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 Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas)

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Aleksander Krupp
Aleksander Krupp

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Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas) Empty
PostSubject: Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas)   Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas) EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 3:33 am

"NO!" Alek yelled as hands pulled at his arms. "I am fine!!" Swinging his arm away, his eyes attempted to focus on the person in front of him. Blonde hair, olive skin, dark jacket. Deep voice, coughing, yelling. Alek hadn't had half as much alcohol as the voice claimed he had, but in the midst of his racing heartbeat, Alek pointed a finger to the man's face. "I have always paid for everything I drink and you fucking know it!" Whoever was blaming him of theft was ignorant. Alek was a lot of thing but he wasn't a thief. There was more yelling, more accusing, of things worse than stealing. "Who the fuck are you talking about?! he yelled, "I do not know her!" Who the hell was Daisy?!?! Then there was a man running towards him, the smell of alcohol clearly in the air, and before he knew it, Alek was down. His face was agaisnt the concrete sidewalk, there was something grainy in his mouth, probably dirt. "Fuckin-" His words slurred, the pressure on his head like a drum that kept on banging again and again, and there was a fire in his face, burnimg him from.the inside out.

There was more yelling, and words Alek didn't recognize. Broken syllables, it seemed. He wasn't thinking, he was struggling against a mass that was clearly heavier than him, that he couldn't figure out how to shake off. "Get off!" Mocking words, remarks about his body that he didn't want to hear, hard and painful blows. "Eat shit, you imb-" The pounding slowed down, as if whoever had hit him was being lifted off Alek, but he couldn't move. Groaning, Alek was lifted off by the collar of his shirt, his feet dragging on the floor. "You get yourself out of here before he kills you, boy." The voice said, and suddenly Alek knew it was the Three Broomsticks owner. How the man had managed to get to where Alek was, he didn't know, but he was grateful. Trying to pull himself together, Alek apparated out of that place, his stomach curling inside out and something in his face burning much more than it was before, as if a lit match had snapped under his skin and was currently multiplying itself.

When his feet landed in the streets of Hogsmeade, at the doors of the Hog's Head, he half excepted it to be filled with people, but the hour wasn't guest welcoming. Not many people travelled around Hogsmeade in the middle of the night. He hadn't been there for a minute before his stomach gave in and his entire intake of food came out only to land in front of him. It all happend so fast, in the blink of an eye Alek was bent over, throwing up his dinner, and maybe even his breakfast. Almost breathless, he wiped his hand over his mouth, not caring much for the burning sensation in his nose as it was probably broken by now. He leaned agaisnt the wall of the pub, his vision blurred and static in his head, and thought about how wasted he really was. Then the sounds of rushing footsteps caught him by surprised, and drunken Alek stood up, glanced around, and spoke up. "Who is there?" His voice was shaky, but in that hour of the night, everything blended in.

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Phineas Button

Phineas Button

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Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas)   Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas) EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 4:37 am

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Had it really been months? It didn't seem like it. Time seemed to drag on and on. Phin was dragged into a dark abyss that seemed to have no end, and no light coming from the other side. Phin didn't understand fully that he was completely and utterly alone. Not even his parents had tried to contact him since the...He couldn't even come to terms with it or say the words. If he did, the events would seem all too real. All he did know was that he was completely and utterly alone. Most days, Phin walked, went to classes, just like a normal kid. But some days he was just too sick to get out of bed and spent his day vomiting the contents of his stomach into a bucket. He didn't go to the Great Hall for meals. He was afraid that people would give him that look. Phin didn't want to be the kid that everyone felt sorry for. But now, he knew that he was. He hadn't even talked to Aoife since IT had happened because he was afraid of the look she would give him. Right now he just wanted to hide away from society. Was that too much to ask?

Phin missed them at night the most. He had found a way out of the castle, and to Hogsmeade. He was sneaking into their apartment. It made everything that had happened seem like that it wasn't. That he was up in the castle asleep in his room getting drunk and eating pizza rolls. Phin would go into his office the next morning and poor a bucket of cold water on his head to get him up for his lesson. It would be like old times and nothing would've changed. But Phin knew that would never happen again. Phin was alone. The word alone smacked Phin in the face more times in one day than Phin took a pee. And Phin peed a lot. Phin thought about going to talk to somebody, but that would mean he would have to talk about what happened and actually admit it had happened. And Phin didn't want to do that. Phin didn't want to do anything but sit his dormitory and sleep.

Phin was near the Hogs Head, when he noticed a man. Phin ran and hid to avoid being caught, he quickly made his way passed the drunkin fellow who had projectile vomited the contents of his stomach all over the street. Phin accidentally stepped in it. He kicked the vomit off his shoe. It was then he recognized the victim to the alcohol vomiting. It was Alek. The boy who had stopped him from running away. So, to help repay the favor, Phin helped get him up. And doing so he got vomit all over his leather jacket. The very one Chad had gotten him.

Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas) Phin_zpskpxm3uct
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Broken Dignity, Broken Nose (Phineas)
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