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PostSubject: Boys (Freddie)   Boys (Freddie) EmptyTue Apr 07, 2015 8:07 pm

Oliver had brought Kitty with him to Durmstrang, obviously, and so the aging yellow cat laid down at the end of Oliver's bed as he spread books and parchments and notes and practice questions and his ever-present dictionary across the floor. He had an exam over herbs and the likes, because Oliver had finally decided he wanted to be a Healer. He had obviously thought about it, and considered it before, but now he was 1000% sure that was what he wanted to do. So, he was studying hard this year to get close-to-perfect marks, and his Norwegian had improved a bit, and he was a lot more used to the new people. Oliver didn't go around giving the trees some love, not publicly at least, and he also didn't go boasting about Matthew and how awesome he was, nor did he go around talking about muggle music or films. Those conversation topics weren't very welcome among his classmates.  So, as he prepared himself for his exam, a bit too early others may think, Oliver hummed a classic muggle song.

Kitty purred softly, reminding Oliver to check the time. It was close to curfew, and he couldn't recall if they had another Norwegian Culture meeting or not. In fact, he didn't really want to go if all those snobby kids would be there. That phrase about kids being the future had never scared him until now. Oliver didn't want a future with these kids as rulers. He'd been complaining about them ever since the fist meeting, because he just couldn't wrap his brain around their spoiled personalities. Deciding to leave the negativity aside, Oliver began to put his school work away and took out some pajamas to change into. He wore an old shirt and some short now, no more ridiculous clothing. This was a year of changes, and Oliver was trying his best to embrace them. Slipping the shirt over his head, he fell back into the bed and sighed - it was a long, tired, strangely melancholic sigh. "I miss them, Kitty." he said, his mind directly going to Victoria. Sure, he missed his friends in general, but out of everyone else, he missed her the most. He specially missed making her laugh, because her laugh was like thousands of tiny galaxies in his hand. "No, I just miss Victoria." he admitted to the  empty room and his cat.

In that moment, where his thoughts were most vulnerable, someone swung the door open and Oliver jumped up, agitated. It was as if he'd been caught red-handed, stealing or committing some other sort of crime. His eyesight blurred from how fast he stood up, causing him to see blobs of black and eventually evertything disappeared forna few seconds, sending millions of tingling sensations to his feet and legs. As soon as his eyes were free of that, though, he saw the boy from the Culture meeting, his name was....Fred? Pretty sure that's what it was. "You scared me." Oliver admitted, his Norwegian a lot better than before. He'd been practicing with some boys from his house, so he also knew a few curse words and other terms he would have rather not learned yet. Sitting back down on his bed, he waited for the boy to say something, because Ollie had decided he liked this guy since there was no reason for him to dislike him.

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