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 Eleanor Bridge(Character)

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Eleanor Bridge
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Eleanor Bridge

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PostSubject: Eleanor Bridge(Character)   Eleanor Bridge(Character) EmptySun Jul 19, 2015 10:26 pm

Eleanor Bridge(Character) 2m7urmw

Eleanor Bridge
Eleanor Bridge(Character) 19s5f8

Full Name:Eleanor May Bridge
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 3rd, 2020
Age: 11 years old
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality: Irish
School Attending: Hogwarts

Eleanor Bridge(Character) 9qbsdu

Family: Her parents both have an interesting history starting with Eve.  Eve was raised in a halfblood family growing up, and received her Hogwarts letter at eleven. Spending most of her teen years at Hogwarts she became an Auror once she was twenty. Shortly after moving on and living away from home, her mother passed away. Her father, who had died shortly after her departure to Hogwarts was killed by someone unknown.  By the time she reached twenty two she found love far away in England. Eve herself was born in Ireland, but upon receiving her letter years before adulthood her family sent her away to England where she spent most of her life.  Returning back in Ireland, after Hogwarts she found no one living her home, which came as a shock to her. It was not normal for people in her town to die of old age, but her mother had. Fast forwarding to her adulthood, she found love with a muggle-born who had attended Hogwarts. His name was George Bridge. After just three months they got married and settled in England giving birth to their first child Eleanor.

George was raised in a muggle home, with six sisters and three brothers. He grew up oblivious to magic, but when he was ten his father was killed by wizards. Apparently his father had gotten involved with the wizards and caused trouble. George still does not know the real story because after that his mother moved to a small town in England never speaking to him again. After all that George attended Hogwarts and met Eve Clark. After just three months they got married and settled in England giving birth to their first born Eleanor which was a bit early but they wanted to start things early.

History: Eleanor grew up in Dublin, Ireland with her parents, and her brother. Her parents of course met through Hogwarts and later on moved back to Ireland to give a home for their children. Sadly, Eleanor grew up in a town riddled with Muggles, not that this a bad thing for most people living there, but it was most certainly not good for Eleanor growing up. Eleanor was teased and bullied for showing signs of magic as early as the age of six. Eleanor badly wanted to attend Hogwarts or some magical school where she was treated fairly. Her parents were upset but told their daughter, once she received a letter from Hogwarts she would have a better life there. It seemed like decades before Eleanor received her letter from Hogwarts, but finally when she was eleven she received it. Being very close to her whole family, especially her mother, she found it extremely hard to go off to England and attend some magical school away from comfortable Ireland. Upon receiving her letter, she was beyond excited. She could never explain the feelings to anyone because the Muggle world would never understand.
Eleanor Bridge(Character) 1zecfhc

Appearance: Eyes: Eleanor has crisp, hazel eyes, and long eyelashes. Hair: Eleanor has long, wavy light blond hair, which can be described as platinum. Her hair goes down to her waist, though usually its a pain for her to fix and will either wear it in bun or let it loose and do nothing with it.  Height: Eleanor is quite tall for her age, standing at 5'6, with lanky legs, and a long torso.  General Appearance: Eleanor has fairly pale skin, with a light touch of freckles. One of her most recognized features are her dimples, which stand out greatly when she has the slightest grin on her face. When Eleanor was younger she had braces, which now leave her teeth straight. She has a small nose that is often one her cutest features, and her lips are full which she greatly despises. Eleanor is quite lean because she is constantly worried about her diet. Although, she does have muscles, which is mostly leg strength. Considering her intense running activities she has very defined leg muscles and also some upper arm strength. Eleanor is normally always happy and people say that she always has a slight grin on her face. Her body language is easy to read because when she is upset it is easy to tell.  Dressing Style: Eleanor's dressing style is fairly casual, and rarely is she seen in a fancy dress or skirt. This does not mean she does not care how she dresses. It means she simply likes to feel comfortable. When going to school, Eleanor wears her school robes, but when she is home or in Hogwarts dorm she chooses to wear sweats (depending on the weather of course) and a t-shirt (usually having her favorite quidditch team on it). Also, Eleanor quite likes the color red and often wears it, sometimes even to impress guys she thinks are cute. She also prefers simple colors like black, grey, and light purple. She is not keen on bright colors, but when dressing up she tries to choose brighter colors to match her personality.

