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 Ministry of Magic Positions

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PostSubject: Ministry of Magic Positions   Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:05 pm

We're glad to see you've chosen to take up a job in the Ministry of Magic. This thread is where you'll find our list of current positions vacant, and the application form (provided below the vacant positions).
Before you begin, please ensure you have read the Rules for Adult Characters.

If you would like your character to apply for a job at the Ministry of Magic, please complete the code version of the application form included at the bottom and post it as a new thread in the Jobs forum! An admin will review your application and either accept or deny it. If denied, you may apply again after 72 hours.

Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic
Morgana Gaunt
Advises the Minister on public policy and matters of state.

Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation  
Handles affairs associated with foreign magical communities.

Head of Maintenance
Ensures the Ministry building is maintained.
Coordinates the janitorial squad and security.
Also responsible for muggle repelling charms.

Head of the Department of Mysteries
Mordred Gaunt
Oversees research done in the Department of Mysteries.

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Oversees the Hitwizard and Auror divisions.
Represents the Ministry on matters of law enforcement and makes recommendations on how to curb magical crime.

Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Oversees the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and Obliviators.
Reports if/when the Statute of Secrecy is breached.

Head of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Oversees the Magical Creature Division and Part-Human Services.
Makes recommendations relating to magical creatures.

Head of the Department of Magical Education
Takes suggestions from magical school boards.
Coordinates interschool undertakings like the triwizard tournament.
Approves the national magical curriculum.

Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports
Oversees the organisation of magical gaming and sporting events.
Responsible for reporting all practice areas not properly secured with muggle repelling charms.

Head of the Department of Magical Transportation
Oversees the Floo Network Authority, creation of Portkeys and Broom Regulation.
Also responsible for organising apparition exams for witches and wizards who did not receive a license at school.

Wizengamot Member
Presides as judge over wizarding trials.

Senior Auror
Maxwell Bennett
Aisha Khan
Due to the short life expectancy associated with the position, any Auror over 30 is considered Senior.
Answers to the Head of Law Enforcement.
Authorized to train new recruits.

Hitwizard Investigator
Investigates crimes that do not appear to have a dark magic element.

Squad Leader, Accidental Magical Reversal Squad
Highly versed in experimental magic, coordinates the squad when when sent out to reverse magical accidents.

Head Obliviator
Ensures all obliviators adhere to moral and safety standards.
Coordinates assignments where mass obliviation is required.

Janitorial Squad
Dept. of Maintenance.
Responsible for general upkeep of the Ministry, including things like the weather charms and floo network.

Dept. of Maintenance.
Maintains the security of the Ministry, including the upkeep of muggle repelling charms.

Dept. of Mysteries.
Researches the composition of magic.  Unspeakables may not talk about their work with those outside their department.
Potentially a very dangerous job.

Lucy Malfoy
Ella Vega
Dept of Law Enforcement.
Specialises in hunting down and catching dark witches and wizards.

Dept of Law Enforcement.
Apprehends magical criminals where the dark arts are not involved.

Accidental Magical Reversal Squad
Reverses magical accidents, particularly those where a breach in the Statute of Secrecy is a risk.

Aylee Walters
Erases or rewrites the memories of muggles who have witnessed part of the wizarding world.

Welcome Witch or Wizard
Agnes Beaumont
Welcomes visitors to the Ministry and gives directions.

Ministry Worker
General ministry position in any department.

Assistant Unspeakable
Unspeakables must assist a fully qualified colleague for a year and pass a safety exam.

Trainee Auror
Hunter VanDerberg
Aeva Riviere
Aurors must go through three years training and pass exams before they are allowed out in the field.

Hitwizard Constable
The most junior position in the Hitwizards.

Position: Please indicate which position your character is applying for.
School: What school did your character attend?
Qualifications: Why is your character qualified for the desired position?


[b]Position:[/b] Please indicate which position your character is applying for.
[b]School:[/b] What school did your character attend?
[b]Qualifications:[/b] Why is your character qualified for the desired position?
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Ministry of Magic Positions
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