn down someone simply because they're different, so at school he usually hung out with the outsiders and he hated for them to feel left out. He's a bit of a romantic, and at Salem he dated only one girl as he thinks of love as the rarest but purest of things. He's lot stronger than people than people think he is, though. Since he's always being compared to his twin brother, he makes it a point to be more open to befriending anyone (as Evan is highly selective), to be more resistant to emotional pain (as Evan is kind of a crybaby) and to be more responsible thank his brother.

He is, in other words, his parents' perfect child (that is if you're not looking at him through an academic microscope). He's awkward sometimes, loves to talk to people he knows and trusts, and can easily give advice. He's very protective of his family and closest friends, and he believes in the whole "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" deal.

Some of Ivan's favorites include:
Music: Folk, or Indie.
Color: Burgundy
Sport: Eating contests
Food: Indian
Animal: Horses
Country (so far): India
Song: too many to chose!

Ivan Samuels - Adult Nbt8xd

Ivan walked the streets of his hometown in what felt like different boots from the ones he had been wearing earlier in the day. He was excited and terrified of what he had just experienced, because how many guys of his age actually signed a contract that important? Very few. Sure, there were lots of male models around, but only a few of them made it to the top agencies and editorials and he was one of them. Walking next to him was his brother, who simply couldn't shut up about how many girls would follow him on that one site Ivan wasn't a member of. "They're gonna love us, Ivan." Evan declared, quite confident.

Ivan simply nodded, because he wasn't as interested on the girls as he was about traveling the world. A month before he couldn't even fathom what going to Europe could be, because he was still trying to raise money for his university courses and now he had signed a contract that would basically give him tons of money for existing. It was all too unreal, too perfect, too scary. Evan swung his hand in front of Ivan, "Hey, what the hell? I'm talking to you." His twin brother demanded. Pushing his hand away, Ivan rolled his eyes. "I'm listening. Just not interested, I suppose." Evan didn't even try to argue. He just looked at Ivan like he had two heads, swung his arms in the air and walked off to the steps of their building.
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Ivan Samuels - Adult Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ivan Samuels - Adult   Ivan Samuels - Adult EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 11:11 am


Ivan Samuels - Adult 16403786891_678e2b9e2d_o

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Ivan Samuels - Adult
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