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 Term 12 - L1 - Morning

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Valko Hristov
Valko Hristov

Posts : 30
Join date : 2014-01-02

My Character
Activity: Folkvang Alumni, Transfiguration Professor

PostSubject: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:55 am

Types of Transfiguration
Years 4-7

Valko had hoped to give the older students a better lesson, but he wanted to get this topic out of the way. A few minutes before the morning class started, Valko placed a short script of his lesson. Since they most likely weren't used to his accent, they would have trouble figuring out what the hell he was even saying. Valko tried to make it easier for them by providing a hand-written lesson, whether or not his sloppy handwriting was better was not the matter. After placing the pieces of parchment on each desk, he turned back to his own desk and waited for the students. This was his least favorite part of teaching.

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

Posts : 1170
Join date : 2013-10-29
Age : 21

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor - Year 7, Head Girl

PostSubject: Re: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:09 pm

After a particularly productive early morning before everyone else got up, which involved sending her parents a long and detailed owl about how her lessons and head girl duties had gone so far, and finishing off two pieces of homework in the common room, then getting herself some cereal for breakfast, Aoife was totally ready for a super good day. Her positive thinking had got her quite far this year - somehow, she managed to convince herself that she was in a great mood even though she'd only got about three hours of sleep, and somehow her mood drastically improved. With a goodbye to the second years she'd been telling about Team Mustachio, she left breakfast for Transfiguration, her first lesson.

Again, this teacher was new to her. She'd never had a lesson with him, so she didn't know whether to expect chocolate and positivity or detentions and total boredom. With a smile, she walked into the classroom and nodded to the professor. "Morning Professor. I'm Aoife," she added as she remembered she hadn't met this guy yet. He was fairly young looking. But she guessed this could count as a good thing: he could easily be compared to Bill, and as he couldn't be any worse than that git, things already looking fairly good. She took a seat in the middle of the classroom, hiding a sigh at the parchment there, which meant the lesson would involve writing, maybe note taking or an essay, either option horrible.



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Derek Lawrence
Ravenclaw Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect
Derek Lawrence

Posts : 81
Join date : 2014-04-06

My Character
Activity: Ravenclaw - Year 4, Madam Puddifoot's Employee

PostSubject: Re: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:01 am

Derek liked Transfiguration. It made sense, it was logical and orderly. You learned spells, the incantations and wand movements, then you practiced them. It wasn't like Divination, or Care of Magical Creatures. It was straight forward. Anyone could do it, and Derek excelled. Which was why he found himself subconsciously looking forward to the lesson, and wondering what it would entail. Since his class was for fourth years and upwards now, he figured the spells and such would be more advanced, and probably more useful too, so he was anticipating the first class of the year quite eagerly just because he was curious. He was confident he'd be able to keep up, but as usual he'd studied over the summer anyway, mainly because there wasn't much to do in Hogsmeade for six whole weeks.

He went straight from breakfast to the classroom, humming quietly to himself as he walked along the corridor. "Good morning, a Professor," he said as he walked in, and smiled at Aoife. Immediately he noticed the parchment - that was a shame. Less actual spell casting, more writing down stuff, made for a far less interesting class. But it would probably be fine. He took a seat at the first desk he came to, and began getting his stuff, quill and ink and all, out for the lesson.


Thanks CJ!
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Oliver Bennett
Head Boy
Head Boy
Oliver Bennett

Posts : 280
Join date : 2014-03-26
Age : 23

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff - Year 7, Head Boy, Three Broomsticks worker

PostSubject: Re: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:30 am

Oliver knew of Professor Hristov only by name. He'd taught at Dumrstrang before, or something like that. So when the man's name popped up on Oliver's timetable, he was glad to see someone else - besides Freddie - had an accent. Regardless of where the man was from, Hristov was definitely not an English surname. He was a bit bummed about having Transfiguration so early in the morning, because he couldn't sleep in, but he figured the morning was as good a time for learning as noon was. He hung his bookbag over his shoulder and headed down to the Transfiguration Courtyard, wondering if Matthew would make am appearance to this class, and more importantly, if Victoria would.

He walked fast, not wanting to be late, and when he finally reached the classroom he opened the door not-so-cautiously. The door wasn't having any of it, though, because the strap of his bookbag caught in the handle of the door, throwing Oliver back a few feet. He took the strap back and walked to his seat, in the middle of the room, near the left side. Only Aoife and a Ravenclaw boy in Matthew's year - Darren? - had arrived, which meant Oliver was on time. Turning his eyes to the front of the room, he noticed the professor looked younger than he had heard he was. According to Freddie, Professor Hristov always around thrity years old, but the man at the front of the room looked the same age as Oliver. Maybe it was another Hristov. Maybe this man was a child prodigy.


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Ariel Wilde
Head Girl
Head Girl
Ariel Wilde

Posts : 276
Join date : 2014-02-06
Age : 25

My Character

PostSubject: Re: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:20 pm

Ariel was not a morning person, but she didn't often oversleep. Except that one time when she was going to Defense. So she woke up early enough to take a shower and eat a long breakfast. There was nothing she loved more than bacon. Bacon for breakfast was a good way to start the day. And having time to eat bacon was even a better start. She quickly went through the Daily Prophet as well, wondering if anything interesting had happened, and when she was satisfied that there was peace in the world, she finally got herself ready for class. There was a new professor for Transfiguration this year, and by the sound of his name, Ariel reckoned he wasn't British, so she was really curious about him. She hoped he was a good professor, because Ariel had honestly had enough of useless professors who didn't teach her shite.

She walked up the stairs until she reached the floor and got to her designated classroom. Aoife, Oliver and a young Ravenclaw that she couldn't remember having met were already there. Ariel instantly noticed the pieces of parchment around the tables, but decided to be disappointed by this after checking out the new professor. Her eyes landed on him and she blinked. He was younger than she'd expected, but old enough to be just as boring as a 90-year-old professor, so she didn't sweat it. "Good morning, professor," she said happily. She took a seat between Aoife and Oliver and gave them both a big grin. She then looked at the parchment and the curly handwriting on it. Had he made notes for them? Ariel smirked; she liked him already.

She then took out her own ink and quill and some extra parchment if it was necessary, and then waited for the class to begin.



Thanks to the awesome Hunter for all the graphics!
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PostSubject: Re: Term 12 - L1 - Morning   

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Term 12 - L1 - Morning
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