Personality: General Character Traits: Eleanor has a bright, happy, and bubbly personality. People often get tired of her optimistic personality because she is so positive. She also is very comical. Eleanor is not big on being in the spotlight because she has had past bad experience with people teasing and making fun of her. That is why she is often quiet and sometimes even a little insecure when walking into public places. Although Eleanor seems like a lively person she does have some bad traits that she needs to work on. Eleanor is often too opinionated and gets mad when others do not think the way she does. She is often too lost in her morals and people find this irritating. They say they want her to live a little, but she is a bit too nervous for all that hype. She also gets too offended easily on little things that aren't meant to be hurtful or mean.
Likes: Eleanor has always had a passion for sports, and currently she plays quidditch for fun and competes on a running team. Eleanor also likes read, sing, and write. As stated earlier, Eleanor is not fond of being in the limelight but does enjoy the theatre spotlight. She hopes to overcome this fear. She likes outgoing people because they bring her out of her shell.
Dislikes: Eleanor is not fond of people who are extremely shy like her. Sometimes its hard for her to open up to people she doesn't know and it makes it even harder when the person is very quiet. Not to say she goes around avoiding them but she normally is friends with people who are extroverted. Eleanor is also not fond of spicy food. Ever since she can remember she has always hated the idea of getting burnt from spicy foods. Lastly, Eleanor does not like people who are close-minded. She believes in equality and fairness to all.
Habits/Mannerisms:  Eleanor has a lot of nervous habits, and she believes that people notice them right away. She has always been a slightly anxious person, so her body language is pretty obvious. She will tuck a strand of hair behind her ears or be constantly looking around muttering to herself. A lot of people find this cute, but she finds its frustrating. She used to have a habit of biting her nails in impatience but since then she just taps her foot.
Strengths:  People have said that Eleanor has a lot of good traits or qualities about her, and here are a few. Eleanor is very open-minded towards people's needs, wants, etc. She is also very ambitious and compassionate about achieving goals that are hard to reach. Lastly, Eleanor is very kind and funny. Some even say she is too nice.
Weaknesses: Eleanor's qualities that are weak and stuff she needs to work on are her temper. She is quick to get irritated and opinionated. She also gets easily distracted and pays too much attention to the world around her rather than her schoolwork for example. Lastly, she is not confident, although this may not be a bad quality to some it is to her. She wants to improve her confidence so she won't be afraid anymore.
Eleanor Bridge(Character) Nbt8xd

RP response: Eleanor Bridge looks out into the nights sky feeling a bit frustrated to say the least. Being at Hogwarts was not easy for Eleanor and school was way tougher than she had imagined, plus keeping up her grades was extremely tough. Most professors at her school seemed agitated when she didn't understand the lesson even though she tried her very hardest. Sighing she looked up from her potions book to see a wizard flying through the air, on a broom of course. He/she seemed to not being controlling the broom very well and Eleanor wanted to help them because crashing would not end too well on their part. She yelled out into the night sky telling them how turning your broom downwards would make them go down, and going up would make you go up and so on. The wizard still seemed to have trouble though. Eleanor thought to herself for a moment and got an idea.

“Accio broom” She said, and her nimbus 2014 appeared in her hand. She knew she had to save this person and fast. Hopping on her broom, she disappeared into the night sky. She had not really thought about getting in trouble, or how it wasn't safe to do this. She finally saw a spark of the Hufflepuff robes, and knew she had found the kid. She grabbed on the end of the broom sending the kid backwards.

“Sorry, but you got to hold on” She mutters, trying to control the crazy broom the young boy is sitting on. She can now see his face, with bright blond hair like hers, and soft blue eyes he looked pretty innocent though she knew he was not at all.

“Here climb on” She instructed as the kid climbed on her broom behind her. For some reason the broom seemed to follow her as she flew back to the Astronomy tower, which she found relieving yet odd. Once on the ground, she sat the broom on the ground. The kid brushed off his robes and muttered a quiet thanks. She smiled and looked back into sky as the kid vanished with broom in hand. Feeling complete and better she closed her eyes falling into a deep sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Eleanor Bridge(Character)   Eleanor Bridge(Character) EmptyMon Jul 20, 2015 2:06 pm


Here's why this application has been pended:

1)  "she found love with a halfblood who had attended Durmstrang. His name was George Bridge."

"George was raised in a muggle home, with six sisters and three brothers. He grew up oblivious to magic, but when he was ten his father was killed by wizards."

"After all that George attended Hogwarts and met Eve Clark."

You're not being very consistent with the background. In one part you say George is a Durmstrang student and a half blood, and in the next part you say he's a muggleborm who attended Hogwarts. I need you to pick your story and stick to it! Smile Just remember, Durmstrang does not accept muggleborns nornor anybody from GB.

2) "After just three months they got married and settled in England giving birth to their first child Eleanor."

Don't you think THREE MONTHS is a bit too rushed to date and get married? I mean, a real wedding is usually planned in a year.

Also, I would really appreacite it if you changed your username (mischiefmanaged1056) to your character's name (Eleanor Bridge).

Once you get these small things fixed, I can go ahead and accept/sort you! Very Happy

Last edited by Suzzelle Rousseau on Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:49 am; edited 1 time in total
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Posts : 181
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 23

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PostSubject: Re: Eleanor Bridge(Character)   Eleanor Bridge(Character) EmptyTue Jul 21, 2015 3:47 am


Hello again, Eleanor! Very Happy

I saw you've made your changes, so thank you very much for that.

I have sent you the sorting quiz via the Sorting Hat, so hopefully you've received it. Please reply with your answers and I'll get you sorted ASAP! You can begin posting around the Hogwarts Castle after you reply, and after I sort you you'll be able to post in classes (hint: DADA lesson is going on currently!)

Glad to have you, have fun! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Eleanor Bridge(Character)   Eleanor Bridge(Character) Empty

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Eleanor Bridge(Character)
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