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 Redemption (Lucy & Ella)

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Wade Malfoy
Wade Malfoy

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Redemption (Lucy & Ella) Empty
PostSubject: Redemption (Lucy & Ella)   Redemption (Lucy & Ella) EmptyWed Sep 23, 2015 6:06 am

Wade pulled his beanie down until it covered his ears. He wasn't wearing it for the cold rather for the need to go by unnoticed. He wasn't worried about being seen - his dark ways were gone, at least for now. What he was scared of was to be seen by his father. At some point in their relationship, Kellin had turned darker, he began to use the Imperius curse on Wade to get him to do what Wade refused to do without it. All the lives Wade had taken, all the souls he had seen leave bodies, was not something he could have helped, and though he had joined his father willingly he had been stupid to follow in what he didn't know. Standing on the streets of Soho, Wade waited for Lucy to show up. If there was anyone he owed more than her, it was probably a clone of Lucy. His blue eyes scanned the faces around him, his hands in his pockets. Lucy was always punctual and she still had about ten minutes to arrive before it was clear she wouldn't show up.

Wade hadn't sent her an owl, because that was the first thing Kellin would expect him to do. Instead, he had used a phone. Before a few days ago, it had been years since he'd heard his cousin's voice as the few times they spoke it had been via owls, but it was still surprisingly soothing to know she hadn't changed. He had told her about he didn't want to this anymore; to hide and to kill, to murder people he wasn't one hundred percent sure they were guilty. And what were they guilty of? Wade didn't know. He didn't know back then, and he didn't know now. All he knew was that he could no longer be a Malfoy. Everything Lucy and Phoenix had made of their name was solely theirs, because Wade had done exactly as his older relatives expected. Exactly as history said it should be. He couldn't even look Ryland in the eye anymore, because knowing that he was the reason Ryland turned into a monster once a month was something Wade was trying hard to live with, especially now that he had found out of Ryland's marriage to Elita Fontayne, and of the birth of their offspring. If anything, Wade worried more that he was the reason Ryland's child could one day turn into a monster with each full moon.

His hands found their way out of his pockets. He was anxious, but there was nothing he could do about it. All there was left to do was wait for his cousin's familiar face to surface among the drunken crowds. The minutes passed, and Wade glanced at his watch. Lucy had only five minutes left, and then it would mean she had decided not to help him. He couldn't bear think of that, because in a way it would mean she had betrayed him. Even though he had betrayed her first, he never thought of Lucy as capable of doing something like that. It had been four years, however, and Wade concluded that everything was possible - Lucy could have decided he wasn't worth helping. Without meaning to, his eyes glanced down at his watch again and as the hands were about to give their deadline he heard a voice calling his name. [Color=teal]"Wade![/I] Immediately recognizing it, his head shot up in search of the girl he knew he couldn't mistake for someone else regardless of time, and when he found her pushing through the crowd, he noticed the figure behind her - Ella Fontayne.

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Ella Vega
Ella Vega

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PostSubject: Re: Redemption (Lucy & Ella)   Redemption (Lucy & Ella) EmptyThu Sep 24, 2015 3:19 am

From the very start of her first year at Hogwarts, Ella had grown close to Lucy and Wade. Lucy had been a sister to her, however Wade was a different story. Their relationship had begun much like hers and Lucy's, as a sibling thing, however she quickly discovered her feelings for him. For a while, it was her not so secret crush, even at the age of eleven. The girl was drawn to him and there was no understanding of why. In their fifth year, when they had both went over to the dark side, she was ecstatic as it seemed like they'd become closer and hopefully, she'd get to know what it was like to date Wade Malfoy. Though, that was just a fairytale. Even when Wade and her former enemy, Shah broke up, he still didn't look at her as more than a friend and that hurt Ella to the core. She was beautiful wasn't she? Her hair was dark and long, her eyes a crystal blue, a personality to match his and she had an incredibly appealing figure, what was it that caused him to not grow an attraction? She didn't know and she probably never would know and for awhile, she wasn't okay with that. However, as time went on and she married Rhys, she developed the thought in her mind that she had finally let go of him, after all, she didn't even know if he was alive anymore.

Shortly after discovering her pregnancy with Emma,nearly three years ago, she had decided to take a day off from all the Auror work and she found herself in the Wailing Woods. As soon as he had called out to her, she knew the voice and instantly all the feelings she'd covered up came rushing back at her.She knew that at the time, it was wrong for her to think about Wade like that, as she was married, but she couldn't help it. The boy looked as great as ever, actually, he looked better as he'd grown up a lot. It had been hard for her to push her feelings away that day, but not completely impossible, that was until she made a vow to herself and him. She would always protect him. The woman couldn't bare to see anything happen to him, not then, with her husband's baby kicking inside her stomach and not even now, as a single mother to another man's, a dead man's, three year old daughter. Just as she had protected him from the Ministry before, she'd be willing to do the same now if he ever needed it.

Three years was a long time to not see someone and when Lucy reached out to Ella to come with her to meet up with Wade, the girl agreed. She didn't need to be asked twice. She didn't blame Lucy for wanting someone else to go with her and she was honoured that the girl had chosen her, but the girl worried the entire time that her feelings would overcome her and she'd fail to protect Lucy - or Wade if he needed it. The girl didn't know the purpose for the meeting, she didn't need to know to agree, Lucy was her best friend as was Wade both then and now and until the end of time. The girl didn't walk directly beside Lucy, in fact, she trailed behind her and only focused on their location when she heard Lucy shout his name. At the sight of Wade, her heart stopped and her breath caught in her throat. He was still the same Wade, just a bit hotter and older and Ella wasn't sure how she was supposed to get through this meeting with the boy she loved. When he saw her, she could easily distinguish the look of shock on his face, but what else he was feeling, she didn't know. All that the girl knew was that her lips uttered his name in a silent whisper. Wade.

Redemption (Lucy & Ella) Ella-lucianne_zpsfbuq08hv

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Redemption (Lucy & Ella)
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