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PostSubject: Park Eun Hee   Park Eun Hee EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 1:51 am

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Park Eun Hee V5Cb9Cb
Park Eun Hee

Park Eun Hee 19s5f8

Full Name: Park Eun Hee
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 24, 2022
Age: Eleven
Blood: Half-Blood
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: Half South Korean, Half British

Park Eun Hee 9qbsdu

Family: Eun Hee’s mother, Park Su-ji, was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea as a normal girl.  She eventually managed to graduate from high school with exceptional grades and was therefore offered the opportunity to study abroad in several different countries, since Su-ji desired to become a journalist and required real-life experience.  After a few years of wandering around the globe, Su-ji managed to bump into a young wizard (although she didn’t know it at the time) named Thomas Wood while she was in England.  He was struggling to work as a new lawyer but generously offered to show the young woman around London, and she accepted with gratitude after some hesitation; after all, a local citizen would most likely be much more aware of the current events in the city and country.  And with any luck, her guide would say something if it was necessary for her to venture out on her own.  

Several days later, it was brought to Su-ji’s attention that she was required to return to South Korea within a few months, and the writer wasn’t anxious to do so.  In realizing this, Su-ji also realized something else; she had come to love the quick witted Thomas and had enjoyed the time they’d spent together.  The journalist eventually wrote back to her home country, explaining the situation, and eventually Su-ji was able to gain permission to permanently reside in London, by her superiors and the government.  A few years later, both Su-ji and Thomas had become close companions and eventually were able to confess their feelings to each other.  The two were married only a little bit after Thomas proposed and it was accepted; the couple was deeply in love and although not anxious to be officially married, they were excited.  Only a year or two later, Su-ji was born into this atmosphere of trusting love and happiness.

Bloodline History: Please only fill this out of your character comes from a pure blood family. You may go back as far as you want, but make sure it is realistic. Describe the family's beginning and history regarding blood purity, and include any related families.

History: Eun Hee was born into a middle class family, but thankfully times weren’t very difficult, and her parents were able to make their daughter feel like a princess.  She was pampered some what, and although Eun Hee could never really be considered spoiled, she is used to the idea of people always having enough to eat and never being forced to worry about money.  Eun Hee is unable to empathize with people who do have these problems.  Her parents didn’t ever say anything about Hogwarts, especially as Thomas, her father, had kept everything having to do with magic a secret from Eun Hee’s mother, Su-ji.  She had no idea since Thomas had lied about his occupation, simply saying that he was an accountant and worked with a private businessman.  No more details were necessary, considering how straightforward an job that seemed.  Eun Hee herself was able to partake in school events such as festivals and gatherings for clubs; her academy was a slightly prestigious one, as her parents had saved up as much money has possible to allow their daughter the best chance to have a great future.  Eun Hee participated in swimming both in school and out of school; she also did rhythmic gymnastics, although that was mostly for fun since she wasn’t very skilled at all.  

When the letter to Hogwarts finally arrived, she had been spotting the signs of possessing magic but hadn’t been able to puzzle out the exact situation; not a tremendous surprise given that it was incredible.  Thomas explained everything to Su-ji and Eun Hee at this point, and both females were completely aggravated by his secrecy.  Although the couple didn’t break apart, Eun Hee dissolved her relations with her father, despite the fact that he was technically her magical parent and could probably have been very helpful.  After taking her mother’s maiden name, the new Park Eun Hee set off to Hogwarts, deciding that she would simply pretend to be a Muggleborn, to have an excuse for not being familiar with the magical world.

Park Eun Hee 1zecfhc

Appearance: Eun Hee is relatively short, measuring at about four feet and seven inches.  She doesn’t necessarily have what could be described as a slim physique, but instead the girl possesses an athletic build due to a love of being active and constantly moving around.  Eun Hee does have contacts due to being nearsighted, and she will occasionally wear her glasses instead.  They have plain metal, rectangular frames and don’t stand out much on her face.  However, despite her love of sports, Eun Hee prefers to dress in clothes that are a little bit fancier than necessary; that, or they’re completely impractical.  Examples of this would include wearing a rain coat and rain boots when it’s perfectly sunny, wearing an evening dress to school... that sort of thing.  Additionally, Eun Hee tends to wear makeup, unlike the average girl her age, and she will also often have overly gaudy earrings, necklaces, and/or bracelets.  Her skin is very sensitive, and she takes great care to keep it perfect; nonetheless, it burns very easily in direct sunlight.  Eun Hee has never really had a tan.

