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 Colleagues (Chloe)

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PostSubject: Colleagues (Chloe)   Colleagues (Chloe) EmptySun May 31, 2015 1:18 pm

Cece absolutely adored this new job. While Hogwarts had been great and she'd learned a lot in training to become a real healer, at St Mungo's she was taken more seriously and she saw a wide range of patients, not just the same old same old students with the flu, or a broken arm from trying to climb the Whomping Willow. She'd been here a couple of weeks now, but it hardly seemed like that. With the excitement and busy nature of the job, it felt like she'd been here for years. She'd become used to the constant stream of patients, the difficult or disgusting injuries and the various jobs and tasks often thrust onto her. Cece was no stranger to odd irregular working times, so she often found herself booking shifts at completely random, varied hours of the day or night. Her sleep pattern was completely screwed, but she didn't mind much. With coffee, she didn't need sleep.

As she had no particular specialist skills yet, they'd had her running all over the place working wherever they needed extra help. She had yet to decide where she wanted to spend the next few years working, but having thought a lot about it, Cece had narrowed it down to a few options. Maybe some sort of general work, so she got to do a range of stuff. Alternatively, plant induced injuries - because being so great at Herbology, she knew a lot about plants. Or possibly midwifery, since babies were cute, and she was okay with children and stress. But it was picking between them that had proved to be difficult. Today, she'd been on the first floor, for creature-induced injuries, working in particular with a man attacked by a hippogriff.

Her lunch break came pretty quickly that morning. She headed to the tearoom pretty slowly, aware that her lunch break was forty minutes long and all she needed to do was grab a bite to eat. What she usually ended up doing was working extra time because she had nothing better to do within her breaks. She guessed that just meant she was passionate about her job and all that, and she did love it a lot, but it was more that she just hated being bored if she couldn't be sleeping, so she would rather just keep herself occupied than simply sit there doing nothing. Rolling up the sleeves on her strange green uniform robes, Cece looked into every ward she passed, still strangely amazed and astounded by the hospital, even though it did feel like she'd been here years.

Turning up at the café, Cece silently scoffed at the meat or fish filled main meals on offer, and went straight to get herself a salad. It being lunchtime for all the visitors as well as so many staff, there wasn't an empty table in sight. Glancing around, she decided on a table occupied by a blonde woman, a healer judging by her robes. As she got closer, Cece saw that it was a woman she'd worked with earlier in the week, in one of the many wards she'd experienced. Smiling widely, she came to a stop at the table. "Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked politely. "Chloe, right?" Probably. She wasn't bad at names, so she was right most of the time. It wasn't a wild guess, anyway.
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Colleagues (Chloe)
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