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 A Meeting of Minds [John]

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James Morgenstern

James Morgenstern

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A Meeting of Minds [John] Empty
PostSubject: A Meeting of Minds [John]   A Meeting of Minds [John] EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 11:13 pm

James had heard whispers about a man seemingly as heartless as himself, and if there was anything that truly intrigued James, it would be something like this. Or someone, rather. So, James had but one choice: Find the man and see if the whispers were true. Most of the rumours said he was roundabouts Norway, so James had taken the trip to Krystallravinen first. The possibility that the man was hiding his face was plausible, so James would have to lure him out somehow. And being that the guy was supposed to be the same as James himself, what would be more interesting than a challenge? How James would know this would be the man, was rather uncertain, even to himself, but if he did challenge someone who wasn't this man, his opponent would surely die. And it wasn't as if that would bother James much.

But when he walked into the pub the whispers talked of, James instantly recognized the barman. An ally. Well, more of an informant. This would be much easier than James had imagined it to be. And he wasn't sure if he appreciated that or not. But he walked up to the bar. "Who is the man I've heard whispers about?" he asked, his grin malicious. The barman looked up for a second, and didn't recognize James at once. After all, James' fame had gotten a bit less controllable, and hiding his face had become a bit more of a must. "Wait your turn," the barman simply said, his voice gruff. James raised an eyebrow and cleared his throat. The barman looked at him again, and then visibly swallowed, his eyes brimming with shock and some fright even. Because when would a pub full of people ever stop James. "I-I!@'m sorry sir!" he instantly said and James narrowed his eyes. The man cleared his own throat, understanding that silence was essential. Then he nodded towards a table in the corner.

James turned to look and his eyes landed on an elderly man. Something about him screamed grandpa, but that quickly vanished when James looked closer. Ah, indeed. This man was as dangerous as James, and probably as reckless. James' lips curled into a wicked leer. He left a galleon for the bartender and then walked over to the table. He stopped by one of the vacant chairs. "Mind if I join you?" he asked, his voice as wicked as his smirk.

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A Meeting of Minds [John] Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Meeting of Minds [John]   A Meeting of Minds [John] EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 2:12 am

His frail old hands. He couldn't believe he was capable of doing the things he did. But yet somehow, it was satisfying to his mind, and body. So why did John feel a little guilty about what he did? Maybe this was different out of anything he had ever done. He had murdered before yes, but never once in his life did he ever dream of murdering children. And there he had gone and murdered TWO at the same time. John sat there. He didn't really panic, he just sat and looked at his reflection in his bourbon glass. He looked at his hands again that seemed so foreign to his body, but at the same time, it was what they had been doing his entire life. Blood and murder. It was something he was good at, and something he enjoyed doing. He shook his head and downed his shot in one gulp. Today had been an alright day. After cleaning up his, uh, mess, he described it, he went back to his diner as if nothing had happened and began serving the women and children in his community. After that, he decided to head down to Krystallravien, where he was now, and enjoy a little alcohol.

He didn't need it to help him sleep at night, he wouldn't loose sleep over killing the kids, he would just pretend it never happened and move on with his life. But was that possible? Would he be able to move on with his life? Or would people begin to fear him? The thought seemed almost as satisfying as murdering the twins he had killed. John wondered if he would have to change his name again. "John Smith" was his last resort name. His one name that he could live in peace at his old age. But old habits die hard. He laughed a little to himself. John realized that he could never be good. He realized that he enjoyed hurting other people. He did it out of pleasure and not for revenge. Though he hoped that if he were to do it out of revenge the feeling would be almost quiet as satisfying as doing it for fun.

John ordered another shot of bourbon. He stared at it a for a little while debating on whether or not he actually needed the second shot. He was no where near an alcoholic, and he could count the number of times he had gotten truly wasted on one hand. Working with drugs, John knew to be careful. He was no idiot. John jumped when a figure stood over him and spoke. John didn't much like random strangers coming up to him out of no where and randomly talking to him. But this bloke didn't seem to give a shit, which pissed John off. It didn't make a good impression. He asked to join John. John looked up at the young lad. Why would a young man of his age want to sit with an old bloke at a bar? This man meant business. John had to figure out what he knew. John tried to make himself not seem so nervous. He said, "If you must. Have a seat." John was anxious to see where this would go.
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A Meeting of Minds [John]
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