Personality: Eun Hee has a deep love of beautiful things; this can include jewelry, clothes... and even people.  Her fascination and desire to possess these things has led to the girl becoming nearly obsessed with being perfect herself; after all, how could she possess something which is superior to her own traits?  This feeling stems from Eun Hee’s opinion of her own self; that she is not arrogant at all, and instead she is modest and knows her place in the world.  Unfortunately, Eun Hee is completely oblivious to the fact that she is selfish and flighty, the majority of the time only thinking of herself and what a “wonderful person” she is by doing _________.  She aims to be the top of the class in both athletics and academics and can become quite harsh and cold when not perfectly successful.  Mistakes are not permitted.  Additionally, Eun Hee has a fear of trying things that are new; if other people are trying to convince her to try something different and unfamiliar, she might accuse them of trying to make her look bad by beating her, since “they already know the rules and will win.”  Euh Hee is not an attention seeker however, and she stays surprisingly quiet when around other people.  Despite her desire to always look her best, Eun Hee does not enjoy it when she is singled out and complimented in an over the top way.  Although she typically does not do so in actuality, Eun Hee likes to think that she has earned the attention by herself genuine means.  (She typically has manipulated the situation much to her advantage, where it would be difficult to not succeed.)

Eun Hee does enjoy sports very much, and she is interested and actually excited to play Quidditch at Hogwarts this year.  However, she has tried it before and was absolutely horrifyingly terrible at it; nonetheless, it’s one of the few things that doesn’t bring out fierce competitiveness in Eun Hee.  She loves to sing and dance, and due to her general athletic ability and coordination, her dancing ability is not bad.  Unfortunately, the opposite could be said for Eun Hee’s singing; a dying cat’s vocals seem to be the most beautiful thing in the world when compared to the girl’s attempts at singing.  While Eun Hee is simply speaking normally, her voice is mid to high in pitch and typically sounds very sweet; occasionally overly so.  This can cause some people to be taken aback when her tone suddenly turns harsh or aggressive, as it typically does during encounters with other people.  Eun Hee is some what lazy and does not wish to study; nonetheless, she spends hours cramming for tests or other assessments due to her desire to obtain superb grades.  After years of doing so, the girl has it down to a science; there is little stress involved with the process at this point, but who knows whether this will remain a fact at a magical school such as Hogwarts?

Out of the things Eun Hee dislikes, the most prominent among them would be hypocrites.  Of course, this is rather ironic considering that she is a hypocrite, but Eun Hee takes telling the truth and doing the right thing very seriously, no matter what she herself does.  Additionally, Eun Hee despises when others refuse to listen to what she is saying, especially when she is attempting to use logic to present an argument.  Due to the fact that she likes to be seen as a perfect, athletic and intelligent young lady, it annoys her when people find other things or people “more important” or even simply don’t care about her.  Eun Hee wishes to succeed in life and does have a high opinion of herself; but this doesn’t necessarily mean that she believes that she is better than other people.  Instead, often Eun Hee will think that she is above cheating and other methods that aren’t doing things the “right way.”  Manipulation is not included, of course... after all, if the person or persons had their wits about them, such attempts could be foiled or avoided completely.  

Eun Hee is afraid of the sun, as well as any other bright and blinding light.  This includes fire, and in fact she harbors a fear of fire as well; anything that could cause her to be burned.  There really isn’t any frightening backstory to this fear at all; rather, she simply finds it too bright, and too... revealing.  Shining down upon her, the sun will reveal everything that she has tried to hide about herself, to herself.  Eun Hee is an excellent swimmer and loves water; however, she is afraid of swimming in the open ocean, since it’s similar to being out in the sun; there’s no place to hide, and everything is out for anyone to see.  Wide, open plains or meadows also have a similar effect on Eun Hee’s mind, and she will avoid them such places if possible.

