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 Courtney Jones

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Courtey Jones

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PostSubject: Courtney Jones   Courtney Jones EmptyWed Jun 03, 2015 10:40 pm

Courtney Jones 2m7urmw

Courtney Jones <a href=Courtney Jones Jasminepppngpersonalphoto_zps7f227754" />
   Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones 19s5f8

   Full Name: Courtney Jones
   Gender: Female
   Birthday: February 12, 2020
   Age: 11
   Blood: Half-blood
   Birth Place: London, Britian
   Nationality: British
   School Attending: Hogwarts

Courtney Jones 9qbsdu

   Family: Courtney is the daughter of Marie and John Jones. Her mother is a half-blood witch while her father is a muggle. Marie and John met at a muggle college. Marie was curious about the muggle colleges. She needed help with biology and John offered help. They married soon after school. After having Courtney, they had a son, Micheal.

   History: Courtney was born to Marie and John Jones on February 12. She was adored by both her mother and father to being called spoiled. As a young child Courtney was a trouble maker. She went out of her way to scare her parents. They worried because they didn't know if she would be a witch. Marie hoped that Courtney would show magic. She wanted her daughter to go to Hogwarts. When Courtney was five, she got a brother named Micheal. Courtney was always protective of her younger brother. When she started school, Courtney had no trouble making friends. At this time she started showing signs of magic. One day a bully was bulling her for being a teachers pet. Courtney ended up turning the boys hair bright orange. As she got older she enjoyed reading and playing sports. After doing her homework, she would go and read healing books her mom had. By the time she got her letter, Courtney decided that she would become a Healer like her mother.

Courtney Jones 1zecfhc

   Appearance: Courtney stands at 5 ft. She wears her blond hair down. By playing sports since she started school, she has an athletic body. She mostly wears cotton and lose fitting cloths. All her cloths are light in color, most being light blue or light pink. She has a scar on her knee from scraping it badly when she was playing basketball.  

   Personality: Courtney is generally a very happy and bubbly girl. She makes friends easily and loves talking to new people. She is very protective of her little brother who has asthma. She stands up from kids being bullied and is not afraid of fighting if need be. She enjoys learning particularly in biology or any science class. Courtney loves reading both muggle and magical books. She believes that everyone is equal and hates injustice. Often times her mouth gets her in trouble with teachers. She gets emotional easily but will deny it if asked. She enjoys sports and running. Every morning she gets up early and takes a run. Courtney is a smart girl and isn't afraid of hard work. She tends to seem like a know it all and acts like everyone should be like her when it comes to intelligence. While it takes a while to anger Courtney, her temper is bad. Growing up spoiled, Courtney acts like she should get anything she wants. Her parents often have to tell her that she can't get everything in life. Courtney is afraid of failing anything. She is afraid that her parents wouldn't be proud of her if she failed. Since she was a little girl, Courtney wanted help people. She hates seeing anyone in pain or hurt. She tends to take in animals that are hurt and takes care of them at home. She often times thinks she will fail at everything. Since she thinks this she studies until she falls asleep. Courtney always trusts people to easily. She is told she cares and trusts people too much. Courtney is loyal towards her family and friends. While she don't tell secrets, Country loves to gossip. She tends to believe rumors too much. She can be pretty sneaky as well. She'll tell people she don't mean to through.

Courtney Jones Nbt8xd

   Please provide an example of your role play.
Courtney was outside watching her brother. Normally she would be out with friends or taking a run but her brother was more important. Her parents went out dinner or something Courtney wasn't paying much attention. She sat back and looked at her brother. She loved him to death. It was impossible for anyone not to love him. She smiled as she remembered the day he came home from the hospital. Her parents explained that as an older sister she should watch after him. She made a promise that day and kept it. She looked at the book she was reading. She wondered what would happen to him when she left to go to Hogwarts. He was upset when he was told she was leaving to go to a special school. Courtney wiped a tear from her eyes. She felt bad leaving him behind. She wanted to stay behind. She wanted to stay with him. Sadly that couldn't happen. It was worse when he asked if he could go with her. The look on his face when he was told no. It broke her heart.

She heard her brother scream. Courtney took off to see him on the ground.

"Ah Micky what happen" she asked.

"I fell and scraped my knee" he said, showing him her knee.

Courtney saw that his knees were scraped and bleeding slightly.

"Come on little guy. Let's clean you up" she said, hold her hands out.

He took her hands and walked with Courtney to the house. Courtney took Micheal too the bathroom and got antiseptic spray and band aids.

"OK little guy this is going to sting a little" said Courtney.

She took of the top and sprayed some on both Micheal's knees. Her heart broke when she heard him gasp. She took the band aids and put them on his knees.

"OK little guy. All done" she said, putting the spray away. She watched fondly as he ran out the door to play.
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PostSubject: Re: Courtney Jones   Courtney Jones EmptySun Jun 07, 2015 7:06 am


I will send you the sorting questions tomorrow morning Smile

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Courtney Jones
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