Park Eun Hee Nbt8xd

The sun burned high in the sky, fiercely beating down upon all in the vicinity of the Earth.  A petite figure slipped through the streets of London, cautiously bypassing vehicles and staying an exaggerated distance from other citizens.  It wore a slightly faded, forest green and grey mottled cloak; as though the owner was making his or her way home after hunting using camouflage.  But strangely enough, even on a blindingly bright day such as today’s, the mysterious figure didn’t seem to be attracting much attention.  This was particularly odd because lately in this city of England, citizens dressing in conspicuous ways were attracting much attention-- a news article published in the daily paper had struck out at such people, accusing them of witchcraft and consorting with unsavory beings such as demons or monsters of any kind.  Of course, not many would believe such rumors... but it was a large city, and caution never killed anybody.

However, Eun Hee was most unimpressed with what she had seen of the city so far today.

The infuriating blanket that she had wrapped around herself (to prevent a sunburn or tan, of course) had accidentally morphed into some kind of hooded cape; it must have been a side effect from never realizing that she had magic and then suddenly attempting to become a pro using it.  The dark haired girl had mumbled a few words that had seemed to have a magical air... and nothing had happened that she could observe.  Unfortunately, it seemed that Eun Hee was incapable of controlling her magic, but it was nice to have confirmation anyways that the entire experience of receiving a letter, her father explaining that he was a wizard... that it wasn’t all just some crazy dream.  

The to-be student at Hogwarts passed by the train station before she realized it and eventually corrected her movements after stumbling around and wondering where the darn platforms were.  Only a few minutes later, Eun Hee had managed to make her way through the chaotic, bustling main area and onto the platforms; but where was the right one?  Shrugging her shoulders and yawning to herself, the girl tossed her suitcases onto the ground, sitting atop the larger of the two.  The distinctly oversized, pink leather and cloth purse, was plopped down on her lap unceremoniously.  And then of course, Eun Hee glanced around simply to confirm what she had truly already known; she was lost, and completely at that.

The brunette knew that simply whining and sitting around here wasn’t going to do anything to help the situation, but there wasn’t very many other options.  Why did this always seem to happen to her?  Eun Hee mentally shrugged, but she felt quite bitter about the entire situation.  Her life had been disrupted by this entire magic thing, despite how interesting it was; perhaps if she hadn’t had any magic after all, her father would have kept his secret, and the girl wouldn’t have ended up breaking away from her family after all.  Eventually, simply moping in her thoughts and sitting on a suitcase became a bit tiresome-- (and painful, considering that the rolling suitcase was quite hard)-- Eun Hee got to her feet and set off to find someone she could beg to help her.  Avoiding other people was impossible at this time it seemed, and-- ?  

The girl caught sight of a what seemed to be another student, or at least a boy her age.  Striding up to the other child, Eun Hee held out her train ticket and stated firmly, trying to keep a note of whining out of her voice, ”Take me to this platform, please.”  The blonde haired boy didn’t seem to be quite pleased about this turn of events, and he whirled around on one heel, apparently attempting to escape being forced to assist a complete stranger.  Eun Hee frowned-- after all, she wasn’t used to being turned down-- and immediately set off at a swift pace, following the boy through several platforms until she reached-- ?

Her destination.

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PostSubject: Re: Park Eun Hee   Park Eun Hee EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 2:48 am

Park Eun Hee Slth
Welcome to Slytherin

Welcome to Slytherin! Your Common Room is located in the dungeons, that's where you will sleep and where you can meet all your fellow House members. Regarding academics, you have to take at least one core subject (Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration and Potions), and you have to choose at least one of the two first-year elective classes (Divination or Care of Magical Creatures), though you can take both if you desire. Keep in mind that Flying Lessons are mandatory for first-years.

If you're interested you can also try out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. First years are not allowed to play, but upon winning a spot on the team, they will be trained to have their first game in either their second or third year, depending on your captain.
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Park Eun Hee
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